Nasty Pimple! Bad Pimple! No Cookie!

Don’t ask. I just cut and pasted the original title, and then *BWuRpAH!* out comes the rest. It happens to all of us, and then some of us need depends.

See what I mean?!? I can’t help it! These things just leap out of my brain (brain = bb = can’t ever get it in the clown’s nose, no matter how hard I shake my head)! I tried to look for help, but I guess the members of “Demented and Inventive Anonymous” take the anonymity part to the extreme. The ad simply reads:

“Demented and Inventive Anonymous. Don’t worry, we’re there for you… somewhere”

he he he he. The video, oh yeah, that’s what I was doing! This one is awesome. At first, you think its a simple pimple, and the technique looks about as useful as a wet washcloth when the tub overflows. But… somehow, it works, and even manages to be interesting and satisfying enough that you want to find one *now*, either on yourself or someone within a six block radius. Try putting up flyers, though. People don’t seem to be thrilled with “Emergency CDC Pimple Checks”. (perhaps it was the cheesy paper coveralls with my name in purple crayon that tipped them off… *sigh*)

Oh, yeah – one last thing – I think the pimple may actually be an ingrown hair. Anyone agree?

And now, on with the show!
~ H.S.

Nasty pimple
Uploaded by changel04 on Oct 25, 2011

28 Comments on “Nasty Pimple! Bad Pimple! No Cookie!

  1. It looked like an ingrown hair to me, plus I think she’s pregnant, so her skin is being stretched out along with her hormones doing crazy things.

  2. I can’t tell which one was the popper and who was the poppee!
    Good find H.S.!!!

  3. ZealousZitZinger says:

    Looks like an ingrown hair on her arm. Nice find, thanks HS!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      I squeezed the crap outta my mouse trying to help her…………….

      didn’t help…

  4. Halph – you need to take your comedy act on the road :) The flyers DEFINITELY should say “The Emergency CDC Pimple Checks Tour”. Find or borrow or nick some scrubs from the local hospitals to look official. Give zits the last rites as part of your monologue. The people/poppees would laugh so hard that after your act NO pain would be felt while four-fingering the bumps <3 You could “kill 2 birds with one stone” – eliminate the scourge of pimples AND it would be a mission of mercy ;)

  5. what was she trying to do with the junk after she popped it, plant it so she could harvest it again?

  6. I had one like this on my tummy…not an ingrown hair, though. Yuckkkk with wiping it up with sweatpants!

  7. Splatter Man says:

    This one counts as a winner in my book.

  8. 3cysterscafe says:

    I can’t see past 30 seconds………anyone else having problems?

    1. Neither could I. It’s not just you.

  9. Whom ever was doing the talking seemed a bit out of it or not running on all cylinders..

  10. The pimple was so angry…angry little pimple!

  11. It did resemble an ingrown hair, but it also had the look of an angry looking blackhead. Whatever it was, I liked it. Thanks for posting HS! :)

  12. A core in all that heme, I was glad when the other fingers joined in.Good vid

  13. LMAO, OMGosh, Halphie!!!!! I was dying by the time I finished with your intro!! You rock, gurlfriend!! Oh yeah, thanks for posting!

  14. hmmmm?

    Should I mention anything about the bacteria under fingernails?
    Nope?? OOOoooppps,

    already hit Post Comment

    too late now…

  15. Not one. TWO hands. That’s right. There you go. Doh! Don’t wipe it on your pants.

    1. I got the impression she was using her right hand for the pimple, and her left hand for the camera.

  16. Another nice one HS! Like it! ;-)

  17. I concur, definitely ingrown hair.
    So glad she stopped that between-index-and-middle-finger bit, and got down to business with some good pressure!

  18. Halph your wit always leaves me chuckling & sometimes I just burst out laughing … BWAHAHAHAHAH :)
    Great video too!

  19. Cystine Chapel says:

    I’m leaning more towards it being an infected blackhead. I get pretty unruly ingrown hairs on my legs and they never pop out that easily or as an intact mass.

  20. CystrButtPimple says:

    Looked to me as if whoever was filming it was walking on the moon. I watched it with the sound off tho, so I didn’t hear it. I think I must be sicker than the rest of you tho, cause I was disapointed in this one. W/O puss it just doesn’t “do it” for me. I like the big juicy ones that seem never ending. I can’t believe I just admitted that. But then, I’m annonymus here, no one knows who I really am so I can admit my sickness w/o fear of them calling the men in the white coats on me haha

    1. This site was created just for poppers like us! Don’t be ashamed of your obsession. Embrace it…there are alot of us out there. So many are afraid of to acknowledge it, but we are the brave ones to admit our fetish! Long live popping! :D

  21. They need to go to popping school , and I think it could have had an extra day or two for incubation , great vid

  22. What fun to find an oldie I hadn’t viewed yet!! Thanks for posting.

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