Stye Squirt!

Now here is one we have been short of lately, a nice eye lid pus bumper! Its one of those I have mixed feelings about – sure, it would be a nice pus popper, but they hurt like no tomorrow! Why is it anything about the head is the worst when it comes to pain. Headaches, ow. Ear infection, double ow. Toothache, not enough ow’s in the world. So getting a stye, well, I shall gladly step forward to pop one if any of my family, friends, acquaintances, friends of friends, the Wal-Mart cashier, or just about anyone who passes by on the street, yup, I am all ready to pop that stye of theirs. Not mine. Because I don’t want one. They hurt. Yeah.

OK, on with the show! tee hee
~ H.S.

Popping an Eye sty
Uploaded to YT by xSeiiferr on Dec 7, 2011

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  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I’ve had those when I was a kid. My mom told me it was because I stared at girls underpants. Who knew?
    Although I learned to never question my mom, I really don’t think it was an accurate medical diagnosis.

    1. LOL PTP, I used to get them and my mom (the nurse) would give me tea with whiskey, then sit on me to pull out the lashes…

      Needless to say I hate anyone coming towards my eyes – this vid made my eyes water!

      Another wonderful find HS!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Now I want to rub my eyes and I can’t, cuz I wear contacts :( itchy, scratchy!! Very nice post, I loved it!

  2. Ok, I cannot even wear contacts because anything on or that near my eyes freaks my stuff out! So, I have the utmost respect for this guy, especially since you’re right @halph Staph, those hurt like a horse hoof to the shin, and his was on the inside of his eye. This guy did a great job, so calm.

    Thanks again, Halph!

  3. I’m of the opinion that stys should be left to the optomotrist. With that said, this fella did a nice job of getting it to pop! I was waiting for him to rip his cornea or cut his sclera!
    Great find H.S.!!!

  4. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    yea, one slip and OWIEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. oh lala!
    does he not risk a mega infection like this?
    I imagined that he would use a cotton swab to avoid to bacteria to colonize the orbital cavity!
    Great find Halfie :)

  6. I’m a nurse for an Ophthalmologist and all I can say is “DON’T DO THIS AT HOME!”

    He pushed the infection into his punctum (tear duct) and that can (and probably will) cause more pain and medical issues, than if he left it alone.

    See an Eye Dr!

    1. I agree Tina, unfortunately this might result in an infection for him.
      Good post though Halph!
      Watching this fellow pop his sty made me wince, it looked really painful but he definately was persistent with it!

    2. Hi @Tina ,tnx for the infos.

      But the “sty” are not usually in the corner of your eye?

      And if you go to an ophthalmo,what will he do(what kind of procedure)??

      Great vid HS.

      1. Hi Plush –

        Styes can actually be anywhere in or on the eye. When it forms inside, like this one, it’s called an “Internal hordeolum.” But they are still styes.

        Internal hordeolums are caused by oil glands inside the eye which become blocked, causing swelling and in most cases, infection which is the pus.

        We all have staph on our eyes (where the eyelashes meet the skin of the eyelid) that is there to eat bad bacteria. But sometimes the staph doesn’t get it all and the bacteria will grow at the root of the eyelash, causing blockage and that’s what we know as a stye.

        Styes will usually pop on their own within about 3 days and are completely healed (if we leave them alone) in a week.

        Unless a stye has become unbearably painful (rare), or is blocking the line of vision (again – rare), a doctor will recommend a warm compress. Otherwise, there are Rx drops & in severe cases, the Dr. will drain it in a sterile environment without letting the infection drain into the punctum.

        Today’s lesson has been brought to you by the letter P and the number 12.

      2. I know I’m a little late…but tnx @Tina !
        Your response is really appreciated.

        Actually,being 4 months late…is quite average for me;
        Procrastinator is my middle name! ;)

        Again,it was a great and complete answer.
        Have a good one and I’ll see you around.

    3. Thanks! I worked with this man who had huge styes under his eye lids on his face. I used to dream about someone popping them. They looked terrible. He said his eye doctor told him to leave them alone. They grew in size rather than popped. Any idea what he had?

  7. What a horrible place for a pimple. I think a Qtip would be in order here. It was a nice bit of pus, and anywhere there is pus I am there.
    Thanks for the post H.S.

  8. my eyes are watering like crazy after watching that. ouchyy

  9. Splatter Man says:

    Pus jetting from the inner eye lid. That’s another first for me.

