BTE Spaghetti Anyone? Plus Bonus Brought back!

Who doesn’t like Spaghetti served up BTE Style Hehehehehe! Nice little video no sound so don’t worry about your volume controls my friends just sit back and relax and let the BTE Pasta machine do all the work for you ~ LOL!!!

Here is another BTE that Halph Staph had put up a while back by the same poster on YT that can no longer be viewed, on here for one reason or another So I thought I would bring it back because we all know how HS LOVES her BTE videos hehehe! (Yup, HS was able to fix it, too) BONUS: Holy Momma! Giant Whitehead… BTE Style!

Have Lots of BTE Fun!!!!

Pimple explosion looks like noodles
Uploaded to YouTube by SuperEpicTimes on Dec 18, 2011
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81 Comments on “BTE Spaghetti Anyone? Plus Bonus Brought back!

  1. I figured they would at least measure it once they stretched it out.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Omg! This is still a great video after all this time!

  2. Very nice…no noise, straight to the point…5 stars from me ;)

  3. I think that was alfredo with that.

  4. Why is it that the elderly seem to get those juicy BTE things? The worst part is they don’t even know they have them most of the time!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      To answer your question…. click to ….
      and scroll down to where I give a factual explanation of the reason.

    2. Thank you both, I’ve often thought the same thing.

  5. Thats a good one….AWESOME!!!
    But the blood seem to be coming from a strange place,I mean…BTE,but from a “kind of” crevasse.Maybe thats where it ended up!

    Who knows…who care!

    Excellent find @poppintime ,I appreciated it a lot :P

      1. LOL~ Cute Audrey!

  6. thank you very much for the post poppintime…..i love ear zits and cyst its so cool how much comes out of them sometimes i loved the way this one came out like the tied up sheet you would use to sneak out from parents house at night lol….i know they were trying to keep it together i bet when the big string broke they were saying dang lol :)

    1. Whoops put the comment in the wrong spot lol~
      LOL~ Cute Audrey!

  7. he may have dry skin, and maybe his skin cracked. the skin certainly had a sheen to it. perhaps a skin condition is causing him to bleed easily…or medication, like a blood thinner. he may have had a little scrape or scratch in there.

    1. The bleeding may just be that as we get older our skin gets thinner. Makes bleeding and bruising easier.

    1. You can tell that baby has been brewing for a while! Awesome vid!

      1. My thoughts exactly egotrip lol!

  8. I will never look at a can of Cheese Whiz the same again.

  9. Beee-u-ti-ful payload. Very nice little stringer. Thanks poppintime. Awesome find. :)

    1. Thank you as always Unclelarry :-)

  10. Yeah! Yeah! BTE zits are my absolute fav! Going straight to my favs list, this made my night…

    1. I just watched this 5 times in a row, this is gonna be my new go to vid

      1. Awesome love to here that! Ego! :-)

  11. I have to say, my dad worked in a steel mill for 30 + years and even though he has been retired since 97, he still gets some serious zits similar to the on in the vid.

    Sadly, he will not allow me to video the popping! And he gets those squiggly ones too…LOL

    Ironically, many of the ones I pop over and over still have an oily smell. I asked my dermatologist about it and she said it is not uncommon for those who worked around such dirty places to still get the zits/cysts just because of all of the exposure!

    Not that you care, just felt like sharing!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      We all care rblond.
      And, each and every one of us look forward to the day when you finally convince him to let you video the the selfless effort you put forth.

      1. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! If you need assistance, I’m sure that you would have a waiting list :)

    2. You pop have someone sneak in the camera phone and record he will never know lol!

      1. Twisted Cyster says:

        Normally I dont like to ,encourage, people to do things wich are not realy wanted by those involved….but for some nice Pimple/Black&WhiteHeads BTE ,I will make an exeption, when it comes to sneak in Camaras…….LOL !!! While I was reading Blondies comment ,I had the same thoughts in Mind as you Poppintime !!!! So @rlblond: next squeezing session comming up, sneak in that Cam !!!

