Biggest pimple ever….. again!

Happy holidays everyone. I am home for a few days and found this nice little pimp for ya. Yup there is still more in that little cherry but I liked what I saw. Pop on brothers and cysters!

“Biggest pimple ever” uploaded to YouTube by jamesfreakshow on December 22, 2011

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  1. That thing is so red that it honestly looks like a cartoon pimple. It almost looks like a bug bite of some kind. I wish we could have seen more of this bad boy emptied out and also the sprayage of cheese on the wall/mirror.

    1. Ah yes, the bloody cheese on the mirror!

    2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Cartoon pimple………….LOL

      Good one.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      We wish, right? That was a true cherry bomb! Only half detonated!

  2. Oh my yes….vid #2 perhaps, coming up after your holiday Dripper? I sure wish I knew where to look for these wunnnnerful vids to repost on PTZ.
    Yeah, I know, U-Tube, but they always get me skewed off into some weird stuff after a few nice zits and abcesses, all of a sudden I got people posting fake zits and injecting peroxide into a hole and calling the resulting fizz–pus! They drive me crazy!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Just gotta keep on digging cysta!! It does take time but usually the results are worth every minute!! Good luck if you decide to search!!

  3. Oh yeah! Beautiful little popper. Great to see ya post Dripper. That was beautiful.

  4. NICE! Would love to have seen this knarly boil put completely to death, but I’ll take what I can get – especially when it explodes!

  5. Splatter Man says:

    On what part of the anatomy was that located? The leg? Wherever it was, it was exquisite!

  6. Brilliant! I actually jumped when it exploded. I love those pus filled little devils. Thanks for the great post dripper.

  7. that was almost too darn cute to pop , nice little shot though

  8. It’s amazing how those little ones can surprise you! Thanks Dripper!

  9. 13 seconds that were well spent!
    Great find dripper!

  10. The size and shape reminded me of what u find with BTE’S. Would u class those type of ones as a pimple or small cyst? Im thinking it was on the back shoulder blade or the inner thigh. Bit of a bummer we didnt get to see it go all the way :-( Am still thankfull for what we got to see though. Thanks Dripper ;-)

  11. I definitely would love to see more, that was such a tease! But what I did get to see was pretty cool, I loved the squirt! Thanks for posting dripper!

  12. Short and very sweet, which is always good. But so much more to pop and see, which is always frustrating. Part II maybe?

  13. Good find, dripper – short, sweet, just enough to be nice.

  14. I did not look at the length of the vid before I pushed play. I saw that opening shot and got all excited cause that was one of the ripest zits I have ever seen. Then the first squeeze and great release, I thought that maybe the New Years Eve party was starting early. To my horror the vid ended, I must have cried for half an hour before I could bring myself to post this, but I will always hve the opening shot to help me through bad days.

    1. Oh, poor Uncle Fester! I’d like to send you soft, lotion infused Kleenex. Maybe you should go watch Huge Sebac to relieve some of the pain? It’ll be okay, I promise. ;)

    2. There, there Fester. I feel your pain. I too, wish it had been longer.

  15. You know we always giggle a little at all the “biggest zit EVER” videos, but to the person who has the zit, it probably is their biggest ever. lol.

    Thanks, Dripper, that was a nice little pop and squirt.

  16. that was the perfect zit for a rainy tuesday well its raining where im at lol thank you dipper for the post smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  17. that was a great pop. there was some more..good vid

  18. Is there more gruel sir?

  19. Awwwww, stopped too soon :( It demonstrated best prospects to be splasher exquisite.

  20. 3cysterscafe says:

    Nice POP shot! Isn’t he the one that stands behind the shower enclosed door? He doesn’t like to squeezee it all out because he likes to pop it. He’s afraid it won’t come back. Plus, it’ll leave a big…….baggy……….piece of skin hanging. He cracked me up!

  21. The nicest pimple I have ever seen. So red that it looks pink. Example for encyclopedia, maybe for PTZ logo, but for my new avatar sure.

  22. I don’t like teasers… :-(

  23. I love this one, even though it is a tease…

  24. Katie Hernandez says:

    argh! Tease!

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