World’s biggest zit ever

Wonderful popping of a very infected pus bump on this guy’s wrist/forearm!! Decent camera work, a few “naught words” but done with wonderful accents – I can’t quite place where these guys are from. Anyone?? Very enjoyable squeezing! An excellent gem you found, Cochore! We are ever in your debt! :)

Kick back and relax! This is a nice one!

World’s biggest zit ever
Posted to YouTube by jatinpal86 on January 17, 2012.

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  1. Nice vid Cochore, that nasty cyst will keep giving for deffo! as far as the accents go im going to say Indians naturalised to Australia? Ben.

    1. Not quite Aussie…not quite Kiwi. Kiwis in Oz? Aussies in Aotearoa?

      1. Did a little sleuthing. He looks to be Indian in either Australia or New Zealand.

    2. English and Islamic. Not aware they were permitted to swear like sailors. Infected whatever it is with the green pus.

      1. Uncle Carbuncle says:

        I agree NMGAPOH, English Muslims.

      2. Sorry NMGAPAOH, im English and they definatley aren’t! Indian/australian or south african mixed! Thats some travellin! BTW, just cos your from a predominantly Muslim country don’t mean you are a Muslim! Ben.

      3. Not that it should matter, but the guy with the infection is quite clearly a Sikh. The clue is in the beard and the patka that he is wearing. Sikhs are originally from the Punjab region of what is now known as India and are neither Muslim or Hindu – not every South Asian with a beard is a Muslim. It’s ignorance like this that caused Sikhs in the U.S. to be harassed, racially abused and even murdered after 9/11.

        These guys are definitely in the UK and the Sikh guy has what sounds to me like a Scottish accent – there is a large Sikh community in Glasgow.

      4. @Cochore – I said Muslim as I work with individuals who are Muslim sand dress exactly the same way. I actually shared the video with them and they agreed. So, before you go off on your self-righteous ignorant way to call people bigots – get the facts. It’s my job to enforce equal opportunity in the workplace – again, who was the ill informed and quick to jump to conclusion? You.

    3. Yep! I agree w/ your pedigree assessment, Ben. Spot on! Man was that joker HUGE!! Awesome find Cochore! I’ve never seen a boil/cyst in that location before. That thing is still way full of pus that needs to come out of there. I so hope to see future vids from this fella! He could make a mini-series with that thing! LOL!! 5/5 :)

  2. Twisted Cyster says:

    Not Emptyed at all !! I bet there is a hard-chunk blocking the hole. This is beyond a Zit….this is a masive infection
    Good one Cochore, although they stopped recording way too soon, Im sure the Hard-Chunk flew out like a projectile !! If he squeezed&recorded further along.
    Nice Vid good one I digg this !!

    1. I agree with all 3 of you!!!
      Excellent find Cochore!!!

      1. I agree with you, BT! I do believe they WERE in a public restroom, but, PLEASE, that wouldn’t keep ME from doing what H.S.says, “Just Pop It” (and Pop it GOOD!!!

    2. Many or maybe all of us expecting the same nicest thing of all what is connecting with PTZ – “The hard-chunk which blocking the hole flew out like a projectile”. ;)

  3. Great…no complaints…just one question and one plea. Was that a public restroom? And PLEASE post part 2. Thanks Cochore. :)

  4. Part 2 or 3? Awesome!! Must hurt like hell!!

  5. He was really squeezing that thing. It looked very painful. It will come to another head and the rest will fly out tomorrow. Thanks for the great post Cochore.

  6. wow the size of that was incredible wow and wheres part two so much more goodness in side that thing is huge great find Cochore smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  7. What a magnificent abscess! Looked like a baseball under his skin. Very nice post Cochore.

  8. I am in love.

  9. Dude, get to the doctor!!

  10. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Women go to the rest room to powder their noses, guys go to ………..

    1. Twisted Cyster says:

      @ PTP….Sometimes that must be….Guys go Too !! (Powder Noses)

  11. looks like a MRSA boil,needs antibiotics,and I&D

    1. I thought it looked a little like a spider bite?

  12. Man, that thing looked angry. I bet it hurt too.

  13. Take your shirt off! (for purely hygienic reasons, ahem)

    I wish there were more.

