Yikes! Maggot Head Man *GRAPHIC*

*****WARNING! One of THE MOST INTENSE videos of a man with a huge myiasis (maggot) infestation on… uhh… in… umm… yeah, maggots falling out of a gaping wound on his head. Huge gaping wound. Watch by choice, seriously, think about it. Comment with respect! :) END WARNING*****

Wow. Amazing he is still alive. I think the maggots are keeping him alive.

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  1. don’t even know what to say about this one…were we really looking at his skull? how come he didn’t bleed out when this happened? how awful that must be.

    1. That was skull! Looks like necrotic tissue surrounding hence no bleeding. Could be an invasive cancer growth or something of that nature.

  2. Gross or not the maggots probably SAVED the person’s life by eating the necrotic tissue and infection!

    1. unclelarry says:

      Yep. I agree @gajustme.

      1. I second that
        Good find midnightdream69

      2. I shall third that motion!!!!

    2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Yeah, at this point those maggots are this guy’s best friend.

    3. If you look closely at the wound you can see that the tissue appears to be swollen where the maggots are. This means that the maggots invade the tissue as opposed to nibbling at it from the top only. Invasive maggots usually attack living tissue, too. In conclusion: The wound would likely be quite a lot smaller without those maggots.

  3. Ive seen so many things here, however, this has got to be the most awful thing Ive EVER seen. This is soooooo sad. I wanted to cry for him. How long has he been wandering around like that. That was not a fresh wound. I could just cry. I pray he gets some more help, and bless those who are helping him there. I wanna say more because this is so bad, but I just cant find the words.

  4. you. you bent my plate you bleepity bleep !

    1. What would Hitchhiker be doing outside of Texas?

  5. I heard the chainsaw and thought..uh oh..beheading LOL

  6. I too just wanted to cry. This poor, sweet old man. And when he kept reaching out to get his hand held. Unbelievable.

  7. Yah, the reaching out for the young man’s hand was such a plaintive gesture. He was getting help, thank God. I could not decipher the written language on the billboard…..any idea where we are geographically in this one? I suspect some 3rd world country where there is certainly a caste system…..literaaly he is one of the “untouchables….”

    1. I’m thinkin’ Myanmar or Cambodia!

      1. I’m pretty sure he is one of the untouchables… Hence why no one would help him… India is my bet for sure.

  8. unclelarry says:

    Incredible is the only word I can think of to describe this. Bless his heart.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Yup Uncle Larry, There but for the grace of God ………

  9. they need to leave them in there to clean out the necrotic tissue.Maggot therapy is evidence based wound care,many renown specialist use it,great post

    1. BoogerKing says:

      The therapy works under close care by someone who knows what to do. Just dumping (or leaving) maggots on an open wound will not guarantee anything…If you have a gaping wound and big ol’ flies land on it, spit out some eggs, which develop into larvae…why, it’s kind of like being in …a thrid-world country, dude…

      1. BK You are absolutley correct…screwfly larvae is destructive…Like a thousand mini botflies. who knows?

  10. The maggots were probably keeping the wound clean,that hole will never heal without massive reconstructive surgery.

  11. As much as I complain about the crap that goes on in this country, I still thank God that I live in the USA! I can’t begin to imagine living with a hole that big in my head. God be with this man and the ones helping him.

    1. That is EXACTLY what I was thinking myself Dweedwaa. Very well said. I feel the same way; May God be with this guy, and help Him through this………..whatever it is He has going on here. Man, that is so hard to look at. He will definitely be in my prayers these coming days. Thanks for the post midnightdream69. I have never seen anything such as this before. A great find.

  12. Hey Gang, I hate to look at this fellow (helper) in a different light but here goes anyway..

    The second time I viewed, I noticed the poor old soul was outside on a “platform” surrounded what looked like names and numbers and pictures of “pretty people” Really reminded me of an exhibition or a campaign…There was even a small gathering of on lookers.. Could they possibly be using him as “advertisment”?