    3. We care a lot about what ya have to share rlblond. You’re one of our own and we love hearing about zits and such. :) You’re story reminded me of my dad. Bless his heart, he’s 85 and still going strong.

  12. Dear Lord that was beautiful!
    Thanks poppintime.

  13. Applause Applause and the crowd roars great vid!!!!

  14. Nice… done with grace and joie de vivre. The laying out of the pus string was a sign of taste and elegance rarely found in popology.

  15. Oooooo, Mommapop likes this! Kind of looked like a tapeworm.

    1. That or a thin round worm lol!

  16. i think “P.F Changs” had something to do with this

    1. thedixiecrystal says:

      That’s what I was thinking….I have no longer a craving for Lo Mein. At least right now :-D

  17. 1:09 of pure pleasure and satisfaction!

  18. I don’t know why, but the vids of really old people getting sqeezed out makes me sick more than fascinated. It’s like if you just kept sqeezing and sqeezing they would just fall to the floor like an empty sack. An empty CYST SAC! Gross!!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Excellent Lenny!
      I’m going to have that last sentence carved on my tomb stone.

  19. 3cysterscafe says:

    Loved this video! I Hit the replay button several times already! A few more times won’t hurt……
    Thanks for sharing !!

    1. I did the same thing before I realized well I better post it lol!

  20. When my grandmother was in her nursing home they put Vaseline on her body everyday. Her skin would dry out and crack everyday in the last year of her life because her body was not functioning properly. It was very normal for them to do that to the patients. Lotion was not strong enough for their skin.

  21. I loved how it was stretched out! Thanks for the great vid.

  22. I kept waiting for it to burst out crazy string as in the other video where the grandfather’s pimple explodes angel hair like string. Too kewl.

  23. Thanks for the post poppintime. I don’t know why but everytime I see an elderly person with a bte zit, I get the willies…

  24. Awesome post….. I always get excited when i see the letters BTE in the vid description. they are my #1 fav :-) Thanks Poppintime

    1. BTE, BTE, BTE, BTE, BTE, LOL! Your Welcome Damo ;-)

  25. MissTinkJordan says:

    pass the parm and garlic bread

  26. Pass the Alfredo sauce paleeze! Loved it!!

  27. that went out like a rope…

  28. I am in awe of “POPPINTIME} 17 posts on one topic that has to be a record..I would like to beat that record… go’s….

    1. What can I say I like to say thanks etc… to my PTZ friends for all there comments lol!

  29. thanks Tamera!

  30. crap! I can’t do it… still have the record POPPINTIME

    1. Thanks Popper! LOL! Hehehehe!

  31. yankeedoodlepus says:

    I love BTE’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Twisted Cyster says:

    Nice long stringer…I love those.!.!.! Nice Vid. straight to the point/action ,No Bssing around here and a decent Cam result !!! That counts too, cause you can have the biggest Pus- Eruption in the world, but if the Camwork sucks …you still have No Good, or a F@cked-@p vid. . . . . . This was glorious!! Bravo !!

  33. Very Niceeeeee!

  34. So beautiful, it brings a tear to my eye.

  35. LOL looks like cheese wiz! Oh Go G.I.A.N..T.S.!

  36. Pimple poppers paradise!!! :) BUT whose back was that to have so many white and black heads – that is the gross part.

  37. pashion4popin says:

    oh what cheezy fun!

  38. Mama Cheese Fiend says:

    nice piece of spaghetti

  39. Damn… now I want ramen.

    Looks like the “spaghetti hair” my kid makes with her play dough contraption.

  40. Thanks poppintime and Halphie for bringing this one back – it’s a first for me. I was amazed at how long the ‘string’ got-were they going for a world record!

  41. Yum! I love pasta makers! =D

  42. that was fantastic!!!

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