Forehead Popper with a Double Show-Me Finger

Sounds like some kind off dive in an Olympic competition! he he. But, really, although we miss the initial pop, we still see some good thick pus spewing forth from this guy’s forehead. Plus, (!) those nails! Somebody gets a man-manicure! And no, that wasn’t me stuttering in text. lol

Definite bonus points given for not only one Show-me finger, but going back for the rest on the next finger and pulling a Double! Oooo, I just loooove it!

And for those of you with teenagers – a question… What in da heck is up with this “extra letters” thing? I see it everywhere – things such as “I ammm waayyy ttoo bbborred”. This makes no sense to me.

Does this mean I am getting old??? Pppleassee ssayy itt isnn’tt sssso!

Crazy As Ever.
~ H.S.

Popping a massive boil thing
Uploaded to YouTube by stfrancis85 on Dec 4, 2011

37 Comments on “Forehead Popper with a Double Show-Me Finger

  1. HHAAAAHHAAA! He looks pretty well manscaped. Great post:thank you H.S. A-one and a-two…

  2. A lovely productive head cyst, nicely squeezed out and lovingly admired by both cystboy and his nerve-wrackingly jittery cam operator. He seemed unwilling to wipe the goo off his fingers. Maybe he was considering how to keep it forever. As always, thanks for posting!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      There was more in there……….. that’s why we were born with 10 fingers. He only used 2. Dude! Go back for the other 8 fingers-full.

  3. 3cysterscafe says:

    Gotta love it! Nice squeezee and payload! :) Thanks for posting H. s. :)

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Liked it just as much the second time around!

  4. Nice goo; oh, by the way, your toilet paper roll is empty.

  5. To save on typing and confusion, I hereby dub any and all male nail maintenance dudeacures. Stuttering problem solved. :)

    Very nice head pop! I realllllllllllllyyyyy like it! Thanks.

    1. “dudeacures” lmao!

  6. thank you Halph Staph for the awesome post….to answer the teenager thingy well my youngest son boston is 12 hes a preteen and he says stuff that i say huh to all the time exspecially immmmm soooo boooooored……lol i remember when i was young my mom barely let us watch tv and i had an attarie that i shared with my two brothers im the middle child ahh the agony lol….and so me and my bro’s always had these adventures outside we would find stuff to make us not bored…now a days they have xbox 360 playstation 3 all kinds of video games guys and gals get hooked wonder they get so bored doing the same thing over and over i would be going nuts… oldest son paris he’s 17 and will be 18 on new years eve he says “eh” all the time…when i get my visistation days with them i can ask paris how was your day..his response “eh” paris how was school for you this week “eh”….and ect….it drives me nuts sometimes cuz im trying to get a full sentence out of him lol….and this video was lovely great pimple on his head damn i wish one of my kids or family or friends would get something that size i shouldn’t say that lol haha

  7. Ah, beautiful payload. Love it. :)

  8. I’ve got nothing to add to this conversation!!! It was well covered by the Good members of PTZ!!!
    Excellent find H.S.!!!

  9. Nice shine on those nails. He’s either been polished or buffed. He was hanging on to that puss, must have been real proud of it. I know I would have been.

    1. too bad he can’t hang it on his wall as a trophy to show off for years to come… Ha Ha

  10. There used to be one on here years ago about some good ol’ red neck kids and one of them had this massived cyst/scab right on his forehead. As he began sqeezing it, it just started crumbling apart and then these big chunks of “goo” came out. It was a wild oone!! :-)

    1. I wanna see it! I demand a repost. lol!

      1. I’m pretty sure this was the zit in question, but it’s removed.
        The thumbnail picture is still there, I don’t know how to show that.

  11. Nice…. Chester McHead Cheese strikes again…

  12. HS, you’re not getting old; it’s a sign that our teens are not busy enough or their keyboards are multi tapping and they don’t proofread their work.

    Nice post, Thanks!

  13. Loved it! I always seem to enjoy head cysts, thanks for posting HS!

    1. Aussie Cyster says:

      egotrip, I am so, so sorry. I wasn’t meaning to click any thumbs up or down. I only meant to leave my comment and as I clicked to post comment my hand slipped and I somehow have you a thumbs down. I am extremely sorry. I will up it to compensate, please forgive me x x

      1. Aussie Cyster says:

        oh dear it won’t let me….. PLEASE SOMEBODY LIKE THE ABOVE POST ;( I feel rotten

      2. There I did it for you Aussie Cyster. Don”t fret we all make mistakes. I lovef the video. I had lots of grat action. Thanks for the post H.S.

  14. Aussie Cyster says:

    why don’t I know anyone with something delicious like that growing from their head :( great post HS!

  15. That’d make a gnarly peace sign.

  16. OMG DUDE!! I think that was part of ur brain lol. Another magic find HS. :-P

  17. Nice little squeeze to pleeze…thanks Halphy….well packing my bags and out I go again!

    Keep popp’in on everyone!

  18. Nice nails for a change. He really likes this stuff on his fingers. Imagine mashed potatoes with ketchup.

  19. Clean and gooey

  20. I loved the vid and how the guy was very cool showing the camera, but his buddy doing the fake puke thing, MAN UP!

  21. I’ll bet that made a nice “Cracking” noise when it was first opened!

  22. Extra letters isnt a teen thing. Ive been doing it for years. They put emphasis on the word. For instance, if u were telling someone something u did a couple years ago. u might say “It was “so” long ago. But if it had happened 20 years ago, u would say sooooo long ago.
    Hope this helps =)

  23. Somebody farts at 1:13.
    Was it camera-boy od cyst-boy, that is the question!? 8)

  24. pashion4popin says:

    love that pus :) good job men – way to giterdun!

  25. Like how he saves the outcome to viewed later.

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