Big Toe Cyst

It’s real short, not the best camera work, but it’s just enough to make it worth watching.

Toe surgery to remove cyst
Uploaded to YouTube by AngieLomas on Apr 20, 2011

27 Comments on “Big Toe Cyst

  1. What the heck was in that cyst?

  2. Wow. Interesting color & consistency. I wish the doc had kept his hands outta the way but what we saw was cool. Thanks Pussbuster. Nice find.

    1. Aussie Cyster says:

      I know right. If only he was Sabrina the teenage witch haha. Just teasing Uncle ;)

  3. tthank you pussbuster for the post that was really interesting wow i couldn’t imagine having one of the suckers on the bottom of my big toe that had to hurt when they walked around when it was taken out it looked like a blood filled sack different coloring then the other cyst i have seen removed this is a great find :)

  4. That was very odd looking!!! What was that????

  5. A cyst under the big toe??
    That must hurt real bad IMO.

    Great find,tnx a lot ;)

  6. wow, that was a weird place to have a cyst and the color, interesting, maybe sock fuzz?? lol

  7. That HAD to HURT walking on it, so it must feel better now!
    Good find pussbuster

  8. never seen that before

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Me also never…..

    2. Me three…I had to watch that one twice I missed it the first time.

  9. 3cysterscafe says:

    This is a first for me, GRAPE TOE JAM!! WOOHOO!!! :o

  10. Well I Never…..

  11. Really interesting post pussbuster, thanks for bringing it to us! :)

  12. That was really big for a toe! That really had to hurt!

  13. can you imagine walking around on that? They must have been in pain for a long time while that was growing.

  14. What was it? Thanks pussbuster.

  15. Was that the doc who said, “oh that’s gross.”?

  16. “I think I have something in my shoe” No junior, you have something in your toe!

  17. Congealed grape jelly…interesting! :)

  18. What I could see, I liked.

  19. Well, for an old cheese-lover such as myself, this just seemed to fall short of the mark. It was as though they left something out.
    Grape Jelly Pus? I’m not thinking so–wasn’t that just congealed blood?
    I guess I’m not full of compliments tonite–it WAS too damned short, as well

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