Big Zit, Big Explosion

Co-worker or maybe a friend with a nice zit (potential cyst?) on his back gets some very prepared assistance in popping his bacne! Gloves, check! Face shield, check! Pus Bomb detonated? CHECK!

Another great one, Cochore! Outstanding mining! You have all our thanks!! Especially, I’m sure, that of Emil – these explosive pus “scatter” bombs are known to be some of his faves. :) And there was definitely little stringlets of pus flying everywhere! This popper must have experience in bacne squeezing, hence the faceshield in the down position. lol!

Big zit
Posted to YouTube by TheNote408 on January 7, 2012.

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  1. Monsterous splatter! That was great. I can’t believe the distance that thing shot. Thanks for the post Cochore.

    1. yeah, that was \excellent..
      great popper, great poppee..

      popper was goin hard on that baby. no clean up/excessive whiping.. proper protective gear worn… just excellent

    2. 3cysterscafe says:

      They must have known it was a shooter, being dressed like that! Good thing he had a helmet on! Lol great video!

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        Got to thinking, I would have loved to have seen that face shield……I’ll bet it was covered!!

  2. Bravo!!!!

    Who needs silly string when you have a bud like that?

  3. Here’s a great one! The face shield really makes the video and also comes in handy protecting the squeezer! Thanks!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      I would have liked to see the Front of that face shield I’ll bet it was splattered!!!!

  4. Awesome! Loved the splatter shield. No sissy squeezing here! He got down and right to it!

  5. lol i love the face sheild they must have watched popping videos before and said hell nah ain’t know one gunna get me in my face with pus lol great video find Cochore smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  6. Ramen noodle humor! A classic! And also when he had him drop to the floor for leverage,,, oh so wrong and yet so right!

  7. Great find Cochore, this is sure to be POPular!

  8. YES! That was SPECTACULAR! Loved the Ramen Noodle comparison. Great payload, velocity, squeezer, comments… this had it all. Great find Cochore. :)

  9. Lot’s of creamy frosting out of that little hole. With a little spatula and some spreading, his back would have looked like a cake. :)

  10. A thing of beauty for all of us Zit-heads out here in Zit-land!! Loved it!! Keep up the good work, my child, and you will go far in life!!

  11. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    That’s a full service hobby shop…………………………….

  12. 3cysterscafe says:

    Brilliant! Loved it! Been waiting for one of these! Thanks :)

  13. I would so pay top dollar at a chance to squeeze something like that. Too bad he couldn’t advertise it on Cr*ig’s List:
    Hard knot on back needs squeezing. $10 per minute
    Bring your own welder’s mask

    Who could resist?!

  14. That was a well spent 1:24!!! Machine gun shooters, gotta luv ‘em!!!
    Excellent find Cochore!!!

  15. Cyster Sebum says:

    I loved the video. I just wish that they would have showed the splatter on the mask. . .

  16. OMG!!! He needed a salad bar sneeze guard!

  17. Love the squirters!!!

  18. SO fun! Thanks for posting. That popper seemed a bit aggressive – I don’t think I’d want him popping anything on me.

  19. I’m giving this 5 stars just because the popper wore a face shield.

  20. Yeah!!! Great cyst vid-i pretty much new the popper was experienced when he donned the full face chemical mask and he really needed it! that gunge went everywhere, his popping style was spot on as well, to the point of getting the poppee into a lower position for added leverage! ramen noodles referenced again! must be the US equivalent of UK super noodles, cos i see the similarity with them!

  21. Can you get on your knee’s hehe to funny! Anything to get a better grip on a cyst lol! Another great find Cochore!

  22. That put a big smile on my face. Reminds me of a volcano that is splattering.

    1. It was flying in all directions!!!! Great find!!

  23. Excellent find Cochore!
    I love that they had so much fun with this!

  24. “Ramen noodles for dinner.” LOL, great one!

  25. Twisted Cyster says:

    Now that popper came prepared to his Job !! Nice squirters and shooters !!!

  26. It just goes to show that when you wear the proper gear you can get the most out of the popping experience. No recoiling in horror when he got sprayed, no need to stop and wipe his face. My only wish is that we got to see the face shield at the end.

  27. Who you gonna call ? Zit Poppers!!

  28. Love this one…it sure was a squirter….went some distance too. I too would have loved to see the shield after. Only problem was video was a little grainy at least to me…but that didnt stop my enjoyment. :) Thanks for submitting TheNote408 and thanks for posting Cochore.

  29. Yup that’s a beauty. Gotta love the mask, and he knew what he was in for!

  30. THIS IS HOW REAL MEN SQUEEZE A CYST. Face shield + flawless “get behind it” technique + various tools in the background = awesome.

  31. Cochore: Respec’.

  32. Excellent! Great find Cochore!

  33. REAL men KNOW how to squeeze bacne. Face shield, gloves, perfect leverage, unremitting attack, no squeals or endless wiping and ruining the fun. That’s a keeper and an immediate fave. Thanks for posting,

    1. Obviously, he has squeezed before and learned his lesson about flying cheeze! He got the job done, dish washing gloves, long sleeved flannel shirt and the splash quard.

  34. phillip jackson says:

    he had enough for everyone.

  35. pashion4popin says:

    surprised at this one, never thought it would fly so many directions at once. great job and good idea with the faceshield and gloves! true popologist :)

  36. THAT is a friend. The kinda friend that would bail you outta jail and not tell your wife.

  37. i think ive gone to heaven *sigh

    1. Lindsey Lucas says:

      seriously awesomeness

  38. That is a classic!!! Thank goodness he was wearing gloves and a large face guard – it was a can of magic string being opened!!! WOW

  39. Lindsey Lucas says:

    Oh yeah I love these little cysts that turn into so much more.AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!

  40. great video excellent camera work

  41. Go on my son get in there!! That’s how it’s done. Great find :)

  42. Two by two, hands of blue…

  43. Nice welder’s mask. Guess Ramen’s pride is out? Loved how the poppee’s head literally “popped” up when it was a bit too much pressure. Nice string. Good video.

  44. I thought, and then she said it. “Never eating Ramen noodles again.”

    Actually, I will. Gonna heat up some water for a pack of Creamy Chicken right now. :D

  45. diamondgirl says:

    Cochore, this was sheer genius!! Everything about this one says 5/5. Camera work, EXCELLENT, the Popper, SUPERB!! and the Poppee, PERFECT STANCE, GENUINE RESPONSE…This one is in my top 25 for the year..Gonna be hard to find anything that compares! The face sheild was the icing on the cake..(pun intended)..

    Loved it!!!

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