Two Times BotFly, One Dog

***WARNING!! If you don’t like Bots, or Animals involved in exctrations….then its better that you skip the Vid !! So you have Been WARNED !!***

Been a while since we did see some Bot-Larvae jumping outta Dog-Flesh, So I thought lets get out hunting for a nice one, and in fact I found 2 !! Only 1 Dog, but the poor puppy does have 2 of them in its Fur.

Twis-Tit Cyster

Original Title on You-Tube: Retirando Berne de um cão
Original Submitted by & Date: zericardomendes, on March 30-2011

39 Comments on “Two Times BotFly, One Dog

  1. Aussie Cyster says:

    excellent vid TC. They are huge bots. Poor dog

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Those were some of those rare “Costa Rican Jumping Bot Flys”

      Lucky Son-of-a-zit…………

  2. That was great! I don’t like maggots or worms and usually BFS but this was an exception! Great find TC

    1. what about Mango Worms? everybody loves Mango Worms…

      1. yes I like mango worms! I like things that POP! lol

      2. Mango worms remind me of fat little blackheads…..

  3. It looked like there was another one in the poor animal’s snout. Ah well. Hopefully someone else will notice so the dog can be freed of his icky passengers.

  4. I love botfly videos!

  5. Hey TC this was a Great Bot Fly video, thanks for finding it & for posting it!
    I originally thought that there was a 2nd fly in the snout, but after viewing for the 3rd time, I think it’s just pus caused by the inflamation from the Bot Fly.

  6. 3cysterscafe says:

    I hate botflys & mango worms! They give me the willys & shivers! But I still gotta look……….it’s like a train wreck, ya don’t wanna look, but ya can’t help it! Thanks for posting!

  7. Ok, first, it looked like another wanted to pop out of his snout. Second, how about using some tweezers instead of bruising the poor doggie?? Nice post though. ;)

    1. Thats what I thought also….(abt the tweezers).
      Nice post for sure.

  8. Glad the dog was out or squeezing the bot above his lip would have been painful. That’s a tender spot on humans or animals.

  9. Splatter Man says:

    That dog was stoned to the gills. That’s the only way to (bot) fly.

    1. Innaffitoften says:

      I thought it was kind of strange that they risked anesthesia for bots or whatever they were, it seems like it would be more dangerous to put him so “under” than to just pop them out. Of course, I’m no vet, and perhaps the doggie was a grouchy fellow.

  10. Poor puppy. Those were some big bot flies!!

  11. Nice Video TC! Gotta love those Bots!

  12. In one of the previous posts a vet stated these bots should be cut out rather than squeezed or pulled as they leave poisonous toxins that are absorbed by the animal. Since the pup was sedated, he could have used the scalpel….as a matter of fact there is a vid in the archives showing a vet doing that procedure. Good find.

    1. Twisted Cyster says:

      @ littlelermisssquirterer: Are you sure about that ?? I mean that BotFlys do excrete poison while pullered on ?? I thought that was the ,Tick, that leaves a poison if not exctractioninged the right way. And then the skin can become infectioned , I could be wronger but, I never heard that of the BotFly. The pus-like fluid, thats left in the hole where the larvea was, is his own liquified ,dump, Maybe that is toxic but also if the Bot is cuttered out, the ,dump, is there anyway

      1. Twisted….it’ll take me some time to find it for you, but I will. I was surprised myself as so many we see are simply removed via squeezing. I know surgeons (for humans) also say the bots should be removed after making a slit to the skin….LMS

      2. @Twisted…..I did not find the vid where the little dr. used a scalpel to remove the bot, but in reading PUB/Med, a government website, it is advised to not use force with tweezers on a live bot for several reasons: they can rip apart and the fluid will cause a severe internal infection, especially in horses, causing their teeth to fall out!; a live bot pulled out is terribly painful to its host (human or animal) as it has tremendous traction and attaches itself even more strongly; the scalpel slit gives more elasticity of the opening to gently pull the bot thru a larger hole than the pin hole thru which it defecates. Only a dead bot should be removed with tweezers or a forcep. Bye-bye!

      3. She is correct, the video she is talking about is with a bot on a cat, the vet gets it out with a scalpel and does indeed tell the viewers and the med students about the toxins.

  13. Hey Doc, ya forgot to wipe the pus off the doggies muzzle!
    Great find TC!!!

  14. First,TC,I wanna say that your “Twis-Tit Cyster” was funny as 5h1t. lol

    Then,the vid was pretty cool also!

    At one point,I was saying to my self;”When are you going to use those tweezers Doc??”
    But…it seem like the Doc knew what he was doing!!!

    2 huge bot flies out of this nice dog!Good vid.
    Tnx for the post.

  15. I never knew you could get a bot to pop like a zit! This post was wild! Thank you, TC! Or should I call you TTC now? :)

  16. I was thinking the same thing PLUSH, Doc could have pulled that out with some tweezers and it may have been better for the dog….but it’s probably more fun to squeeze it out like a giant blackhead.

    I saw a video here where a dog had probably 30+ all over but they came out real easy, very cool

    1. I think the one your talking about with 30 or so, weren’t bot flies.
      I think they were mango worms.
      There’s a few video’s of them, and they pop out real easy.
      They are close to the same length but only half the diameter.
      They don’t have the spines holding them in like bots do.

  17. «♫ the worms crawl in
    the worms crawl out
    the worms play pea knuckle on your snout

    EEEeeekkk, bot flys!

  18. Whoa….those was some fat one’s! I bet that Host on The Cooking Channel Andrew Zimmern, would want to eat one of those….or prob both.

  19. This is what I call pro-popper, and not those with faggots tweezers. ;)

  20. it looks like thats a dead dog i seen no breathing movement what so ever and the bot flys in animals are way bigger then the ones i seen pop out of humans i wonder why that is great find Twisted Cyster smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  21. Poor, poor animal. Wish some type of medication existed that acts as a preventative for infestation. For example – dogs and cats can now take medicine to prevent fleas – one for the bot fly and Gambia worms would make the inventor an automatic millionaire.

  22. jozzseffrd says:

    Ha ha ha I think the Vet just put the puppy to sleep so he can charge extra!I mean there’s no need to put a Dog out for Bot Fly or Mango Worm removal unless you have to cut very deep and many times!!!

  23. Poor dog nothing like a good botfly vid though

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