Vet Removes Earwax and Hair Plug

Poor puppy! I can relate to this situation, my pup is prone to ear infections in the right ear. When my mother was watching her several years back, my sweetie injured that ear and I came home to a raging infection, oozing pus, smell – the works! And ever since then, I watch that cutely trimmed ear and catch the infections and treat them early. Yeah – I treat her at home, something I only recommend with the cooperation of your vet.

So last week, yup, a routine inspection and cleaning revealed the start of some heavy wax production and that familiar scent. Bam! Out comes the fluids, drops, pills and treats. The treats are for her mouth after ‘treat’ment has been endured. (Oh gawd, that was lame! I’m sorry, my humor is a bit off balance today)

But I do feel bad for the dog in the video – and glad my vet doesn’t just want my money and taught me how to avoid the situation shown here. :)

From YT:
“This dog had chronic ear infections. The ear canal had a large ear wax/hair plug that could not be removed with routine ear cleaning. With the use of video fiberoptic otoscopy, the plug was removed and the ear drum was visualized. The ear drum was opaque and bulging indicating a middle ear infection.”

BONUS PET CARE TIP: When giving a bath to dogs who are prone to ear infections, place cotton balls in their ears (gently), to avoid water entering in the ear. Excessive water in a dog’s ear can trigger an ear infection. Now you know (I’ll let you fill in the rest of the G.I. Joe 80’s cartoon morality plug at the end of each episode… he he he)

And now, on with the show!
~ H.S.

Ear wax/hair plug removal
Uploaded to YT by vetiis on Dec 15, 2011

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  1. thank you very much Halph Staph for a great educational post its so fascinating to watch vets and doctors do what they do i bet the puppy felt so much better getting that gunk outta its ear smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

    1. i was thinking the same thing kthree

    2. My first thought was “I need to see if there are any new Dr. J. videos.” I’m not a fan of earwax, but this was good. Smooches for the pooch!

  2. Two things I can’t do is clean out my dog or cat’s ears and remove eye boogies. Both make me gag. Luckily my good friend is a vet tech assistant and she does the cleaning for me.

  3. My uncle’s shih tzu used to get frequent ear infections, so their vet prescribed ear medication for them to have at home.

  4. It makes my spouse hurl, but I do all the dogs & cat ears & eyes gunk, & assorted scabs, scratches, & cysts!
    Thanks goodness this sweet puppy got the infection treated.
    Great vid Halph

  5. We had an English Springer that was prone to ear infections. Seeing that nasty brown wax building up brings back memories of all those ear cleanings.

  6. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    The Mrs. and I have had 11 basset puppies/dogs over the years. That’s a total of 22 ear gunk holders and 22 eye snot generators.
    Go ahead. Guess who got the privileged of attending to those issues.
    Yup ……………………. it was me.

    1. My daughter had a Bassett and I was at her house one day day while she was cleaning Annabelle’s ears. Gross! I had to go outside till she was done. Those big, beautiful floppy ears can get pretty nasty.

  7. My kitty kats had ear mites. The vet gave me some oily medicine that dislodged them so that they could be cleaned out with a rag. Poor puppies ear looks red and inflamed maybe an infection. Hope they got it all out and a full recovery.

  8. I thought the Vet would use a ring curet, shows what I know!
    Great find H.S.!!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing (but about a regular curette)! I love when we give our “medical” opinions. We’re pretty smart, if I do say so myself.

  9. I had a big old boxer that was a big baby. I used to take a Qtip and clean her ears. She loved it so much that she would lay her head in my lap and shake her back leg..

    1. one of the boxers I lived with while in college liked for me to stick my finger in his ear and wiggle it around. He’d get all goofy eyed. Must be a boxer thing.

  10. Now, at least with uninfected ears, make a solution of one third pure alcohol and two thirds of water, TAKE THE DOG OUTSIDE, and poor some of that solution into his ear, massage it in and let the dog shake out the gunk.

    Please follow the all-caps warning – as you can see, there’s lot of stuff in dog or hound ears that will turn your walls into a modern art masterpiece if you don’t

  11. We had to clean our dog’s ears 5 times a day. She was misdiagnosed so many times ( by 6 different vets in a 2yr span ), that she had chronic ear infections. It was awful. She was in so much pain at the end. We couldn’t stop the last infection from spreading and had to put an end to her pain. It’s sometimes very hard for ppl to find a good vet. I hope that this vet is as good as the one we finally found and it never gets any worse for this poor pup.

  12. The cotton in the ear trick also works for when kids have ear infections. When my daughter scraped her ear drum, that’s what we’d have to do at bath time.

  13. And knowing is half the battle!

  14. I think the pup may be able to hear better now too! Nice goo Halphy

  15. He can hear clearly now, the plug has gone! lol

  16. Awwwh! Poor puppy :( must be a relief now! Gah, animal videos break my heart but I can’t stop watching them!

  17. Is dog earwax edible? I wonder if you could survive if it was your main food source.

  18. Halphie, wouldn’t it be a blessing if all pets could be taken care of so expertly?

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