Stringy Puss Pew!

Lady’s son posts mom’s pop of a smelly cyst on her arm. Good squeeze of dark mustardy sebum.

Big puss bubble in my mum’s arm
Uploaded to YouTube by smallm12 on Sep 27, 2011

28 Comments on “Stringy Puss Pew!

  1. Wow, my mommy never had bumps like that! Tee Hee

    Thank you for efficient vid….

  2. ok, I’m not skeered..I’ll say it.. What a rack! almost makes me wish I was a guy! LOL
    loved the pus, GG :)

  3. Good job squeezing. That’s a really tender place to have a cyst. Nice set of, um, nails. ;) Thanks gimpysgirl. Good post.

  4. Two thumbs up for the Camera Operator!!! ;-)
    and a nice little stringer too!!!
    Great find gg!!!

  5. Yep,that was a nice view…. ;)

    And btw,was he saying “shut up” to his kid?

    Cuz IMO,he really was talking to the kid.Anyway…

    great find GG “Hefner”… ;)

    1. BoogerKing says:

      He was a jerk. Truly a jerk.

  6. Nice vid 0 -14 seconds, great vid 15 seconds on.

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Had to hurt…………..

  8. Mummy was showing off her assets for sure, and yes plushhh, I also believe he was speaken to the child…not nice,

  9. With his fowl mouth he’s the one that should shut up. Do people not realize that talking like that makes you trash or just too ignorant to come up with better words. I guess I’m too straight cause the boobs did nothing for me..did like the puss tho.

    1. I agree with you 100%, on all points.

    1. Yeah, when she jogs it looks like it’s swimming :)

  10. Lovely cyst…just good enough, I bet it’s a re-filler too!

    You’re doing outstanding work gg!

  11. lennyg4362 says:

    Uhhhhh……why is it deleted already?

  12. lennyg4362 says:

    Oooookkkkkkk… plays if I dont maximize the screen. Weird…….

  13. I feel so udderly useless by not being there to help that poor lady.

  14. Could smell it from here.

  15. Nice arm cheese… Nice boobies too

  16. OMG! A WOMAN WITH BOOBS! I can’t believe it!
    Those people low-lifes. If I was that woman, I would have smacked my teen/adult son for talking to the little kid like that.

    1. NMGAPAOH says:

      Yes – the swearing guess who will be cursing next?

  17. She should have rubbed that mess all over that jerk for yelling at that child that way. That would have shut him up fast!

  18. that was a cheesy delite , great vid

  19. Im not unseasoned. But the language was just unnecessary. The cyst weak as well. The only attraction here is her breasts.

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