Mango Worms (*Careful*)

***WARNING! Animal parasitic maggot infestation – although very tame removal, still proceed with caution if you are an animal sensitive person. Please watch by choice, and comment with respect. :) END WARNING***

This completes the trio of Mango Worm (Cordylobia anthropophaga) removals documented by the treating veterinary clinic in Gambia. This one only shows a couple of actual worms removed, but you can see by the small bumps on this dogs body, there is some work to be done. However, from what is shown, this dog may have avoided the level of infestation that the other two dogs experienced.

The Gambian vet clinic sees 5-10 cases per week, and do employ preventative measures using certain topicals and medicines. But each maggot that does get inside must be individually removed manually. The worst cases are those with 800+ mango worms. While it can be fatal, they do the very best they can for both pets and “community cared for” animals.

Thanks for completing the set, Zitani!!!

Cordylobia, Gambian local dog
Uploaded to YouTube by VetClinicGambia on Jul 7, 2011

Don’t You Just Want One? NOT!

21 Comments on “Mango Worms (*Careful*)

  1. Does this dog look too skinny, or is this the way this breed of dog is supposed to look? I know Greyhounds and other breeds are very trim like that. I never heard of mango worms before. They look a lot like bot flies!!

    1. Just read the post that this was a rescue dog. Poor baby.

      1. I applaud the Gambian Vet clinic for taking care of these dogs. That’s a lot of mango worms to remove, and I’m sure it takes a lot of work having to remove them all individually by hand.

      2. Nice! You can really see the bumps all over his/her legs! Poor pup I hope she gets better and gains weight and goes to a loving home!

    2. Yeah @getit, they look like bot flies,but they are smaller,easier to to take em out,but theres MORE of them.A dog (its often dog,I dunno why) can easily have 100+++ of them!!!

      Idk,but the clinic seem to directly on the highway (lost of cars…)

      Kudos to the clinic,your work is appreciated.Poor doggie.

  2. what a kind face that pup has! I’d adopt her and her worms!…lol….

  3. Aussie Cyster says:

    poor baby. :(

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Didja see the ones on its legs?
    Poor baby.

  5. I’m Speechless!!!
    Great find zitani!!!

  6. I am an animal lover: but this looks really fun! …hangs head in shame…

  7. I wanna help…

    drats! I wanna see more. I hate bots, but these are like fat white heads…

    Thanks zitani

  8. Splatter Man says:

    After squeezing the bump between the dog’s hind legs with no results, they finally came to realize that it was a male dog.

  9. Man, I can’t help but feel bad for this pooch, you can tell that he has tons of these critters in the skin, you can see them very easy on the dogs with short hair and if the are skinny they show up much better.
    I saw a video here of a poor dog that had 50 + they were popping out very easy, all the dude was doing was squeezing a little and he was getting out a handfull.

  10. I hate maggots but I like these vids on mango worms. It is just sad to see so many of them. I will take this puppy home with me! Minus the worms of course, he looks like a sweetie!

  11. You can tell by looking that he has alot more mango worms that needed to be extracted…cool…it kind of looks like zits being popped…splat

  12. I think I need to volunteer some of my time at vet clinics in Gambia.

  13. Finally able to comment on this as we lost comp. connection due to Oct. storm. Kudos to this clinic for their undying work w/ these great loving animals!

  14. wow poor doggy it was covered in those maggot mango’s it needs to eat to can see its ribs…great find Zitani smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  15. phillip jackson says:

    live for the moment get those buggers out of there.

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