Incision and Drainage of a Neck Abscess

“Adult male with a large neck abscess from suppurative lymphadinitis”

Translation: Pus is going to gush out of this guy’s neck.

Expectations: Pus is going to gush out of this guy’s neck, and you are going to like it.

Reality: The light will be too bright. There isn’t enough pus (there is *never enough pus, you over-expectant, spoiled, too smart for your own good Popologists… oh wait, I’m a Popologist… soooo… that means… yeah, that describes me pretty much to a “T”. And what the heck does that mean, anyways? “To a T.” Someone, please explain!!! Ahhh, the confusion is getting in! What am I doing? Who am I??? Breathe, breathe… phew – that was a close one. I need my mind, it likes me, and losing it, well, just isn’t an option at this moment. But I am sure I can reschedule it for a later date. Call me next month…) Uh, where was I again?

Results: Mildly pleased, but ready to a glorious assortment of wonderfully crafted critiques and of course polite and often hilarious gratitudes, with a nice smattering of witty retorts…

… I love this place. He he he

And now, the show!
~ H.S.

Incision and Drainage of a Neck Abscess
Uploaded by bhandari909 on Oct 22, 2011

31 Comments on “Incision and Drainage of a Neck Abscess

  1. geeeez……… i dont know why but i want the surgeons name so i can run if he ever triies to treat me…….

    1. ps pus factor was ok… i guess i’m to spoiled…lol

    2. I defiantly would approached this a different way lol! Still a nice find HS!

  2. The Doc, did not seem to know what was going on, she was not even sure where to start, yikes, stay back!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      I agree! I think she’s at the very beginning of her career though! lol

  3. Looked like the doctor was enjoying that pinky probing a little too much. You no you thought it looked a little kinky too.

    1. i wish it said love instead of like

  4. Talk about ineptitude! Let’s make a decision here and stick to it! Was she an intern and this was her first one? I think so…..but a good vid for the first viewing as we were not sure how good this was going to be. Thanx!

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    1. It looked like this was done in a auto body paint shop (look at 7:20).
    2. It looked like this was one of those sheep pus videos.
    3. It looked like the Dr. went to the second knuckle.
    4. It looked like there was more pus to be had if he would have squeezed.

    …. music sucked.

    1. Re: #1 I KNOW! What was all that grimy debris?

      1. agreed and the music REALLY did suck, haha i had to go see what you were talking about

  6. Aussie Cyster says:

    Dr Hack Job :(

  7. AAAh yes, the ole “forget-the-surgical-equipment-and-jam-yer-pinkie-in-the-hole” trick. Sheeeesh!

    1. I just HATE getting jammed in the hole….

  8. I thought the doc did good work. I want to get the CO for not getting the best angles to see what the doc was doing and the little Moron with the flashlight making it impossible to see the pus!!! What we did get to see was nice!
    Good find H.S.!!!

  9. yankeedoodlepus says:

    I was not scared until the scene setting became apparent. Then i was scared.

  10. ProfessorPop says:

    What is the origin of the phrase ‘down to a T’?
    Every jot and tittle – every tiny detail …Tittle survives in “to a T” (short for tittle), meaning ‘with minute exactness’.
    Jot is from the Latin “iota”, meaning the Greek letter i, the smallest in the alphabet. A jot is therefore a little bit, as is an iota.
    Tittle is a rare word meaning a small mark used in printing or writing; in jot or tittle it means the dot on the letter i and therefore merely reinforces the smallness implicit in jot.

    1. I thought it might have something to do with a tool ya know that square thing?
      Thanks a huge iota, Prof.

    2. Interesting!! Glad you shared that.

  11. Not enough pus
    The light was too bright
    I guess im just spoiled

    I loved the vid Halphy! (winks)

  12. I think putting the pinky in there was a decent way to break up any pus pockets. I also think the popper liked it and that’s why he/she did it that way. My concern, other than it does look like a car repair shop, is why was the packing dark gray rather than white? Kind of looked like it had been used to soak up dirty motor oil. Good post though!

  13. I so agree Big Tull, I could see better without the stupid flashlight. It is just too bright to see all the glorious pus. I still seen some pus, but it can be so aggrevating when you want to see the pus that you know is there, but just can’t see because the light is just too darn bright. This could have been a five star video, if it hadn’t been for the stupid flashlight. Hint ppl if you are making a recording for youtube don’t use a flashlight, if you do, just don’t bother posting, because viewers will not be able to see, If a flashlight is used don’t put it directly over the cyst being extracted, put if over to the side some….sweet post..and nice gobs of pus, I just wish I could have seen it all….splat

  14. How many vids have been ruined by that bright light. Remember the double sebac neck Halphy you posted. They were HUGE and the doc removed both (kind of a hack job too) but that would have been the best vid ever for me without the light. Stay away from the light!!!

  15. How many vids have been ruined by that bright light. Remember the double sebac neck Halphy you posted. They were HUGE and the doc removed both (kind of a hack job too) but that would have been the best vid ever for me without the light. Stay away from the light!!!

    This one

  16. sorry I had to get it on the Tube lets copy this one!

    1. I just watched that…Peter Griffen comes to life?

      That could have been perfection, if it could be seen.

      What a pity

    2. Those were the finest neck testicles I have EVER seen.

  17. ethansmom1008 says:

    I can list many places fingers should not be put and inside face/jaw is up there at the top now!

  18. well i almost broke out my rave lights to start rave dancing i think house and techno go very well with these videos :) and im say this again i really should have went to med school ahhhhhh thank you for the great post Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  19. pashion4popin says:

    wicked VDO – for once a thorough doc who does exactly what i would do to the letter! the music is good but very distracting for the procedure, would have liked to hear what was going on. great cyst gone bad ;)

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