Come Out And Play, Little Nose Worms!!

Blackheads popped! GROSS!! In HD 1080P

Love love love nose worm harvesting. Every video we have on it shows that although people seem to do similar actions, in reality they each have their very own techniques. Another noticeable difference is the nose pores and the cheese that gets pushed up and out – large pores give that thick, white hummus looking exudate. The smaller, tight pores have long, very thin, greasy pinworms, sometimes with black at the top and a green, yellow body.

For sure is the fact that Popologists all seem to have a soft spot for a really good, thorough nose pore emptying!!!!

Audie, ya get a nice gold star! Danke!

From YT Description:

“Persuaded my dads friend when he was drinking to let me video him popping some blackheads!! EWWWW!! Thumbs up if you got sick and hurled!”

Blackheads popped! GROSS!! In HD 1080P
Uploaded to YouTube by BryRaidVidz on Jan 25, 2012

30 Comments on “Come Out And Play, Little Nose Worms!!

  1. OK, short, but…sweet…

    1. Christy Richards-Marovich says:

      Needs a biore strip!

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    They will be back………………………………………………………we will be back.

  3. 3cysterscafe says:

    Skinny little mofo’s huh……..doesn’t seem like he needs to do this often. He just didn’t have many. What we did see was enough for me! Thanks for the seek & post Audrey :)

  4. looked like splinters,cool vid

  5. whats funny is about once every two weeks i squeeze my nose only little comes out probably cuz i do a nose squeezing every other week i bet if i waited a couple months which i can’t do i have ocd i even wash my hair every day i have to wash the dishes by hand first in the sink then again in the dishwasher im one of those weird people if i goto my families house and open their dish washer and see dirty dishes i take them out and hand wash them in sink then put them back in machine lol ok im kinda going off the nose worm topic now lol anywho don’t mind me i tend to blab type haha hope everyone is having a blessed thursday thank you to all who watch and all that leaves comments smooches hugs and great big audie bear loves to all :)

  6. Excellent post Audrey! I love the close ups of biore strips & nose pores!

  7. Hey kid! Excellent camera work!!!
    Excellent find audrey!!!

  8. THAT was why I come here! I love those, if the video had been 3 minutes long I would have written this in all caps!

  9. All this guy needed was a good Biore strip. Thanks Audrey.

  10. people must not like me or something im getting thumbs down on all my comments wtf what did i do whos mad at me im a really nice person

    1. Audie – don’t take it too seriously. You *are* a really nice, sweet and genuine person. You also do a lot of work finding videos, and it is greatly appreciated. So chin up, okay? Don’t let one hater with an attitude get you down. Its far outweighed by the people who do care.

      Thanks for all you do, Audie bear!
      ~ H.S.

      1. don’t mind me i have bi-polar and ptsd plus ocd on top of that so its just my meds tripping my head out most the time i get depressed really super easy exspecially since i didn’t sleep for over 24 hours i finally got some 5 hours in so i appologize to everyone smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

    2. thanks for all you do audrey… hang in there too, the days are getting longer (and remember you are not alone)

      1. Cyster Sebum says:

        Audrey, I don’t see how anyone could not like you! So, to lift your spirits, I thumbed up all your posts on this thread. You deserve it. I often laugh or agree with your posts, but ususally don’t bother to comment of give your the thumbs up. I hope this makes up for it. Smooches hugs and love to audie bear!

  11. Again nice find Audrey keep’em coming!

  12. Let ‘em go about another week before squeezing and the payload will be alot more…still a great vid with great camera work!

  13. Short and sweet! :-)

  14. I wish they didn’t cut away so fast… I wanted to look at the end product a bit longer… I want to get their APGAR scores…

    thanks Audie (chin up, and thanks for all you do… )

  15. Excellent find, Audrey – short, yet sweet and quite satisfying.

  16. A case for biore strips removal.

  17. great find;
    just where are all the people like that in my area…….LMAO

  18. Sock Monkey says:

    Audrey, I don’t know who is the Bozo that keeps giving you a “thumbs down” on every comment you make but I would like to know who it is so I could give him/her a few choice words! I always give you a “thumbs up” to cancel out the dislike. You works so hard to find good videos for us and I really appreciate all of the joy you bring to the site. Please don’t get discouraged and remember you have many friends on this site. If others only knew how hard it is to deal with brain disorders, they would praise you for being able to even get out of bed and face each day. I am proud of you and glad you are her with us! -Sock Monkey

    1. Sock Monkey says:

      Hey, I received a thumbs down for giving Audrey a thumbs up! This thumb “bomber” is hilarious! A message to Thumb Bomber: I hope something nice happens to you soon! Life is what you make it so why not work on bring someone joy today instead of gloom. I am sending a smile to you! :)

  19. Sock Monkey says:

    Oh, I wanted to add that as much as I like blackheads, I don’t think I could touch that nose! I am glad someone did but I don’t love anyone on PTZ enough to do it myself!!

  20. ThomFrost says:

    where are my nose strips lol

    1. Exact thoughts here! Bet they would lift up and out on a Biore strip – hope that they can talk dad into that :)

  21. Audrey, I was just getting into this one when it was over…no fair!! So I’ll just haveta watch it a few more times to get my fill. Thanks for the find.

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