    I hope Im wrong, but I can’t help thinking in that direction

    For what ever reason, thank God he has attention from a (professional)

    1. even if that is the case he is getting some type of help. but with that type of hole i cant seeing him getting that type of medical care from them. way to invasive. but i was thinking the same thing. maybe using him as a scare tactic for keeping the 3rd world around. who knows

      1. I forgot to mention…Fascinating vid….

      2. There is a movement now in India that is trying to destroy the caste system. It could have been part of a campaign showing that caste really doesn’t matter and how poorly it causes others to be treated.

  13. Good thing his skull was intact, or that could be his brains!

  14. laurabelle2 says:

    Hi All! I’m new as a member but I’ve been faithfully following this site for years now, and this video inspired me to finally join.

    I am sorry, but I have to ask …. how is this poor man not dead?? I am shocked at his condition and cannot imagine how he has survived, maggots or no. Please God, he received proper medical attention.

    1. I am almost certain he died soon after this video. I mean How could he live with his skull exposed? I am sure they did fix it. just picked the maggots out for the crowd to see and sent him on his way.

  15. Knowing things like this go on every moment all around the world make me less able to stand the complainers of our beautiful country. We have so many blessings.

  16. Speechless

  17. what solution could modern medicine offer? an addition to my nightly prayer list

    1. You could study medicine and develop one instead of praying.

  18. I have no word…So sad!

    I’ll say one thing tho;Maggots are not necessarily good to keep a wound clean!!!Some are,and some make your wound worse.

  19. I watched this again today

    That old precious thing is obviously from some under developed, God knows what…Still, seems to me one of his fellows (med. or spiritual leader) would have given him a helping hand

    Maloralw, I agree…God, my heart broke when I seen him reach out a timid hand in search of comfort….I pray he found it

  20. There is no bleeding at all, so that tells me that wound is a lot bigger then it looks. If a surgeon were to start cutting away at the dead tissue he would find that the wound is a lot bigger than it looks. It would take a lot of cutting to get to some live tissue.

  21. OMG your could actually see his skull…that was really intense…I just love the maggots videos…I find them so fasinating….Sweet post….dws

  22. Heaven help the poor gentleman – the gaping whole in the head and malnutrition what a heart wrenching site :(

  23. wishfulpeeper says:

    O.o …… holy sh@t…… Can only imagine how painful that had to be….

  24. jozzseffrd says:

    This poor guy is probably still alive coz the maggots eat the infected tissue and if you look colse that wound is actually very clean right down to his skull

  25. ear-cyster says:

    OMG……. That was his skull.!!! Get this man to a hospital, NOW.!!!

  26. These are in no way Medical grade good for ya;maggots that we in the medical field use for Maggot Debridement Therapy. This looks like a severe case of being fly struck by the Cochliomyia Homnivorax species , which directly translated is Man Eater,,and better known as the Human Screwfly, They feed on living tissue, The human screw worm punctures the skin and through the wound, it lays its eggs. If the person is infected, dark brown discharge will come out from the wound and it usually has an unpleasant smell. Correspondingly, it results in tissue irritation. A tiny scratch or even a pimple would suffice as well for a female Screwfly to lay her brood of anywhere from 100 to 250 eggs at one time, use their hooklike mouthparts to tear into the flesh. The maggots initially feed in the wounds but then invade healthy tissue. Screwworm maggots have toxic saliva, which promotes infection of wounds and production of foul-smelling pus. This attracts other species of flies that normally feed only on dead animals.The Screwfly devours right to the bone and if left untreated have been known to kill their host. Another trait of the screwfly is that because of their sensitivity to touch and movenment, the moment lets say you try to remove one, they all collectively and simultaneously nosedive downwards and literally screw themselves down deeper into the wound , visually causing a caving in effect, and in no time at all they resurface,

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