    RE: MRSA
    For the record, the only way to tell the difference between staph and MRSA is lab tests. There was no difference VISUALLY between MRSA, CA-MRSA and the very treatable form of staph. You should always use universal precautions (gloves, hand washing, eye and clothing protection) to be safe, but not all staph there days isn’t MRSA. (Plus there are more than one forms of MRSA, some much more treatable even if methicilline resistant.)

    1. Nice try, ReaGt, but a lot of people just like saying MRSA without knowing what it is. Your post is a nice attempt to educate, and it may very well clue in a few people, but the next time we see a boil / abscess we will invariably see the “sure looks to me like MRSA” remarks. :)

  14. Oh man, that has to hurt in that location. For me it would, I spend all day on a keyboard and it would suck to have one there.

  15. I’m so glad that I don’t eat at that restaurant…

  16. I have a feeling that these guys were in the restroom at work. All black clothing… probably a restaurant. ::shudder:: But yeah, that thing definitely needs medical attention. Also, it sounds like the popper/poppee was English, and the other one may have picked up a little bit of an English accent, but wasn’t native to England.

  17. anyone else but me thinking; “we are two, WILD and CRAZEEE guys”

    with dan akroyd and steve martin?

    1. More like Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle!!

  18. There was so much more in that spider bite/boil. I to think there was a chunk blocking the hole. I wish they could have continued filming. He needs to be on antibiotics this thing needs to be I&D by a doctor. Good vid.

  19. Wait a second…..Is this dude a cook or waiter in a restaurant???
    that is not cool if he is.

  20. “Employees must completely de-pus giant infections before returning to cooking duty.”

    1. Excellent.

  21. Like curious & ear-cyster, I’m thinking that’s a spider bite (or insect!)! It’s just so red & irritated….ooff! I feel for him!!!

  22. They’re British

    1. I heard a little Liverpool too.

    2. Hi Pusycat- sorry but they aint British (I AM!)- there’s deffo Indian n either Australian or South African mixed in there, only a hint of British accent (might have spent a year or so here)! Ben.

  23. I just sorta wonder how you get a massive zit on your forearm like that. It’s one of the places on our body that has the thinnest layer of skin and very little oil. The nerves and blood flow to our fingers and hands rely on this little passage of wires through the wrist. Just don’t how you get enough yicky in your skin… there.

    perplexed in sc

    1. It looked like a very angry spider bite. All I can say is ” GO TO A DOCTOR!!!!!!”

  24. Use whatever accent you choose …the message is the same..get to a doctor: mate or man or dude or buddy or mac or……….interesting post Cochore

    1. That…I agree with!
      Cuz its modeff badly infected.

      Nice find Cochore! Man….you’re getting pretty good at this.You’re a good PTZer my friend ;)

  25. pakistani who spent time in england and the us

  26. Somebody just hand that guy a razor blade — that’s what he needed to properly pop that thing!!! Any larger, and it would have needed its own zip code!

  27. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Roll up that sleeve.. yes.. roll it up!! C’’s gonna ..ewww.. FInally, rolled up that sleeve!! That looked SO painful!! Why oh why do people choose public restrooms to take care of something like that??

  28. Holy crap! That thing is massive! I hope there is a part 2, there is a lot more in that bad boy!

  29. I want MORE! I want to see the chunk I know is there to come out! Also, they aren’t Brits.

  30. I would HATE to have that guy making my falafal!

  31. I would have loved to get a turn at this one. but then again, Who wouldn’t want that!!!

  32. Katie Hernandez says:

    It didn’t seem like he got everything out (^.^) I volunteer to squeeze it . . . :D

  33. The outflow looks like the sauce they pour over a kebab.

    And no, there was no chunk blocking the pus nozzle – just too little pressure to unblock it.

  34. Yeah, totally wait until the pus gets on your shirt before unbuttoning your sleeve. :/


  36. pashion4popin says:

    some heat, epsom salts or boil salve would have finished this lil beaut off nicely. seems tho this guy wears bracelets, i would guess maybe some bacteria got in his arm from them perhaps. dunno about the accent but appears to have middle eastern attributes.

  37. dontbesogullible says:


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