How To: Excise a Sebaceous Cyst!

Now you too, can excise a sebaceous cyst just like the pro’s!

Impress your family, your friends, and your neighbor’s dog!

Easy to understand step by step instructions, and the video even has Instant Replay functionality!

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~ H.S.
*purchaser assumes all responsibility for all “accidents” or “problems” caused by inadequate accessories, or any general gap in information which leads to the early demise of your patient. No returns, no refunds, no exchanges. Prices always subject to change, usually they go up.

he he he

Sebaceous Cyst Surgery / Excision Steps
Uploaded to YouTube by targit999 on Dec 5, 2011

37 Comments on “How To: Excise a Sebaceous Cyst!

  1. Awesome Halph – I just wish we could have seen the cyst wall removed!

  2. Sometimes they packed it,sometime they dont…wonder why???
    Oh well!!!!

    Nice vid tho!

    1. Sorry ppl!
      That comment above ^^^ is a mess.I’m too tire…I guess!

      1. I understand Plush! :-)

  3. Beautiful!! Loved it. Very well done. Thanks HS.

    1. mrtasteless says:

      Love your intro Halph! Is was so apropos… Nice video with surprisingly great computer graphic overlays – for some reason lol. The doc didn’t do the incision correctly – should have been two half-moon arcs, but the rest was good.

      1. I don’t like the half-moon arcs – to me it leaves a bigger wound than necessary in most cases.

      2. I just love that we can have a discussion about half moon arcs…

  4. But waite if you order now we will send you 2 yes 2 kits for the price of one!
    1-800- got-cyst
    This was another great post HS thanks for bringing it to us! I loved the “instant replay” that was fun & the music was snappy! :)
    you are awesome HS!

  5. Thanks Halphie! I love the pairing of dance music and cyst excision, it’s a natural fit. :):):)

    Has anyone ever used Aquafresh toothpaste? That’s the toothpaste that has colour stripes. Look at 2:45… Aquafresh!

    1. I was thinking that in some of the popping looked like a candy cane lol! Great post!

  6. I think the good doctor needs to have a little talk with his vid tech about what should be left out of the vid! But, it was still a fine vid!!!
    Great find H.S.!!!

  7. loved the cheese i started cringing when it became strawberry shortcake.great post

  8. Thanks for the post, however I didn’t get the thrill of the popping and ozzing. Better than the high scrills of the girls or the ones using the F word in every sentence. It seemed like they were performing open heard surgery on a tiny rodent…just a bit too precise.

    I do appreciate the post though!

  9. Halph, your intro reminded me of Beetle Juice when he had the carousel on his head. That was better than the cyst.

  10. ahhhhhh now i can go door to door being the new cyst popping salesman thankx

  11. Splatter Man says:

    Can’t wait for the Ron Popeil version of this DIY Home Cyst Removal Kit.

    1. Zit Head Chia Pet. ;)

  12. Brings the phrase “Hyper Wiper” to a whole new level.

  13. yes, lots of wiping but cool

  14. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    ADHD with cyst removal…………………..

  15. Fun video, it needed some slow mo’s

  16. I want to watch it on slow motion…

  17. Thanks for the post H.S. I enjoyed it. MrsTeee

  18. 3cysterscafe says:

    This was a pretty good video……..I liked when they gave us speed when we needed it and slow mo at the good parts. lol Great find!
    Thanks for posting!

  19. holy mother load,love it

  20. It was great fun…a combination of a cyst removal and dance club. Now if I can just get that tune out of my head.!

  21. I loved the slo-mo! Very cool!

  22. I would like to know where one can purchase the CD featured in this video, ‘Music To Slay Cysts By’.

  23. This should go viral, for sure. That music is hauntingly nauseating, but the squeezing of the yuck out of the cyst was awesome! Thanks for posting, as always.

  24. Loved it! What’s with the music? It’s kind of a humorous soundtrack to go along with the drainage of a cyst.

    1. agreed egotrip – and the surgery did not always go the way the graphics indicated. we missed the sac removal? how??

  25. Always a good sign when you are making the incision and a chuck of pus comes flying out at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If we had an Oscars – this film would be nominated for best video cinematologist hands down! BRAVISOMO!!!

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