Solar (Senile) Comedones

Long-time peeper, first time poster here. I ran across something called “Solar (or Senile) Comedones” this evening and when I saw the images of the skin condition, my mouth literally watered!

I wanted to put my fingertips on my screen and squeeze to my heart’s content! Alas, all I found were images on Google image search. I’m left feeling oh-so… empty. If only I could dig my fingers in and attack with some tweezers… maybe even a popsicle stick to scrape them off the skin once released.

I find the images to be oddly gratifying, but I am left wanting more. The following image is not my property, I am just merely a vessel, bringing you a cool, tall drink of blackhead-popping wishfulness.

Happy peeking!



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  1. I agree…..those are wonderful to behold.
    And boy would I like to have a shot at them!
    I had a chance meeting with an older couple on Thanksgiving day. While we were talking I saw, right above his ear, an absolutely GLORIOUS overripe blackhead. From then on I could hardly take my eyes off of it. The only reason I could resist reaching out and popping that thing was the fact that we were in a crowded restaurant lobby……
    I can behave in public. Mostly.
    Can you believe there are folks whose fingers don’t itch when they see one? Shocking.
    These things Solar Comedones have something to do with long time exposure to the sun, I read somewhere.

    1. I can believe that since my wife had a prime zit ready to pop and she wouldn’t let me at it. She wouldn’t even let me watch when she popped it. I think she was mad at me for asking to watch or even drawing any kind of attention to it. It was glorious and I’m certain it was a mirror hitter. Oh the humanity…

      It’s even worse in public when you want to just reach across and squeeze the bejeezus out of one. I can barely keep my own hands from inspecting the backs of my ears whilst driving/eating/walking to get the mail.

      1. I have actually done that……reached out and touched someone. And popped the thing. Not total strangers, that might be called assault!
        But it was more than I could resist….fortunately nobody punched me for it!

      2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        @Gatsby …… Women are strange that way for some reason.
        They’ll shove a jar of green fuzzy stuff from the fridge and ask you to smell it, but Lord forbid if you watch them pluck an eyebrow they go ballistic.
        Go figure……………

      3. Oh Gatsby…I can so relate

        I was in a circle K store early one morn
        The pepsi delivery fella had a huge cyst on his bear neck
        It was so ripe, a white rice size kernel was sticking out… I was immobilized just staring, salivating longing…I bet there was a coupla feet of give in there…It just aint fair
        still cant get it outta my head…

    2. ohhhhhh, MomE, I might have risked the assault charge for something that good. Just thinking about letting it go hurts me.

  2. 3cysterscafe says:

    OMGosh! That was lovely but a bit of a tease……..
    Thank you for posting ;)

  3. WOW! ripe for the picking alright…when are we going to get a video of some action like that…say squeezing about 20 in a row!

  4. princesspustule says:

    Man, could you imagine what a biore pore strip would look like after taking it off this guy? HEAVEN !!!!!!! It would look like the Redwood forrest. Ha,Ha,Ha, it would be a blast inspecting it huh?

  5. yuk someone need to pop them

    1. I will I will just give me the chance!!

  6. Oh–my–goodness. Can he not see these lovely black dots all over his face? Does this man have no family or friends to tell him about those things? Better yet, does he not have someone who would want to exorcise them? Please call one of us, Mister Blackhead guy. We’ll have your skin nice and clear, and a new movie for our little village! :/

  7. A lot of older people have these in excess, due to the use of some chemicals once used in agricultural jobs. I have an old, old uncle who was a farmer in Oklahoma who was covered in these…all over his ears and surrounding his eyebrows, brought on by years of exposure to harse chemicals. Most old people (like my uncle) can’t see them…and even if they could, why bother? They’re old and they have better things to do…like breathing.

    1. Oh goodness, that was a new one for me. Loved it.

    2. very nice BK
      thanks for the link!

  8. FunkyfuruncleWhat a great photo to share with us!
    Thanks for taking the time to post it, excellent 1st post!

  9. I think my head just blew off.

  10. Splatter Man says:

    Kind of looks like someone got blasted in the face with a shotgun loaded with peppercorns. (Where’s Dick Cheney?)

    1. Talk abt “senile”… Cheney fit right in…

    2. OK Sman…..
      I gotta start writing some of this stuff down…

      alright with you? damn you’re a hoot!

  11. My grandma, poor grandma, I love you… had some of these… I didn’t know what they were and I even tried to pop them…. by pulling on the loose wrinkly skin and pressing hard around it…still, nothing would come out. I said to myself that even if I was 95 years old, I am going to be picking my zits…or my hubby’s….or kids’….

    1. Candy, try very warm compresses first…

      The older they get..the harder they get, heat will soften them and wont be as hard on grandma’s fragile skin…:)

  12. I just have to comment
    Where were the old gent’s eyelashes?

    Harvest time!!

    I like the pop sickle stick idea!

    1. Yikes! You’re right about the lashes. I didn’t notice. I mean, I noticed something didn’t look right but didn’t realize what it was.

  13. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    omg, i got to pop a blackhead on the hubby’s face the other day! it was nice size too

  14. I think I might start volunteering my time at the local nursing home. I’ll tell the nurses I just want to read to the comatose patients and bug out of there after an hour of pro-bono squeezing fun.

    1. (I hope everyone realized I was only kidding about that?!?)

      1. no you weren’t! i’d be joining you by the way, we could take turns on the camera operation!

  15. Heaven, I’m in Heaven,
    And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak!
    And I seem to find this happiness I seek,
    When we’re out together and
    I’m popping you cheek.

    (Apologies to Cole Porter)

    1. Lol! I have this bookmarked! You can find a lot of good blackhead pics by googling “open comedomes” they are such a tease to look at!

  16. STORY TIME! I was in an Argos store in Manchester, England 15- ish years ago, when an old geezer wandered past with these monkeys all over his nose and cheeks, at least five times as bad as this photo- you know when you see someone you cant tear your eyes away from but you’ve got to otherwise the person your staring at thinks your a freak? one o those occasions- i just wanted to pop the hell outa them all for him!

  17. The worst case I ever saw was a guy that worked in one of the Southern Chester County Pennsylvania mushroom farms. His job was to come out to horse farms and pick up manure and haul it back to the farm for the mushrooms to grown in (next time u eat button mushrooms, triple wash them). Most of the guys were illegals from Mexico and South America, but this guy was white so it really showed – those guys could not get clean – wasn’t their fault, it was just so dirty.

  18. I work in health care and have had the opportunity to not only see this, but squeeze them too! Geriatrics isn’t my favorite population to work with, however, occasionally the sunshine of every dog butt.

  19. Quick! Everyone call your brokers and buy all the stock you can in Biore Strips. I have a feeling their stock is gonna triple once he gets started. Remember to stock up on your own supply also b/c I have a feeling supply will be in huge demand after he ‘discovers’ this product! Great find! Thank you!

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