    1. Me too Splatter Man. You took the words right out of my mouth!! I was glued to my chair and clenching my teeth the whole time!!

      1. It wasn’t my teeth that I was clenching! A bit further down if you catch my drift.

  10. 3cysterscafe says:

    I use to get these all the time when I was growing up. It’s a wonder he didn’t poke his eye out. Nice find though Halph Staph! Thank you! :)

  11. That is a chalazion. I had a few that pretty much spontaneously burst when I was using warm compresses, but nothing that yielded quite that much pus.

  12. Ouch. I wouldn’t want to get one of those.They look really painful. Looks like he took it in his stride though.

  13. Man alive, that hurt just to watch – great find, HS!

  14. Gotta give him credit for working though the pain to achieve the desired result. However, I agree with Tina that this is something that needs professional care. Eyes aren’t something to mess with at home. Outstanding find & post HS. Thanks! :)

  15. Way to “man up” hope all ends well

  16. A side note regarding pus in the eye. The tear duct produces a liquid that has an antibiotic naturally added to it. It’s the same antibiotic that we have in our mouths (makes our mouths, tongue, etc) seem to heal extra quickly. It’s from ancient days where just like other creatures of the world, humans had little in the way of medicine. The only hope to fix an open wound and heal or keep it from infection was to lick it repeatedly. It’s why many people’s natural reflex if they cut their finger while cooking is to quickly put the finger in their mouth so they can begin the healing process.

    Science aside, I loved the high velocity splatter here. This was not a massively large area of pus and yet when he finally got it where it would release the payload, it was flying. That was neat.

    However… eyes… teeth… those are my two really close to insane heebie jeebies. I can’t believe I watched that thing!

  17. great video Halph Staph i was always told never to pop those things when you get em in yo eye do to the infection spreads…but anything to do with the eye freaks me out

  18. Wow..This was a unique one… But it was a very intresting watch :]].

  19. This is one of those videos that you talk to the people but they don’t talk back. It’s really frustrating. I told him to get a tissue so he wouldn’t get puss in his eye because puss in the eye is icky. Yep he didn’t listen. Then I woke my husband up gasping at the pop. But I loved the video.

  20. captaincarbuncle says:

    Thanks for the post,HS, although it gave me the creeps. I think I ground my teeth down to nubbins watching him poke around at his peeper like that. I figured one false move and he would be wearing an eye patch for life!

  21. My husband had a very large sty once on the top of his eyelid. It was starting to hurt him but he, wisely, would not squeeze it. Instead, he used warm compresses and waited. Finally, it got too bad and he had to make a doctor’s appointment; it was scheduled for a Monday. The weekend before, we were about to go to breakfast and as we’re walking to the car I hear him say “Wait, hold on, do you have a tissue?” I turn around asking why, and he says, which his hand over his eye “It popped!” No touching or squeezing needed, it just popped on its own. And let me tell you – It was GLORIOUS! Lots of pus. We went back inside, and he gently wiped his eye clean – with me watching of course. And then cancelled the appointment. :)

  22. I would have waited for some additional helping hands on that nasty inner lid invader,,nice pop. My hat goes off to the popee , he has nerves of steel

  23. i have had styes in both eyes plus conjunctivitis in both eyes at the same time which meant as much as i wanted to pop them, i have to go to the ER , for eye drops and lancing by a doctor.
    unfortunately i went alone, so i couldn’t get it recorded.
    great little payload of pus in this clip towards the end.
    i love to watch most pus extractions, but styes now make my eyes water just watching them.

  24. Great job!!! Those are painful eye pimples. It was a big one. SPLAT to the eye lid.

  25. evil zitlover says:

    my brother had one of these a few years ago. the head was in his tear ducts hole and was very hard to get. after a while i got it with my nails and pinched the tip off. then i gently sueezed the pus onto my thumbnail . it looked like a giant yellowish maggot. i wish i could have recorded it.

  26. diamondgirl says:

    Good one HS…not enough OW’s OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW….That thing hurts!! I haven’t watched it all the way yet…but darn it, he needs a dang tissue so he scoop up the icky.

    Ok, gonna watch it now…He could also just give his eye a good rubbin’ and that would probably create a slight hole and pffft…

  27. Halphie, did you go blech when it splurched!!! I wanted to jump into the screen to wipe the critter off!!

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