Colloid Cyst of Brain Removal Surgery

**WARNING: Brain Surgery. Graphic. Watch by choice, and please comment with respect. Thank you!! END WARNING**

This is a long video, and a very delicate surgery to remove a tumor – specifically a common benign neoplasm known as a colloid cyst impinging upon the brain. However, I was personally struck by the beauty of the opening shots of the surgical field – it reminded me of an abstract work of art in one of those large coffee table books. There is more than enough to keep you interested through the entire procedure, and though I am normally reluctant to watch these types of videos without a lot of fast forwarding – this one had me captivated.

A very nice find, Audie, thank you for bringing it in!

From YouTube Description:
(esp. included for PTZ members in the medical field)

colloid cyst 3rd ventricle are commom benign neoplasms of 3rd ventricle,arise superior to foramena monro and block both foramena monro and cause hydrocephalus, clinically present with with head ache,vomiting,visual impairement,abnormal behaviour,drop attacks,ataxia,some times sudden death.CT/MRI SCANS are diagnostic,microsurgical excision will cure completely,endoscopic,and stereotaxic procedures are other ways of treatment

Brain tumors-colloid cyst 3rd ventricle-microsurgery-dr suresh dugani/HUBLI/INDIA
Uploaded to YouTube by drsureshdugani on Jan 13, 2012

9 Comments on “Colloid Cyst of Brain Removal Surgery

  1. Aussie Cyster says:

    Hope the surgery went well for her :)

  2. thank heaven it was benign – hope she comes out of it alright!

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Better out than in……………………..

  4. Interesting vid!
    Tnx @Audrey ! Awesome find.

    That was some kind of complicated surgery! (complicated is almost an euphemism here!)

    But I’ve never been soooo lost in a vid in my life…A brain surgery…it cannot be scarier than that.

    Hope the patient is feeling good 2day!

  5. I kinda thought the lazer cutter was too big for the tumor, but the surgeon knew how to handle that instrument!
    Excellent find audrey!!!

  6. Twisted Cyster says:

    That was a looooooong one !! At a certain time I thought: Throw away the tools and squeeze that sucker empty !!! ……Good thing that surgeon didnt listen to me !!!
    Good long Vid Audey !!

  7. my mom had brain surgery a couple times well she has tuns of health problems im just happy each day god blesses her with us i got into watching surgery video’s because of her health thank you to all who watch and all that comment happy tuesday to all of you smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  8. No wonder that person had a headache! Great find, Audrey.

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