Well, That’s One Way To Do It!

Pretty efficient way to remove a ganglion cyst. We don’t get to see the squeeze but at least we get to see the syringe squirt!

(Very educational – this is a great example of a well executed ganglion aspiration. Some sufferers of this type of cyst prefer to have occasional aspirations as opposed to a surgical solution. Great find, SoulCyster!)

“Wendy Ganglion Cyst Removal” Uploaded to YouTube by qjuantum on Jul 31, 2011

16 Comments on “Well, That’s One Way To Do It!

  1. That was a first for me!
    I thought it was a cyst…but it was a ganglion cyst!!LOL I sure didnt know the difference!
    Oh well,it was cool and…unexpected ;)

    Tnx for the post SoulCyster

  2. Now that was a good gangllion vid! Of course it helps to have 3 nice looking women and a wise cracking camera operator!
    Good find SoulCyster!!!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      ….4 if you count the 2 year old O.R. technician with a shark in her hand.

  3. So awesome. I’ve had surgery to remove large ganglion cyst on each wrist. I would never have occurred to me back them to do something like this. Now, after some PYZ “edjucation” I’d be comfortable doing this myself. Thank you SoulCyster. Great name!

    1. @gimpysgirl – if you do remove one, please tape it and share? That was FANTASTIC – inserted the IV line to remove it and get the exact amount removed!!! The liquid reminded me of lemon pudding or merienge (sp) filling!!! GREAT find!!! :)

  4. Niiiice!!!

  5. That was cool, but I’m still a fan of the “Whack the Ganglion Cyst with a HEAVY Book” technique.

    [*shrugs*] So I’m a closet sadist…

  6. Back yonder when I was young, I use to get these all the time and basically was told to apply a warm compress several times a day. That was it! When I think about all the pain and discomfort I went through when it could have been handled like this….makes me angry!

    Great vid. I usually don’t watch ganglion cyst videos because of my experience, but this was really interesting.

  7. Nothing cooler than people who love this stuff like us are partaking in it!!!

  8. Great video Soul Cyster!
    Very cool proceedure, and looks like the practitioner knew exactly what the heck she was doing!
    2 thumbs up!

  9. I had no idea these were so common before I started “mining” cyst vids for here…My daughter had a large one surgically removed when she was a teen. I remember thinking that I’d have liked to have seen the contents…Didn’t know then that they are filled mostly with apple jelly! lol…Nice video, and I thank you!

  10. As usual I learned something from a vid today!

  11. wow! great find!

  12. I have never been able to understand why some people perform these procedures on the same surfaces that they prepare food on. In this case, it wasn’t as bad as some I’ve seen, as they did have paper towels in place and they used a syringe instead of squeezing it and letting it fly wherever, but still… I know there’s little risk of secondary transfer, but I guess I’m just weird like that.

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