Biggest Pimple Ever

Had to get this right up. Great mining, Cochore!!! Way to bring the big one down! Woo-hoo! This should brighten everyone’s week up! :)

Biggest pimple ever
Posted to YouTube by MrDaltoey on December 11, 2011

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  1. Good video. I think she needed to put the tweezers down and give it a 4 finger squeeze to get it all out.

  2. I love how deep that cyst was. Just when you thought it was empty, she squeezes and there’s more gunk. The gift that keeps giving and giving and giving…….Thanks for posting. That’s definitely an immediate fave!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      You’re not kidding!! Pretty amazing video! I wonder if it ever came back??

  3. Splatter Man says:

    She made the rookie mistake of squeezing too close to the opening. Those big ones respond better to squeezing from further out. Still a good find though. Nice texture to the cheese!

    1. In some ways she made up for it with her sheer vim and vigor!

      She was pinching and squeezing and pulling and yanking from just about every angle imaginable… all at the speed of a cat on a hot tin roof!

      1. Yes, I also do not understand why she’s doing everything so fast, especially short squeezing. Until I saw the cameraman hand I thought it was an accelerated clip. But regardless of all this is a very good video.

  4. I am sooooo jealous. Why can’t Santa give me one of those for Christmas? I would squeeze the heck out of it!!

    1. Twisted Cyster says:

      Still a little time left …. X-mas I mean… Keep the Faith !! You might never know what Santa has in store for ya !! For you, or maybe one of your family members. And if Santa brings a Good,Chunkie Cyst, then please,…… dont forget about us, dont forget the Camara then…… Merry X-Mas !! (in advance)

  5. love the cyst,but what I couldn’t stand was how she keepet moving her hands from side to side on ever spuezz other then that it was great.

    thanks for sharing cochore

  6. She could have done a better job if 1. he took the muscle shirt OFF and 2. he laid down on the floor so she could really push it out of him without him falling forward all the time. Gotta love the cheese coming out of this thing though!

  7. haha thats rite playa playa you tell him…i love it how she says so how much money you gunna give me for saving the trip to the doctors lmfao haha…$$$$$$$$$$$$ ching ching….but she didn’t record longer so we could see the finished product :(

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Yes, I’d love to know if she got the sack or not! That would’ve been epic! Instead it’s just totally awesome, which is good too! Lol

  8. I thought her lack of fear was superb…she wasn’t afraid if the cheesey stuff got on her…

    Well done~

    Thank you Cochore, great find!

    1. i agree… wish the camera man would have held still better… lots of cheese… thanks…

  9. KUDOS !!! Now thats what I call a good one!! And good for her, she wasnt afraid of the puss, no screaming, and she wasnt even afraid to ruin her pretty nails..(even though they did make it harder to squeeze, but now Im nit-picking) I think it was excellent all the way thru. I would have like to see the end too but Im greatful for what we saw which was A LOT. That cheese was so thick she could pull chunks out with the tweezers, that when it really great. Thanks for posting Cochore. and thanks to the poppee and popper. Merry Christmas to us all. :)

    1. nails like that scare me! LOL

  10. That was awesome!

    In spite of the fact that she clearly had an Espresso (or three) before the popping commenced.


  11. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Great camera work for a change………….
    Nice nails.

  12. Why did they quit when they’re not done!!! Plenty of cheeze left to dig out!!!
    Excellent find Cochore!!!

  13. Squeeze from further out.

    Use the four-fingers-of-death zit grip.

    Use a jar to collect the goodness.

    Sell to Mars so they can make Milky Way out of it.

  14. I’m dreaming of a cheesy christmas
    Just like the one we used to know

    1. Where the blackheads linger
      And we use four fingers
      To squeeze the pus outta Uncle Joe…

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        I’m dreaming of a white head , just like the one on uncle Fred! Where the pus is dripping, from his hair, now sticky, when the pus went fling through the air! La la la, la la la la, la la la la la!!!!
        Second verse!

  15. princesspustule says:

    That was an awsome video. Great find Cochore. I wish she had some hemostats so she could break up the loculation and got alot more stuff out of it. But, either way it was still freakin awsome.

  16. Part 2, pulllllllllllllllleazzzzzzzzzzzze!!!…gave it 5 stars…

  17. I think that she don’t take out the “sac”, and judging by the appearance of scar, this is the second “operation”. If I’m right this these cyst will come back soon, bigger & inhabited by a population of much more germs.

    All in all, very good camera work, and excellent “quality white” pus cheese. ;)

  18. Oh Yeah! That’s a keeper! Perfect consistency and it just kept giving. The squeezer had beautiful nails and she wasn’t afraid to mash that critter without mercy. Definitely 5/5 and into the faves. Thanks Cochore! This made my day!! :)

  19. Wish they had shown the beginning & end, but still very nice. This goes in my fav box. Great camera work!!. Not once did I get sick from trying to follow the camera.

