Watch the birdie

****WARNING! Animal Video. Sensitive natured people may choose to skip this video. View by choice, and comment with respect, please. WARNING ENDED****

This bird has a cyst on one of it’s wings. The person is very gentle with the removal of the cyst and the bird has no stress.

20.10.2011.Vidéo KYSTE chez un Norwich
Uploaded to YouTube by pgigi1 on Oct 26, 2011

24 Comments on “Watch the birdie

  1. Poor little birdie! I with they would have cut that cyst open :-) Nice video Efteling!

  2. That looks like my canary, Frank. I just acquired 10 birds and I hope this doesn’t happen to any of them. Things like this can be traumatic to birds.

  3. Thank you so much for the video. I think the birds ones are so interesting and helpful to the birds. They have to feel better with that off of them…

  4. Damn fine job by the vet!!!
    Excellent find Efteling!!!

  5. Very interesting! I think I’ve only ever seen one other bird cyst one. This person did a great job, and probably could’ve used an extra hand, but did beautifully anyway! Thanks for this!

      1. I seen the parrot vid some time ago. I recall someone perhaps the vet mentioning that the “drainage” from a bird cyst always has a chunk like consistency

        I wish the fellow would have opened it up….was hoping to see if it was chunky!.

  6. Aussie Cyster says:

    great job Vet and also to the bird’s owner!

  7. Splatter Man says:

    Now for the two in the bush.

  8. Very gentle cyst removal. I found myself saying please squeeze. I wish they would have at least sliced it open to see what was inside..nice cyst removal…to clean, I like the messy ones. I bet the bird was glad in was gentle…sweet find…splat

  9. My favorite part was the little band-aid at the end. Awwww.

    1. I know. Squeeeeeeeee!!! That vet did a good job too. Thanks for the post Efteling.

    2. Me Too!
      Tiny band-aid for the little booboo :)
      I loved this videothank you so much Efteling for finding & posting it!

  10. Great video! Poor little tweet-heart.

  11. That’s a very good vet to be so gentle and compassionate.
    I hope birdie is flying soon.

  12. That is a banded canary….someone’s pet.

  13. I guessed this was a canary. My little Woody died from the infection caused by his cyst. I miss him. I’ve read cysts and tumors are becoming all too common among canaries. They’re so little and cute, I hate to see them unwell.

  14. that was amazing to watch i love how careful the procedures was done very great job and i know the birdy loves u for it great find Efteling smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  15. pashion4popin says:

    wow i wonder if that bird was asleep or sedated. it didn’t move an inch. very good hands that doc has. steady and efficient.

  16. lennyg4362 says:

    Whoa!!! Did that vet just pull a Garbonzo Bean out of that poor birdie??!!

  17. Birdie’s mommy must live him. Hope he got better and is singing up a storm.

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