House of Weird: Looooong Ingrown Hair!

Not only is this hair ingrown and really long – it is also ingrown under the skin of the FOOT! That makes it really, truly W-E-I-R-D! I have seen people get shafts of hair driven up into the soles of their feet, usually causing an infection, although they tend to be so painful – they are dug out long before the infection sets in.

But this hair is natural to this person, and it boogles the mind for it to be on the side of the foot! As far as I know, being ingrown on the foot is the strict territory of ingrown toenails. Well, I guess those toenails can move over and make some room, because here come the wayward hairs!

Just Pop IT!
~ H.S.

HUGE ingrown hair!!..AND…its in her foot!!!
Uploaded to YouTube by vidcringe on Jan 18, 2012

41 Comments on “House of Weird: Looooong Ingrown Hair!

  1. I bit that tickled,or just felt weird.

  2. man that sure was long

  3. WOW, that hair is so thick I thought it was thin wire at first…. perhaps from an accident where it got embedded in their skin. Interesting find! Could have been better with some added pus….. lol. But hey, that is just me.

  4. wow that hair was long cool and different spot to have an ingrown hair great find Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  5. 3cysterscafe says:

    That WAS weird! Especially in the foot! That gave me a good size Willy chill down my back! Thanks for the post!

  6. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Looked like an eyelash but probably felt like a walrus whisker ………..

    1. So thick it looked like it came from the back of a boar hog.

      Could be wrong.

  7. Whoa, that was amazing!

  8. I am skeptical about this one to be honest… are there other hairs on her body like this? Looks like an imbedded animal whisker…

    1. Ya I agree with you. I thought in the video she even said it WAS a dogs hair.

  9. Very weird. I’m a little skeptical, too. Who has hairs on the bottom of their feet? Really?

    1. That’s not actually her foot. But anyway, it’s a hair sliver. I found out about them when I’d be walking around and feel a sharp pain in my foot. When I’d look, there would be a hair there, which would pull out easily. It hurt like hell to have it there, but was painless to pull out and painless afterward.

  10. Be asking Santa for one of these next year.

  11. Could be a hair splinter.I used to get them when I worked at a hair salon. They itch like crazy!

  12. she says it is dog isnt it. i think it is an animal hair

    1. Agree, looks like a dog hair that got in a pore or open sore. Truly weird to get imbedded in the foot.

  13. According to my daughter, that is what is known as a hair splinter! (sent her to cosmotology school, but she works for a bank, go figure!)

  14. According to my daughter, that is what is known as a hair splinter! (sent her to cosmotology school, but she works for a bank, go figure!)
    Good find H.S.!!!

  15. Gotta love those ingrown hairs!

  16. I bet he was “ticklled”to get it out.

  17. and that is why hobbits should never shave their feet…

  18. I have a dog ang get hair splinters all the time. The dog’s hair is really hard and sharp.

  19. when we were clipping horses yesterday we were discussing this, cause, it’s normal to discuss this with your friends… hair splinter, splinter from a hair, still jealous.

    Let’s put a call out for splinter vids! Huzzah!!!!

    1. Your wish has been heard, and shall be fulfilled. ;)

      Mwah ha ha ha!!!!

      ~ H.S.

  20. Halphie you always bring something different to us! Thanks for this one! : )

  21. i noticed it was a shiny piece of wire. hair doesn’t shine like that. look at it when it first comes out. just my humble opinion, plus i’ve seen lots of wire.

  22. Great find HS keep up the good work ;-)

  23. Awesome! I had one on my cheek once from my Shar-pei…it was so short & coarse! Hurt like HELL getting it out!

  24. That was pretty effin’ sweet :)

  25. WOw! That hair was long,a nd on the foot to! Beautiful!

  26. It’s not her foot. It’s her leg. At any rate, it’s a hair sliver.

  27. Melissa Lee says:

    That definitely wasn’t her foot. That hair was at least 2 inches above her ankle, and a hair that long is not a ‘hair splinter’. I’ve gotten those long ingrown suckers from shaving. What’s cool about mine is that they usually grow in a tight little spiral under my skin, so I can see them unwinding when I pull them out. I never thought anyone would wanna see it, but next time I get one, I’ll post it for you guys.

  28. Thanks, Halphie for an entertaining breather!! This is my first “whatever it is” ingrown hair removal video!! Most enjoyable!!

  29. That_Ghoul_Ava says:

    Ugh, even as a hair splinter, it looks uncomfortable. It made my ankle itch just watching this.

    And damn it – Zitani beat me to a hobbit joke!

  30. LONG ingrown hair. Didn’t cause too much grief – got it before it raged with infection.

  31. I knew a woman who got an infection from a dog hair that imbedded into her foot. That is what this looks like, a dog hair…

    1. It looked like a cat hair or whisker!

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