Vet Lancing Dog Abscess GRAPHIC

****WARNING! Animal pus in abundance. Sensitive viewers, this warning is for you. Please, consider carefully before watching, and if you do watch, please comment with respect. Thanks!! :) END WARNING****

Veterinarian lances a very large abscess on the side of a dog. Lots of gushy bloody pus. Luckily, the dog was where it needed to be, in the care of a learned professional.

From YT:
“Working as a CVT at a veterinary clinic, I see many things the average person may find disgusting, but this is the kind of stuff we LOVE!! This happens to be a 2 yr old Lab that came in with a huge mass on his side. After examining it further, we found it to be a huge abscess…then the “fun” began!! Enjoy!!…”

Lancing a HUGE ABSCESS on a dog’s side
Uploaded to YT by raenowacki on Dec 15, 2011

37 Comments on “Vet Lancing Dog Abscess GRAPHIC

  1. *SIGHS* with envy ! what I wouldn’t do to see one of these in person :P

  2. thank you for the post bacne-up haha the way the pus ran down from him reminded me of a river and i wanted to put one of those toy boats on it to watch it float away lol

    1. audrey: you are sooo funny. I was kind of thinkin something like that too! Good Post!

  3. I bet this pooch feels lots better now!! That was quite a waterfall of pus coming out of him!!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      He would HAVE to feel better….. poor son-of-a-zit.

      1. Splatter Man says:


  4. the body is amazing,that was a pus and blood resivoir

    1. Yup, I agree definitely a Reservoir Dog… tee hee

      ~ H.S.

      1. Ha! That was my first thought, thanks H.S.

  5. Wow…I bet that dog felt so much better!

  6. Informative video, nice find.

  7. Puss river of goodness.

  8. Poor baby I’m sure he feels a lot better!!

  9. 3cysterscafe says:

    Yes, what a gooey red river of pus and blood. The bonus was the waterfall!! Poor dog :( I always feel bad for the animals. They are so innocent. They don’t understand what’s happening to them and can’t tell you when they hurt. Glad to see he’s with a veterinary.
    Great post, thank you! :)

  10. I bet that puppy felt so much better after it was drained. Labs have a tendency to get fatty tumors as they get older and it isn’t always advisable to remove them due to their age. So it’s important to get a really great vet who knows the difference among all those lumps.

  11. The vet and his crew need to be members if hey get all excited over good pus!!!
    Great find bacne-up!!!

  12. That’s the one kind of puss that I can’t handle, the runny bloody kind. I had to stop the video before my dinner came back up.

    1. Ditto – I rather see the traditional white, yellow, green or brown.

      I wonder if animal and/or human surgical greens are washed and re-used or destroyed.

      Labs are a very gentle and loving good for families with children. Vet team so success about the amount of abscess, I’m sure puppy is in very good hands :)

  13. Can you imagine what it was like walking around with that big ocean of pus in you? I bet it feels better now. Thanks for the post bacne-up.

  14. What a great video, Bacne-up.
    Did anyone hear the song on the background?
    It was Wham – Last christmas. Hoping not for the dog…….

  15. What a flood!!. First a trickle then WOOOSHHHH a river was born. Lucky Labs have very few pain receptors in their outer layers as that must have been painful.

  16. Ouch that must have hurt. Nice to see the pup getting good vet care and not neglected.
    Anybody else get a sore neck watching it on the side??

  17. This baby had to in excruciating pain. Thank you for getting him to a vet & not DIY surgery. I don’t like to watch animal vids because so many people will think “ oh, this will not hurt them” Bull, they hurt just like we hurt. How would you like a blade to slice you open without numbing meds? OK, I’m off my soap box now. SORRY

  18. Its weird,cuz at first,it looked like the “river” was going up hill.

    And I like the “Reservoir Dog” reference made by H.S.

    Nice find bacne-up.tnx a lot ;)

  19. Great post bacne-up!
    I’m sure this sweet puppy feels better with that being drained, and I’m sure a round or two of antibiotics!
    Great Vets too!

  20. captaincarbuncle says:

    Well, now its back to chasing rabbits and barking at squirrels and all that fun stuff for poochie now that he isn’t carrying a water balloon around in his side anymore. Bravo, thanks for the post.

  21. Now whenever we get a good pop, I’m gonna yell “YAHTZEE!!!!” at the screen…

  22. What was so nice about this was that the poor pup came in with what they thought was a mass which might have meant cancer, and instead something treatable and fun and quickly fixable – we all win, especially the pup!

  23. Katie Hernandez says:

    I bet this dog felt much better after this was all said and done :)

  24. pashion4popin says:

    oh man, poor poochie gotta big pusy booboo :(
    bet the pup is happier and healthier now :)

  25. bacne-up, thank you so much for this excellent post. I’m sure glad this was done by a vet with the animal “out”. I cringe when an animal cries out in pain.

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