Spray Gone Astray

This one is fun with no inhibitions, squeezing and cheese flying everywhere, over and on everything…but beware…SCREAMER ALERT. It would have been better if they would have taken a bit more time, but we can’t have everything! Nice vid and well worth the view…but mute is advised…don’t say I didn’t warn you…lol

“Cyst Poppin'” Uploaded to YouTube by “saved1seth” on October 6, 2011

28 Comments on “Spray Gone Astray

    That thing was ready to blow before she popped it!!! Great family fun!!!
    Excellent find dripper!!!

  2. Kaboom, Kablowy Batman!

    That sucker got squeezed like a sugar daddy at a shoe sale!


  3. Just the way we like to see it….no blood, no fear, no prisoners! Good pic….Thanx, Dripper!

  4. You have to enjoy it when there is laughter! They sure had a good time! Thank you Dripper for the squirter!

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It’s good to have a loving family………….. It’s better to have one that pops your zits.

  6. That was just fun!

    Thanks for the smile dripper!

  7. Reminds me of an aerosol can.

  8. I love the way the popper kept the filmer focused. “Bea, ssssshh. Hold her steady.”

    Loved it, dripper.

  9. Nice spray. Now that’s the way to squeeze a zit.

  10. I can watch most any video lately without getting grossed out. The videos themselves are fine. You know what gets me? Calling the evacuated material ‘cheese’. I love to eat cheese. And now it feels wrong.

    ^_~ Comment totally said with a smile.

    1. Umm, try thinking of limburger…does that help? :)

  11. Why do they always give the camera to the person who has Palsey?

  12. Here a re some dudes with very nice manners for the enjoyment of their audience….filming was steady; work ethic was high; courtesy to allow the camera person the time to film the gook on the popper’s finger for us all to see. Worthy of an award….

  13. Now that is my kind of video…I would rather them pop the zit fast then it take forever….I love it when they pop it so fast the pus is flying everywhere…This is for sure a winner in my book…Sweet Post dripper….dws…let the pus fly ppl!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Finally…somebody squeezing a zit the right way: using your thumbs and get UNDER it! Lots of pressure = great results.

  15. Great popper,lots of “pus”,people having fun…thats a great vid.

    Again,@dripper ,thank you my friend

  16. I just love the kitchen settings and the random pets strolling around in the vids. I recall I fell for the dog eating pony pus on another vid when I was green to this site and someone pointed out it was an intentional pile of cottage cheese to dupe folks like me!

  17. another fireworks production

  18. Aussie Cyster says:

    wham, bam, thank you mám!

  19. god u got to stand out of the way for that wild west shoot off lol great find dripper smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  20. looks like cottage cheese. hm, think i’ll go make myself a salad now…

  21. aged perfectly , great pop and spurt !

  22. Just in time for July 4rth – rockets red glare and cysts bursting in air

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