Take out them thar Pliers, We”ll Gett’r!

****Warning Strong Language****
Nice neck Cyst cut open with a razor. Nice pus output on the neck behind the ear. I’d even add good video footage as well. Yeah!

YT Comment: “counsil’s monster cyst on neck being surgically removed via chris and bubba’s outpatient office” ~

Sit Back and Enjoy!

monster cyst pop on neck
Uploaded to YT by cheezpizzah on Jan 18, 2012

-Featured,March 2012,”Pliers Series”,HS

69 Comments on “Take out them thar Pliers, We”ll Gett’r!

  1. Lovin’ the liquid painkiller…great post poppintime!

    (Mommapop watched it on mute) :)

    1. Splatter Man says:

      Beer! Is there anything it can’t do?

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        Nope, beer is the universal substance we use for everything! Everybody likes beer! Well, not everyone but most people. In Our cooking, baking, medical and to get plasteered from it! Oh yea, don’t forget your hair too!!

  2. superior! I listened and didn’t think it was bad. just goes to show what a little ingenuity can do!

  3. Cold beer? Check. Manly pick-up truck? Check. (Points will be added if it’s a Hemi). Sharp razor? Check. Outdoor furniture? Check. Dog? Check. (Points deleted for small size). Dress like a surgeon doing a heart transplant? Check. (Extra points for protective gear). Beautiful cyst payload? Check! Lay sharp razor on shoulder just in case it’s needed? Check. Deployment of a pair of pliers? Oh Yeah! Check! (Added points because it was a manly Leather-man folding set). Double points for getting the sac. I loved this vid. Thanks poppintime!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Dr. Nick would be proud of this team.

  4. WOW…all the way from the jugular to the epididymus in 1 fell swoop right in front of that pretty blue Ram. It can’t get much better than this. BTW, if you do it like that, you can be sure that sac is a goner. (Epididymus. That cracked me up!) Super post!

    1. Yes, I thought that was the word I heard “eppididdymoose” – a hybrid of epidural and episiotomy which worried me exactly where on the human body they thought they were working. BUT the use of needle nose pliers to remove the cyst’s sack!!!!! I laughed until I cried. Priceless

      1. @nmgapaoh I thought what the guy off camera said, “dem new fangled needle nose pliers” was histerical too…hahahahahhaha…What would we ever do without dos new fangled thingamagigs anyhow???? LOL I really enjoyed this one. Thanks to the cyst paitent for sharing with us all and thank you to poppintime for posting.. :)

  5. haha neighbor says u all have a garage sale? lmao nah but they are having a yard popping special lmao..haha and its kinda like watching a funny show of home improvement the pliers were priceless see mens tools are used for many wierd things some we will never mention lmao haha i was saying to my self cut it out with a razor leave the tool out of the sack removal lol great find poppintime smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  6. ooey gooey fun says:

    Bonus points for for finding a great cyst on a really cute guy! :)

    1. He is cute isn’t he? tehe!

  7. Love it….and props for drawing attention for a possible garage sale…hahaha!!!!

  8. That was great.
    I was surprised when it was over I noticed it was ten minuets.
    It didn’t seem that long at all.
    Time flies when your having fun.

    Thank you Poppintime.

  9. It don’t git no better than this!!! Great payload and a friend with tools!!!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  10. ‘Here, let me just leave this razor blade here on your shoulder, cause you’ve been drinkin’ and I’m poking and squeezin’ so you’ll be all sorts of steady…’

    Awesome pop!!! Tools!! Boys with Beer!!

    Great vid!

  11. ” The placenta is gonna stay”..this whole video was hilarious . Nurse Nancy in the background was full of advice , not always good advice but her commentary was awesome , at times. great find poppintime

  12. 3cysterscafe says:

    That was simply amazing! Perfect cyst, awesome payload, sack extraction was beyond great! 5/5 for me and straight to favorites! Gotta go watch it again!

    1. Yeah I watched it like 4 times and noticed an hour had gone by lol! Thanks 3cysterscafe!

  13. PopinInStyle says:

    Love it! Love, love, love! :-D

  14. lol Sammich, I thought I was the only one who said that. Beautiful find poppintime,

  15. Sweet Squeezer says:

    David Copperzit?? lol!!

    1. diamondgirl828 says:

      LOL..that was awesome!! The poppee was hardly moving his mouth when he talked. Did anyone else notice that? I had to go back a few times to see his lips move…Or maybe I just wanted to see his lips….: ) : ) : )

  16. Guy knew what he was doing!

  17. That was a good one and that guy was going for gold and they were having fun. I think that dodge was black. They reflect blue, mine does when it’s clean but black on a gravel road doesn’t stay clean.

  18. we have a winner.
    thanks for this great post poppintime

  19. luvalotapus says:

    Yes, he IS The Man, but luckily for you, not the kind of man who would slice from your shoulder all the way to your epididymus (where sperm hang out in the testicle before they’re ready to launch).

