Big Ol’ Pimple

An absolutely beautiful popping of a large, black pimple that looks like its the “Big Daddy” in a scattered group of solar comedones (aka senile comedones). Definitely check out this gentleman’s facial profile – tell us if you see the same thing. Those shiny blackheads that tend to group near the eyes of the elderly. Oh, how much better would this have been if some of those puppies got the squeeze and pop treatment as well!!! *sigh*! Still, a fantastic popping session, great pus, fantastic camera work – may they film more pus videos in the future!

You’ve done it again Cochore! Bravo!

Big old pimple
Posted to YouTube by tracymason15 on 6th January, 2012.

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  1. Biggest blackhead that has been posted in a while, I think, with all the stringy shooters makes for a nice start to the day
    Excellent find Cochore!!!

  2. She went after that with a vengeance. His cheek is going to be sore.

    1. PapaLurker says:

      Agreed Dweedwaa. That zit had some age to it. Look almost like a mole to begin with. And when she tore into it and that zit spit I actually jerked back from the sceen a couple of times lol. And she was determined eh Dweedwaa – she definitely had determination!
      Good find!

  3. Thanks Cochore for a great find. That poor old gentleman looked like he needed a good cleaning.

  4. Love the commentary (“hmmmm hm”, “hmmmmm hm”) as much as the squeeze, theres plenty more blackheads there when the old guy is ready, but remember, dont hassle old guys- they hard as nails!

  5. Chuncky and Squirty lol! Nice find Cochore!

  6. It’s a shooter!!! Very good prospects that there will be a repeat :) I heard them say that it had been popped before.

  7. great find, I wish we had a slightly different camera angle, but I shouldn’t complain!

  8. Aussie Cyster says:

    Thats amazing!!!!!!

    Wonder if he qualifies for skin fold surgery for that now?
    thanks Cochore

  9. Glorious, just glorious!!

  10. 3cysterscafe says:

    Nice start to the day. Nice mini popper too! Thanks! ::)

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Love how every time it squirted, she would sound like an owl! Ooh, oooh, oh ohh, oh oh oooh! So cute!! Great find, it was a gold mine!!

  11. Another excellent find Cochore, you are on a role!

  12. Around 2:53 what the heck was in his ear?

    1. I was wondering the same thing, at first I thought it might have een a hearing aid, but the more I looked at it, I finally just came to the conclusion that it must just be an abnormal ear gowth or shape. I was hopeing someone elses noticed … lol

  13. Nice! I would’ve loved to squeeze that one.

  14. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    We LOVE it when uncle Joe comes over for after dinner entertainment !

  15. Ooooo, that was Jim Dandy! Bet that poor old fellow has quite a bruise on his face. Great Post @Cochore! :)

  16. “Traci know how to grab em and git it outta dare too “… This poor man is a work in progress…hint…buy a washcloth and some scrubbing bubbles..nice find,,lol

    1. Same same SAME thing I was thinking tosh!!!! Traci DO know how to get em!!! lol

  17. that was a beautiful pop the popper did an excellent job great find Cochore smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  18. nice one thank you cochore

  19. FINALLY – someone who knows how to squeeze!

    My dad gets these, sometimes they are hard little bugger to get, but this popper did a wonderful job!

    Nicely done research Cochore!

  20. Awesome machine-gun shooter. Good job! :)

  21. Oh what a lovely evening I’d have with those blackheads & a bobby pin!!! Yea buddy!!!!

  22. mmmm hmmmm……

  23. I find myself fascinated at the skin tones from around the world and how they show pimples, zits, black heads and so forth. I’m also particularly keen on how the elasticity of skin changes over time, so you have a youth with a back filled with juicy red pimples, and you have an older man with a face filled with hardened squeezable goodness. Life is best in variety.

  24. Okay video. A friend of mine in the next room couldn’t see what I was watching and commented it sounded like a sex video. Close your eyes and listen, he was right!

  25. Very productive full squeeze on that. She’s lucky the old guy lets her do that. But then he’s lucky she wants to clean him up. Lovely vid. Thanks for posting.

  26. Mmmmmhmm, she’s gettin it good too…

  27. You go Tracy, you go girl!!

  28. In My Faves Cochore! Nuff said ;)

  29. A cyst? It was spurting pus strings at every opportunity. It looked like a mole at first until pressure was applied.

  30. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing. God bless the paw paw for sitting still and quiet! He never moved! Had the camera operator been steady I would have given this 5 stars!!!

  31. Nice! I love shooters! This is my first time seeing this one, somehow it slipped past my radar…

  32. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    loved granma in the background “mmm hmmm mmm hmmmmm”

    1. I laughed and laughed listening to the commentary :) :) :) A pimple or cyst that refills is the best kind in the world!!!

  33. Cochore, I thought he looked and sounded familiar!! I must have seen the follow-up post. I adore these folks..they’re so down-to-earth and respectful of one another. I’ll have to go watch the other one now!

  34. I think that was a cyst, not a “big old pimple” because you could see it rolling around like a pea under the skin… Nevertheless, I loved the stringy pus and the little explosions, thanks for sharing!

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