Infected Sweat Gland Leads to… BTE Pus!

Dear BTE Pus,

I know our relationship has been a bit strained of late. Perhaps I am too demanding of you, scouring the net looking and looking for at least one more sweet glance of you. You should never feel embarrassed – it doesn’t matter what size you are, or how much you are able to squeeze out. I love you when you are chunky, and I still care even if you are pale and runny. Just as long as I find you nestled against the back of an ear, I am content. So, please, don’t be so shy. I’d like to see more of you, a lot more.

Your ardent admirer,
~ H.S.

“Pus getting drained from Kyle’s ear” Uploaded by candicemoore24 on Sep 19, 2011

12 Comments on “Infected Sweat Gland Leads to… BTE Pus!

  1. wowza, how does a sweat gland cause that? that was HUGE!! little girl in the background was cute.
    great find, Halphie, and I hope your “letter” works. :)

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      That was amazing my PTZ friends! Nice little cherry tucked behind his ear! It was like a Schweet cherry bomb! LOl

  2. unclelarry says:

    Impressive abscess. Infected sweat gland? Whoda thunk it? It made for a fantastic BTE pus filled nugget of joy. Beautiful post HS.

  3. Ouch,!!!,man I would have popped that thing with a needle.good post

    1. That would have been awesome..perhaps then you would’ve been in the bathroom or kitchen, and it would have sprayed everywhere. ahhh pretend zits
      Thanks Halphie, appreciate the awesomeness that is your commentary!
      nice BTE!

  4. Halph, you never fail in bringing us the most eewy gooey vids out there!

  5. C’mon Doc!!! We wanna see the goods!!!
    Could be an Eccrine Sweat Gland because of the location on the neck behind the ear. (We just studied the Integumentary (Skin) System in A&P this week!) :-D
    Good find H.S.!!!

  6. Mmmm, thatsa juicy one
    Anyone else get the idea the clinitian didn’t wanna get his perfectly white and startched lab coat sprayed….Im just sayin, a little over kill on the 4×4’s and he was doin some reachin!

  7. Dear Halph Staph,

    Thank you very much for your kind words, and while I appreciate your admiration of me, I must firmly point out the requirements of the stalking laws in this state.
    Luckily for you, I am a true exhibitionist at heart, and I’m a lover, not a fighter- I have decided not to press charges (mainly because I would could not STAND the thought of losing my biggest fan. Life could not continue without someone fawning over me.)
    That said….GIRL, continue to POP ON with these issues of yours.
    Love and kisses,
    BTE Pus

  8. i love how you write the scripts at the top Halph Staph you are a writing genious and i love love ear videos they always carry great goodies inside :) Halph Staph thank you for the post happy christmas eve smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  9. Love how Spongebob is on in the background. lol

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