Yeah, I realy like this one…. A heel blister turned into a big puschunk producing staph infection. I’m sorry for the guy, of course, but hey – it definitely meets with OUR satisfaction…… First part of vid is the best I think.

“Staphtastic” Original posted to YouTube by hpujacket13 2 sep 2011

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  1. Here I’ve been fussing over a little rubbing on my right heel from a new pair of shoes. I slapped a bandaid on it to keep from getting a blister. Now, I see I too could have had a glorious gaping hole in the back of my foot if I’d have wanted to. Seriously, this would have been painful. Hope it’s getting better.
    Thanks TC. (I just LOVE your name!)

    1. Yes! If the feet hurt, then you’re miserable. Thing I had to get used to waitressing – blisters on the back of my ankles – nothing like that!

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    An open door to a major infection…. be careful pal.

    1. A BARN DOOR!

  3. His heel is swollen, he needs to see a Doc!!!
    Good find TC!!!

  4. Wear socks guy….

    yeah Cyster..Good job

  5. “Should I go to the doctor or something?” If you have to ask, that’s more than likely a yes.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Dahh! Ya think so? Man oh man, that was nasty! Infections can happen so fast, it’ll make your head spin!

  6. “Should I go to the doctor?”

    Yes. Yes, you should.

  7. Forreal Kagome

    Thats one of those questions that if you have to ask
    you should probably go ahead and call

    good looking hole though

  8. Fantastic chunk-age and impressive hole. I agree with everybody that this has crossed the “DIY” threshold and need to be seen by a doc. Awesome find TC!

  9. Great chunk – but there is no way to know that it is staph unless it is cultured. You cannot just look at drainage and just know it is staph. (Sorry just a pet peeve of mine. Just like you cannot tell is something is MRSA but just looking at it.) He does need to get to a doc for some antibiotics. Great video Twisted Cyster – and I love your name, too.

  10. Too funny! “Should I go to a doctor or something?” He was alright with it all until he saw that moon crater. Haaaa!

  11. oooooh YES. Please go to a doctor. Or something. And thanks for posting, TC!

  12. haha young mans all should i goto the doctor or something look at that hole…..lmfao yeah duhhhhhh

  13. Oh my gosh those can go into the Achilles Tendon – Doctor vistit not a bad idea.

  14. That was a HUGE pus plug! Left a big hole. Kuddos

  15. Twisted Cyster, hopefully, he healed up nicely once he got the pus plug out and got antibiotics from his doctor.

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