Big Pimpin’

From the YouTube blurb:

We had a girls night at my house and one of the girls brought to our attention this HUGE pimp on her face that she had been battling with for a few weeks now. My mom was home and is professional and agreed to extract this mother pimp. All of us girls..being crazy for pimple popping,were all into it.Once she started working this thing we realized it was gunna blow..and did it ever!!! We relieved my friend of her pain while us girls enjoyed the show..yes sick i know!!

Big Zitter
Posted to YouTube by babyflower9 on October 26, 2011.

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  1. Thanks, @Cochore! That poor girl – that thing was huge. It must have hurt. But they could have let us see the whole thing! We all know that was just the tip of the Zit-burg.

    1. I could not have agreed with you more… lots more in there . i was hopeing to see all of it… but no #2 i guess…

  2. There was so much more, I am frustrated. What was there was great, but I need relief.

    1. man was that a great big fester!

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        That thing was living and breathing, it had a mind of its own! Man, that had some distance too!

  3. Sweeeeeeeet!!!
    Excellent find Cochore!!!

  4. WOW! I’ve never saw one zit that’s so big. But that last pop; a dream comes true for me!

  5. I just love when one of our own folks thinks to film stuff like this! Very nice of of you to share!

    1. Aussie Cyster says:

      Hey there… nice to see you around. Been missing you x

  6. a nice big fat zit well cultivated.
    i wouldn’t have been able to wait months that the owner of the a fore mention nice fat pimple said she had not touched it.
    i would’ve been in there the very moment i knew it was ripe.
    this was a great start to my day, that last pop was fantastic.

  7. mrtasteless says:

    Nice! That was one angry zit sent to blazes!

  8. Aussie Cyster says:

    poor love, that looked like it would have hurt.

  9. When I first looked at it I thought it was face because it was soooo red….OH Wow…that was some pimple. And when your Mom finally got it good, that was a nice splatter.I wish I could get my hands on one like that…of course if I had one on my face, it would never last that long to get that red and full of puss. I would be picking at it way too soon…Oh well…thanks for a good post, Cochore.

    1. Sorry, correction: I meant “fake” not “face”…I always make typos.

  10. Nice little popper. We must find babyflower9 and make her an honorary member of PTZ. From the YT paragraph, she is one of us. Thanks cochoe for bringing us a nice one.

  11. Splatter Man says:

    I love it when snappers literally make people gasp. Well done, Cochore.

  12. Oh wow – I could almost hear the ‘PING’ of the spittoon. I bet that stung!

  13. That was a deep zit…did you get a peak at all those blackheads she had on her forehead. Wish she would mine some of those. Sweet post…splat

  14. crylittlecyster says:

    I feel like I was in the middle of something good and then the other person just says “Well im done later”

    Like getting your cheesecake taken away and your only halfway done…

    Im in a strange place right now

  15. Yep, there was more…and could be a lot.

  16. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Stay tuned kids, there is more to come …………………….

  17. “How did you do this?” ROFL… like she wished a HUGE zit on her cheek,as one does..:P

  18. Who ever was popping that was a pro, latex gloves and the tissue finger mitts. I am not sure how much is left in there kind of hard to tell, she had some cheeks.
    she also had some thick eye lashes.
    The popper did some squeezing and some pulling, good form.

    1. Why all this–“she was a professional…” stuff? Looked to me like she was squeezing up ‘way too close, and she never did get under it at all! Granted, it was done very cleanly. And, it was fun to watch it spew! But again, not enough, not finished! And, how the heck does an otherwise pretty lady put up with that monster on her face for so long???? Great big bandage? Ewwww

  19. Thank you cochoe, this was excellent! I love the proceedure used, gloves, check, tissue, check, great pimple, check, excellent pop, check!
    Woosh …. straight to favorites! :)

  20. rebornmoron says:

    Very Nice thanks for sharing that! It’s going to my favorites too! Mom knew what she was doing ,,,,,like a work of art just watching.

  21. Once again, I believe that was a dental abscess exiting externally thru the face…….

    1. LMS, I have seen you mention a dental abscess before now.

      Does that happen frequently?

      I’ve seen swollen faces obviously

      Is it common for the abscess to fester on any area of the face…?

      1. MomE….first of all many folks think a dental abscrss must always be accompanied by severe pain….not so. 73% of the folks who have them report no ill side effects! It is not common but also not un usual for the ascess contents to travel, so to speak, to the nearest abscess. If the infection is in the upper row of teeth, particularly on the outside gum, it will travel to upper portions of the cheek. The sad thing is when the abscess is lanced, an ivariable sunken hole remains on the surface of the skin.

    2. How quickly does the abscess form? It looked like a black head but the size was similar to a cyst. If an infection – needs to get that looked at immediately. Had a dental hygen friend. Had a patient with an abscess they popped while patient was under gas – said it was the longest pimple went on for inches swimming in green puss. However, when the dentist lanced the infection in the mouth, it came out as clear liquid.

  22. Cochore, that is a very nice vid!

    Good for you, bringing forth one of our own….

  23. oh la Vache!
    big pimp!

  24. Roland Whitney says:


  25. Good Golly Miss Molly! Neither I, nor anyone near me would ever have a face pimple that big because I would not be able to keep my itchy little fingers off of it. That being said, of course the mom knew how to ‘handle’ it. Mom’s usually know best, haha! Thanks for the find Cochore. :)

  26. What a finish!

  27. Great pop i love the squirt!

  28. Katie Hernandez says:

    Love it! Looks like there might have been some black heads on her forehead as well . . . .

    1. Also looks like a couple of good black heads below the zit; yeah I saw those on her forehead…….I tried to pop it, just would not come out….LOL….. Wished I could get a hold of some of the zits that I see on here…..Wow, what fun!!!!

  29. god that would have been wonderful if it was longer that was a huge ass pimple looked a lil bit infected to ouch

  30. a lessor skilled popper may have left that last deep snapper unpopped, what a pro!

  31. Poor girl…… I remember those days in my teenage years where I had HUGE pimples like that!!!!. I would not have been able to wait months to pop that thing.

  32. that thing looked madder then a red ass hornet

  33. hopecandecieve says:

    Just try to imagine how good that must have felt for the poor girl when the damned thing finally blew out. She had been dealing with the misery of having that demonic blemish for months, or so she claimed. That was the reason she looked like she had been in a bar fight. Mashing that thing during what must have felt like an outright act of futility while trying to get it to break over and over and over again for weeks on end was BOUND to leave some serious bruising. Not to mention subcutaneously rupturing it and therefor spreading the pus and the infection deeper and deeper into her skin as well as all of the surrounding neighboring pores. I actually know EXACTLY how it feels when one that has been PLAGUING you for what feels like a damned eternity finally and triumphantly blows out, taking all of the red blood cells, white blood cells (the clear liquid that people often mistake for sweat), congealed grease from your skin, and the ensuing infection embedded in the pus chunks themselves with it. lol It both literally and metaphorically does truly indeed feel like a nagging embedded and fortified parasite is finally being ejected from your skin, body, and mind. lol

    1. diamondgirl828 says:

      Here is the dumbed down version of what you just said.


      ; )

  34. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Ditto, to what hopecandecieve said!!!

  35. wylderose says:

    That poor girl has serious skin issues and should be seeing a good dermatologist… She looks to have very large pores which will, unfortunately, be prone to infections just like that one… I can’t imagine having to go about with a monster like that on my face, it sure wouldn’t do much for self esteem :-/ Loved the popping and squeezing, especially the squirt at the end, shame there wasn’t more but what there is was satisfying regardless… Thanks for sharing!

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