This Should Make The Guys Squirm!! Horse With Abscess!!

****WARNING!: Animal pus, an abscess in the groin of a stallion. Not very long, but still, gotta provide the heads up for those who prefer to skip animal videos. :) If you choose to watch, please comment with respect. Thank you! END WARNING****

This poor stallion is being very, very patient while a groin abscess is incised than drained. Has some great close up footage of dripping pustulance. Thanks for the video gem, Audie!

Drenaje absceso
Uploaded to YouTube by maRipa09 on Jan 14, 2012

35 Comments on “This Should Make The Guys Squirm!! Horse With Abscess!!

  1. yeah even i squirmed watching this video and im a girl poor horse right on the ouch!! happy sunday to all hope everyone had a blessed weekend thanks to all who watch and comment smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

    1. Audrey, how is your ear infection? I hope you feel better.

  2. Poor horse…..I always have the most empathy for the animals. They have no understanding of what’s happening. Hope he’s okay now. Mommapop loves God’s furry and feathered creatures. :)

    1. Splashpopbong says:

      Many seem to have that understanding but I think animals know a whole lot more than we give them credit for. In fact, just the action of animals are able to be domesticated by every culture is a testament to this. They have to understand commands in every single language spoken, including sign language. How many humans can do that?

  3. Twisted Cyster says:

    I just think this Stalion is no stalion anymore….know what I mean…?? But anyway the poor guy had a nasty abscess near his ,,before Manhood,, I hope he is doing well after the pressure relief !!
    Nice little find Audrey…Huggs Back from overseas !!

    1. That’s a post gelding abscess, seen them before

  4. Thanks Audrey for the great post. Poor horse, I hope he is better. That looks so painful.

    Yeah!!! that has to HURT!!!
    Great find audrey!!!

  6. Translation Spanish to English (with some help from Microsoft Translate and added text to give meaning):

    Drainage of inguinal abscess, likely caused by Corynebacterium transmitted by flies, and quite common in this warm period. (The man) He was (reopening the incision) doing it a bránula (catheter) and blunt scissors ((He did) not (do it) with (a) SCALPEL)

  7. poor thing hopefully he healed up

  8. After being gelded (castrated), the colt is stitched up initially but these infections are frequent because of the flies and it’s a good idea to geld in the late winter.

    The gelding has a great deal of swelling into his sheath (covering penis) as well into the remaining section of the scrotum. He was a good boy about it, especially because he was being instrumented.

    These are quite satisfying because they tend to scab over and refill with pus and serosanguinous drainage, so you get to pick a scab and then the fluid and pus comes out.

  9. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    @ReaGt Thanks for the step by step info..
    One never knows when they might have to do it some day and it’s nice to know what to expect.

    1. Tongue in cheek? Just worked on a lot of horse farms when I was young and have had a few geldings.

      I’ll never forget when I was asked at about 15 to drain an abscess like that cause ‘I like that stuff’…

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        @ReaGt … Tongue in cheek? Not really. “Gelding” might come up as a Jeopardy category ……

        I can see it now. It’s my turn and I say “I’ll have “Gelding” for $1000 Alex.”
        It’s a Daily Double and I bet a true Daily Double ($22,400) as Alex reads the answer…
        “This part of the colt has a great deal of swelling after the gelding” … and I’ll say “What is the sheath?”
        Alex says “That is correct Mr. Puppy, you now have $44,800″
        Long story short, I win that game and go on to be a 27 episode champ only losing to a toaster salesman from Queens, New York that knew that Torshavn is the capital of what country?

        Bottom line is that I win tons of money and send you a $$$$$ for your part in my success.

        Tongue in cheek indeed………….. ♥

      2. Oh! I thought you were saying if you ever had to do aftercare to a gelded horse!!!

      3. I’m such a girl – look at the ponies! And then I read… wow, are there still pirates?

        My icon is a Haflinger, the small horse of the Tyrolean Mountains of the Austrian Alps. They are growng in popularity in the US. My guy here is almost 4.

      4. kidding of course about the pirates… (I hope) ;-)

      5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        Your horse there is as cute as a bug.

      6. I like your little horse, very cute!

  10. PopinInStyle says:

    Poor baby :(

  11. OMG! Poor horse! I’m amazed that he did as good as he did…sedated or not!!!!

    1. doubt they’d bother sedating him, wouldn’t want him to lie down and ‘sleep it off later’. The person holding him might have a chain over his nose, or another manner of distracting or controlling him.

      You’re right, they are surprisingly decent about things generally.

  12. Okay, Ouch!

    I can’t watch the videos here anymore for some reason, but with the labeling done to lead me to find them on youtube, I still see them.

    That’s the first in a longgggg time that I sorta wish I hadn’t seen. LOL

  13. Loosley translated I believe they said he got this infection at a saloon in Tijuana…I could be wrong. nice find audrey

  14. Bet that guy’s hiney was cringing!

  15. That vet was one brave hombre lancing a testicle. Horse kick him in the head and it would have been all over. YIKES!!!

  16. Great post Audrey, you are certainly doing a great job minning videos for us, thanks! : )

  17. Oh man, I was squirming and I’m a girl. Poor horse =( I hope he gets better.

  18. pashion4popin says:

    poor horsie :( looks so painful when he’s shivering and kickin’. hope he got it all out and cured :)

  19. Yo! Easy with the probing. Yikes.

  20. How he didn’t get kicked is beyond me!

  21. He didnt even drain any…

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