  20. 3cysterscafe says:

    It’s all about quantity and texture! This had both! 5/5 & straight to favs!

  21. She wasn’t playing around!! She got right in there and went to town on that cyst- got a good four-finger grip on that sucker and kept at it! Thanks, Cochore- SWEET one!

  22. Aussie Cyster says:

    I did love it, I really did. However I have a secondary obsession and that is people not wearing gloves. My delight at the pus was almost and I say almost out weighed by my horror of that junk getting stuck under her artificial nails :( Thanks for a great post Cochore !!

  23. I would like the see the Oriental woman with her quick tiny tweezers go after that thing.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Me too! Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Great video anyway.

  24. Great find! Solid.

  25. Hoo boy – get that camera operator a tripod. I’m dizzy.

  26. She did a great job that thing was huge.Glad the camera was rolling though shaky.Excellent post

  27. Oh, thank you Cochore! Best one in a long time. Nothing to zit about, as she really got after that obviously very deep, difficult cyst.
    You could tell from all the “proud flesh”, and the way she gave that chunk of flesh that little twist motion–she knows it well.
    Do you all ‘spose this is akin to “grooming” like monkeys and apres do? With mostly family members taking on the responsibility of popping the stuff you can’t reach yerself? LOVED it! Def a fiver!

  28. Really nothing to complain about in this video. Great one.

  29. This went straight to my faves. We have’nt had a great one like this in a long time. This is what this site is all about. PUS. Thanks for the post Cochore.

  30. Oh Yeah!!!! What a great morning this is turning out to be. Just what I needed to get going! That was awesome!!!!!

  31. Cochore you definately found us a gold mine!!!!!
    Although I loved her nails they seemed to get in the way of her squeezing, perhaps gloves & as rahmquark said she needed the “the four-fingers-of-death zit grip” to totally empty that magnificent cyst!!!
    5 out of 5 is my vote!
    Maybe in part 2 we will getto see the sac :)

  32. I love it when they don’t beat around the bush and just jump right in! It was a great one as well =)

  33. That was great! She just jumped right on in there,manicured nails & all. Very nice!

  34. Michelle Hamilton says:

    Great pop! Would have liked to have seen the beginning and end cyst sac!

  35. Lance Master says:

    Wow!,barely any down time or even blood.What a great cyst vid. Every time you think the core is coming out it purulent production starts all over again.BOO YA ! Epic find Cochore ! Thx.

  36. i was getting sea-sick from the bobbing camera work. Wimpiest fingers ever…kinda squeeze stop. kinda squeeze…stop…etc…

    like the close ups but stand friggen still for a second or 2.

    Could have been awesome

  37. Nice amount of pus, good squeezing, adept tweezer work, but were they on a boat? My head was bouncing around like a bobble-head trying to keep up. I guess I am the only one who noticed anything wrong with the camera work, but still a very fun and enjoyable video. In the favs! :)

  38. Nice pus…
    and I think we’ll get a part 2 hahahaha :)

    Excellent find @Cochore

  39. really like this post, excellent find, i will watch it multiple times

  40. Twisted Cyster says:

    This feels like… some situations you can stop just too soon, in what/where/how ever that may be…This is just a perfect excample of stop filming way too soon, Maybe she did get the sack out….but its simply not on Cam….. at least not in this Vid… But owkey, it gets my kuddos because of the Bigg White Chunks, I love those chunkie cheese crumble outa the cyst !!
    Great Post Cochore !! Keep em comming like this !!!

  41. Let me at this.. I’ll show her how it’s done the right way. None of this pinching the top of it… She needed to go further out and squeezed hard & longer like the guy told her to. Not pinch, move fingers, pinch, move fingers. She acted like she new better & didn’t pay him any attention. Dummy Dudette.

  42. ” I touched it…it was not a liquid substance” a classic

  43. Ok when I saw the false nails I thought it could go either 1 of 2 ways. 1 she was going to do exactly what she did. Or 2 she was going to get some knuckle action behind it since the nails were no more than a weapon at this point. Still a good effort!

  44. My kinda wooman!! NO gloves!! Kudos!!

  45. Great cheese but those nails are so wrong for this.

  46. Mr. McPimple says:

    Excellent except for the dizzying camera work..

  47. Bravo!! Great technique, great manicure!!

  48. I thik she was doing a good job. people just refer to the substance as PUS! It’s not pus. I always call it cheese, pus would come from an infection. one thing that stillneeded to be done was the removal of the cyst wall, you could see part of it outside the cut. Good POP!