    1. luvalotapus says:

      why are people giving me thumbs-down? :(

      1. I think (and its only two, don’t worry) it is because some people may not have read all the comments, and don’t realize you are actually defining what the word “epididymus”. Don’t stress it. :) I think a lot of the problems that sometimes occur on any internet community based site stems from simple misunderstandings. Thanks, BTW, for explaining epididydidumdiy… yeah! Thanks! lol

        ~ H.S.

      2. I gave you another thumbs up to even it out. ;)
        And I also thank you for reminding us what an epididymus is. For me, it’s been more than a couple decades since Jr. High health class, so my recollection was more than a little fuzzy! LOL
        I don’t know about the slicing, but that guy must have felt it all the way to his epididymus when they started in on him with the needle nose pliars!

      3. I’m with HS on this one Hun! Please don’t sweat the small stuff you are a great contributor to this site and some people take things the wrong way. Thank you for the comment I like it! ~ Poppintime

      4. thanks, HS, C_C, and PPT! you’re all very sweet. i just wanna make people laugh ;)

      5. I knew it was something in the downtown region. I just couldn’t remember what, exactly.

  20. Ohhh, I’m sorry…did I accidentally backhand and render unconscience the female in the background. DAMN! Now we can’t utilize her valuable information…

    1. @Garyps36

      Any comments inferring violence towards anyone, be it someone in the video or a member, etc. is not acceptable on PTZ. Please refrain from doing it again, even if it is only in jest. Thanks! :)

      ~ H.S.

  21. Very nice job “Doctor”!! Where can I call to get an appointment? Better yet, where can I get an application to be hired as your “assistant?!!”

  22. Awesome vid.
    Did not even realised it was a 10min vid until I read some of your comments!!!

    You guys made some great comments as well (@unclelarry ,was awesome).

    @poppintime ,That was an excellent find,good work.

  23. Nice. How come I can’t get one like that. I try and try, nothing grows in my garden!

  24. I loved it! Good ol’ boys having a great time, nice cheese, good camera work; even the finger showing up towards the end was great. Did someone ask if they were having a yard sale? ‘Yeah, we got some fresh cheese right here.’ LOL! Even the whiny princess in the background added a bit to the mix.

    1. Thank you gotta love good times like this lol!

  25. My faith in humanity has been restored!

  26. Awesome. Perfect camera. Applause:>D

  27. Not only the camera no screaming Whoo – Hoo! Thank you!
    cyst palooza!

  28. Great vid………. Loved the needle nose pliers, but the commentary in the back ground was so annoying.

  29. that was great!! loved the use of the needle nose tool!! thanks so much poppintime

  30. Nothing better than hanging out on the steps drinking beer and slicing your friends cyst open. The girl in the back ground was annoying, though.

  31. popitlikeitshot says:

    Hey all! Long time no post! I love it when people know exactly how to film these things! Clear, steady shot; clear, steady extraction with no fingers or tissues in the the way and they leave that beautiful first pops’ contents for us to drool over…. ok I’ve been away far tooooo long ;P great find:)

  32. phillip jackson says:

    love the use of the multi-tool.

  33. Great Video wow!! I always mute the videos as I dont want my family to know just how addicted I am! Lol!

  34. wonderful vid..well done poppin!

    I loved the razor on the shoulder and the shiny new pliers, nice contrast to the surgical gown and gloves..

    beautiful cyst, great visual..I found my respirations increasing….

    I really need to find something to pop!

    1. Halphy…would you consider this an actual BTE cyst??

      I think kinda, but not technically! (or technically, but not kinda?)

      1. Even though it isn’t on the back of the ear, or hidden by the ear, it still sits “Behind the ear” – so the answer?

        Yes, MotherEruption, there is a Santa… oh wait, wrong line.

        Yup, MomE, its a BTE, and a bee-yoo-tiff-full one at that!!! lol

        Lovin’ it still, poppin’ my cyster!

        ~ H.S.

  35. comedoness says:

    Thanks for rerunning this epic cyst removal!

  36. Cyster Sebum says:

    Am I the only one who really loves it when the puss is just hanging out of the hole or when you can see the pus-filled area inside of a gaping hole? It’s like a promise of what is to happen. I can never really enjoy a video until they completely get rid of all the visible pus. Otherwise, I want to jump into the computer screen and start popping the cyst myself!

  37. popaliciousness says:

    Love how the dog pops in and pops back out. The smell might not be obvious to humans, but…

    (Goofy comments R me, I guess.)

  38. Absolutely one of the best, because of all around content. Surgical gown and gloves combined with razor blade, leatherman, Dodge truck, beer, dog and plenty of puss. Awesome how he sits there and takes it like a man!! Well, done all around! Truly enjoyed this one.

  39. 3cysterscafe says:

    Ahhhh, nuttin like a good cyst poppin to start the day!

  40. this looked like it would be a pretty straight forward cyst removal. Then the pliers were brought out. OMG talk about a redneck cyst removal. I had such a giggle over this.

  41. popfiend says:

    Well gollee they’re all so sincere!! Very entertaining, poppintime, and requiring a repeat visit! I laughed so hard tears were running down my legs…I mean face…

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