Yuck, yuck, yuck, This would be a nightmare come true for me. The thought of an insect being in my ear and flapping it’s wings and making noises….aaarrruuuuggggg. This one isn’t flapping it’s wings but , who knows maybe it did at one time. Not sure if this thing is alive or dead, no matter it’s still eeeewwwwwwwww

Posted on You Tube 2-4-2012 by SOUTHZONEENT12002. Title: Insect in the wrong place ear

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  1. Sweet Squeezer says:

    By the looks of the right side of his ear there was some major wax removed earlier, wish that was included!!

    1. Poppa Pimp and the little squirt says:

      Did you know I was typing my post at the same time as you… nicely played.

  2. Poppa Pimp and the little squirt says:

    I’m the first, I’m the first….how sad is that?
    Ummm….so while I wait for the 30-40cm of snow coming tomorrow, I hope that more vids like this are posted cuz this was (icky icky poo poo) really (umm) interesting. Imagine if that little bastard was alive.

  3. UGH…..makes me }}shudder{{ just to think about it. I wonder if he could hear it buzzing around before it died?!? Nice find datentime. Thank you!!

  4. ahhhh i would have freaked out if i had a flying bug in my ear his ear was really clean no wax hmmm great find datentime smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  5. That would make me drive an eight inch pencil into my ear canal. Whew! Thanks datentime.

  6. Splatter Man says:

    I’d be looking for an ant eater to French kiss my ear with that long tongue.

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    All things considered, this was one of the cleanest ears we have seen in a long time……………………………………except for that bug.

  8. This is making my outer ear canal itch! BBL, gettin a q-tip!
    good find datentime!!!

  9. oh my GAWD!!! :O that’s… EW! How does a bug get THAT FAR In your EAR?! *shudder*

  10. “can’t hear, got a bug in me ear”

  11. Nasty little bugger!

  12. I’ve always had a fear of getting any flying insect in my ear canal. When we were kids my brother use to tell me that dragon flies would get in my ears and make a nest. Interesting video datentime…brought back memories

  13. That is the worst sensation have a bug buzzing in your ear, I would go mad. However, if you can’t get to the doc as quick as you’d like and you are going berserk, just fill your ear canal with sweet oil, mineral oil or baby oil. Keep your head to the side for a few mins. and then turn head and let it drain out. Most of the time, it will kill (drown) the bug, but if not, it’ll at least soak the wings making them too heavy to bzzzzz in ur ear until you can get it properly looked at. Plus, it softens ear wax as well making it easier to remove when flushing w/ warm water in a bulb syringe.

  14. Wonder how it got in the ear canal. Sucking device ripped the head right off. Thank good ness is was a tiny bug not that scarab beetle shown a few weeks ago. I still cannot get the picture out of my mind!!

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