Chocolate Cyst

****WARNING!!!! This is inside the body. The bowels to be specific. It is graphic so please watch with caution! END WARNING!!!****

Hullo my friends! *Oh God she’s posting again that means we have to learn something!* Shut up Ray William Johnson’s troll! No one asked you! Anyway as usual if you’d like to know more read below otherwise you and the troll should skip it and head straight to the video!

So this is what is called bowel endometrioma. And yeah, endometrioma and endometriosis are related which you’ll see below. Typically endometriomas usually present as a pelvic mass arising from growth of ectopic endometrial tissue within the ovary or in this case, the bowel. More often than not they contain thick brown tar-like fluid. That’s why they’re referred to as “chocolate cysts.” They’re usually densely adherent to surrounding structures, such as the peritoneum, fallopian tubes, and bowel (depending on where its located). An endometrioma may be associated with symptoms of endometriosis (eg, pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea, and dyspareunia) or identified at the time of evaluation for a pelvic mass or infertility. A woman with a ruptured endometrioma may initially present with peritoneal signs and symptoms, elevated white blood cell count, and low grade fever, similar to patients with acute pelvic inflammatory disease or appendicitis.

The bad thing is they really don’t know what causes these things. One hypothesis is that retrograde passage of menstrual blood or shedding from endometriosis implants deposit on the ovary or bowel. Progressive invagination of the ovarian cortex over these deposits then leads to formation of an endometrioma, which is actually a pseudocyst. The cyst contents of endometriomas contain high concentrations of iron, presumably from chronic bleeding into the cyst, possibly at the time of menses.

So that’s really all that there is known about them. With all that we know and the technology we have, its really not a lot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Bowel Endometrioma
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  1. Fascinating video. I see why they call it a chocolate cyst. The human body is an interesting machine isn’t it? Good find Eden. I learned something today. :)

    1. What unclelarry said!!
      Excellent find Eden!!!

      1. Totally agree guys :-)

    2. Interesting but so nasty looking inside. I wouldn’t make a good surgeon cause I couldn’t handle looking at that mess. Makes me appreciate my doctor more.

  2. thank you very much Eden for this post. im a huge fan or procedures done by doctors it always amazes me what doctors do. and this is crazy i wonder if its that color because its in the rectem i know i spell like crap close guess of spelling i assume lol..i hope i never have one of those in my bowel area ahh

    1. I’m thinking more than likely on the color. Although if it is in fact caused by menstral blood, a collection could appear this color…like in a hematoma. It drives me insane that not more is known about it!!

      1. the information you listed above Eden, “the cyst contents of endometriomas contain high concentrations of iron, presumably from chronic bleeding into the cyst, possibly at the time of menses,” would definately account for the color.
        The high iron content would account for the brown color.
        Great post Eden! Thanks

      2. Thanks for the clarification that is was menstrual blood. I thought perhaps it was collecting material from the intestines. Thankfully it was found before it had a chance to burst. Women who have cysts burst describe incredible pain that requires emergency surgery.

  3. No thank you, I can do without one of these, and anyway I don’t like chocolate that much…..

  4. That was freaky.

    I wish on operation like this, there was a simple drawing showing the exact location were they are operating.

    1. Me too!! If you look up “bowl endometrioma illustration” on Google some pics come up but nothing really great showing the area unfortunately!

  5. Aussie Cyster says:

    aawww zit

  6. 3cysterscafe says:

    Good video! I wonder if it had any kind of schtink like regular cyst most of the time have?? It was crazy gross though!. Yucky!!!

  7. I saw an advertisement on T.V. today selling “chocolate diamonds”. Now I see chocolate cyst drainage. Hmmmmm-Which gem do I like best, the chocolate diamond, or the chocolate cyst? Oh well, the chocolate diamond wins, but this was a way cool video. Thanks for the post!!

  8. Pick_That_Puppy says:


    1. I agree ..That was the first thing I said “yah they cut it open”.

  9. Baahhaaa a chocolate cyst in the bung hole!!! (bowel for the PC peeps out there) I also liked the end bit where the doc explained how they pressure tested said bung hole to see if any air escapes ROTFLMAO!! I know its childish to make fun of a serious condition but laughter is often the best medicine :-) Thanks for giving me a good snigger Eden

  10. my kids say,” Dad when we go on vacation we don’t want to learn nothing. It takes all the fun out of it”.

    Problem with them internal cysts is they tend to be serious…which takes some of the fun out of it.

  11. OUCH! Thanks Eden.

  12. I’ve had surgery for endometriosis, so I find this very interesting! Good Post! :)

  13. One nasty looking little thing!

  14. “Chocolate goo” reminds me of when I express my dog.

  15. Sock Monkey says:

    I suffered with endometriosis for many years. It is truly a terrible plague. Mine grew like a spiderweb. It grew out of my uterus and was clinging to my bladder and bowels. (My friend had endometriosis wrapped around her bowel and it was stopping her bowel movements.) When I had a hysterectomy, my left ovary was fused to my pelvic bone with this old blood, cysts and endometrial matter. This disease is under diagnosed because so many women just think they are having really bad “cramps”. The only way to diagnose it is visually with surgery. I am so glad this video is on PTZ because it might start conversations between women and their doctors. If you have a loved one who is suffering daily with pain near the ovary or uterus, please encourage her to do some research and see if she has the symptoms of endometriosis. PTZ is the best website ever!! :)

  16. dontbesogullible says:

    Gone :(

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