Large Neck Growth

The camera work is somewhat shifty, but there are some poppers that manage to escape from this guy’s explosive neck pimple. Having some helping hands to do the popping for him would have made it a lot better. But hey, we enjoy any little plop of pus that comes our way. :)

Keep on mining those video deposits, Cochore! Ya do good work!!!

Large Neck Growth
Posted to YouTube by nicholasthorngren on January 16, 2012.

27 Comments on “Large Neck Growth

  1. Aussie Cyster says:

    SHOOTER…SHOOTER… he could have knocked over one of those ducks at the local fair with that one!!
    Thanks Cochore, made my day :)

  2. If she wasn’t going to help she could have atleast navigated his fingers. Good squirt. Thanks Cochore. You’ve been findy some doozeys.

  3. I wanted to reach thru the screen and help him. Why did he keep smelling it over and over. Thanks for the post Cochore.

  4. they should attend popology 101 at the local learning center,,it would bring them that much closer..decent shooter for a always great find Cochore!

    1. @tosh166, Love the “Lost in Space” Robot avatar. :)

      1. Thanx unclelarry , I tend to reinvent myself quite a bit,,,I do like the robot tho,,,DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON…lol

  5. 3cysterscafe says:

    Ewww! He kept smelling his fingers!! Now that is what gags me. Nice shooter though! Thanks for posting :)

  6. show him where to put his fingers or tell him – nice shooter –

    secretly, he loved that smell!!!

    thanks Cochore!

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Hey Dude! wait until class to pop that thing……………….. (more fun than any lecture could ever be)

  8. Great little shooter, got the girl tapping and his fingers.

  9. Aw man! He just missed the camera with that shooter! Better luck next time dude!!!
    Great find Cochore!!!

  10. Ahhhh, smells like…… victory!

    Thanks Cochore! That was awesome.

  11. haha homeboy says it smells like old people hmmmm usually they smell like moth balls cuz they put it in with their clothing i don’t think old people smell like pus i think they need a third person there to assist :) to bad we don’t have a line like the ghost buster’s did we could be the pus busters lol great find Cochore smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  12. Nice surprise splurch in there!

  13. Splatter Man says:

    The spray at 1:08 makes life worth living.

  14. crylittlecyster says:

    I was trying to get through the screen or yell at her that a little HELP would be a good thing

  15. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Ok.. does anyone else kinda scrunch down and try to peek under the top of the screen when the zit disappears due to bad camera angle?

    1. You don’t have your fingers in the right place? Well, you don’t have your camera in the right place!

  16. The whole time I was thinking “let me at it!!!”

  17. luvalotapus says:

    sometimes the poppee shouldn’t be the popper ;)

  18. haha sally ann,i was thinking the same thing, just wanted to slap his hands away and tell him let me do it right!!

  19. It was a nice little shooter, I do love the ones that squirt even if it is a little one. At first it didn’t look like it was holding that much but after a couple of squeezes…..bam that thing shot like a rocket. Love it! great video to me

  20. OMG DID U SEE THAT!!!! Dude has an XBOX….. WoooHoooo

  21. pashion4popin says:

    small yet satisfying ! thanks for sharing ;)

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