  49. If she would have just cut those nails!!!! He said he smelled it and there was no bad smell…I think he must be a mortician or something cuz you know darn well it stunk to high heaven. I just wanted to borrow the nurse from that one video “back zit” and have her push on both sides and go way in to get all the pus out. Fix that camera too while you’re at it I was getting dizzy!

  50. Cochore after a long two weeks away I needed this! Thank you! But I dont think she is going to save him any money!!! lol

    1. not with tweezers she isn’t…..

    2. this womans little butter fingers jus cannot apply enough pressure. nice puss but this big gusher had much more potential : )

  51. I love this one!

  52. Finally a girl that is not screaming like a little wimp and is able to pop a pimple without getting grosses out…I knew that not all women are pain in the asses.

  53. What do you feed that thing!! damn! nice

  54. I had to revisit this clip…that is one concerned spectator…his amazement was admirable …great video

  55. Black clothing to pop and to do popping – pus is like chalk or face powder.

  56. Wow! Best one I’ve ever seen.

  57. I really loved this video the first time I saw it. I had to keep watching it, just love those thick thick cheese chunks. Oh what I could do if I got my fingers on that !!! Why o why cant I find someone with one like this who would let me at it the way I want to??? After watching a few times, I did see that she just would not squeeze from way out and deep, even though she did it a few times and got good results from it. It seems to me that she would notice that works better and continue. The close up pinch just doesnt work. Not on one of this size and content. Still that kind of cheese is sooo great. Ya just dont find them like this too often. This had to be ripe for some time. What does get me is that they both dont think its puss at all, they think it is fat??? LOL. Not their fault, they just are not experienced at it. I sure hope they read these posts and will video again with a better technique. If they need to, PLEASE ASK HERE AND YOU CAN GET SOME POINTERS.If they didnt get the sack (and I dont think they did) it will come back. As I think, this was not the first time he had a cyst there. We would LOVE to see video #2 , we beg you LOL :)

    1. I could not have said it better myself… i wanted to get in there… but alas… hopefully there will be a #2

  58. Might be easier if you lose the fake nails!

  59. sexandzitz says:

    Deep mining and delicate extrication. Fun to watch. Thanks for posting.

  60. God lord that manicure made it hard work!

  61. Wow, that was amazing!

    Great vid!!! Thanks for posting!

  62. cystycheese says:

    Any chance there’s a part two somewhere?

  63. This is definitely a candidate for a second video. I vote for part 2 duex as well !!

  64. bighandsbigzits says:

    Great use of the tweezers. Is that the correct nomenclature?

  65. Third of fourth time I’ve read this. Amazing!

  66. I need a Dramamine to cure the.motion sickness she gave me! Every 1/4 of a milisecond her hands were moving! Just as soon as she.spotted something coming, she switched it up! Sigh….could have been a mega awesome 5 star video..

  67. wow, cochore! great fine.

  68. zittylover says:

    you must press, press, press until all the pus explose …. you are not being to titillate a nipple!

  69. Is anyone else day dreaming about the possibilities of what this video could have been like if the poor girl wasn’t disabled in her pop-mightyness due to THOSE nails? It could have been beautiful. Mind you I don’t think you could have gotten those nails off even if you wanted to. I wonder how she texts…

    Top effort.

  70. 3cysterscafe says:

    It’s Still all about quantity and texture! It’s still in my favorites! I have to come back every now and again and revisit this. It’s one of my top 20! Lol

  71. diamondgirl says:

    This frustrated me to the max! Could have been one of the best ones yet!! I can’t even give it a rating because what happened here was criminal…LOL

    Now get some alcohol, clean up the area really good…get some GLOVES…give the GLOVES TO THE KID and let the kid do what he was trying to get you to do…which is SQUEEEEEEEEZZZZZZEEEEE without stopping…just once…

    Ya’ll will get another chance beccause that thing is coming “back” pun intended…Get that cheezy icky outta there now…

    Good one Cochore :)

  72. Cochore, that was an amazing exercise in patience. I applaud her chosen method if it got the job done. It’s kinda hard to tell. If she didn’t, perhaps we’ll be treated to a second installment!

  73. those nails did not allow for a four-finger squeeze. or a decent two finger. she would have been better of with a set of regular or needle nose pliers! of course, i would have been looking for a pair of popsicle sticks to help squeeze…

  74. The camera work was a bit shaky, but she was doing her thang.

  75. Zit Obsessed says:

    One of the best PTZ videos!

  76. poppy montgomery says:

    The popper reminds me of Mike Myers’ Deiter!
    Most chic pop EVERRRR

  77. NMGAPAOH says:

    O’er the kitchen chair everyone watch’d, cebum so gallantly streaming!
    And the back’s reden skin, the cyst bursting in the air,
    Gave proof thro’ the video that the cyst was still in there.

    You could see the cyst mound that it was HUGE!

  78. God damn, just squeeze the shit out of the fucking thing!

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