SO Much Potential

It’s rare that an inflamed, ripe, infected cyst ‘pops’ up and this one really has potential.

“Big Bad Boil…” Excruciating Pain “” Uploaded to YouTube by BLIN0002 on Aug 18, 2011

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  1. Well, SoulCyster, it’s not like you didn’t give us a warning. Dang. Am I correct in assuming that that was a nurse or doctor doing all that squeezing? It seems like the only thing she accomplished was to spread the infection around under the skin.

    Like you said, this one had a ton of potential. If this was definitely filmed in a hospital, I’m betting that they eventually had to slice that sucker open. Please let there be a Part II.

  2. The finger lancets aren’t long enough to go deep into a boil/carbuncle to do any good. But there were 2 really nice shots to come from this boil!
    So I’ll be hangin’ right here waitin’ for vid 2 with John1964!
    Good find SoulCyster!!!

  3. Arrrrrrrrrrghhhh! This video makes me just want to just yank my nose hairs out with hunks of flesh attached! And do I really have to say why?

  4. Why do people who have no idea how to pop always get a juicy ripe boil, cyst, limp or bump to burst open and never can GRRRRRRRRRRRR

  5. With as angry as that thing looked, and how large the diameter, it looks like it should have been taken care of at a Dr.’s office or the ER. I think that the person attempting the drainage may have had a little experience in a medical setting, but not a lot. This person should have that thing lanced, drained, and packed, and probably get some antibiotics, too. That’s a raging infection in there!

    1. Problem is, a TON of people do not have medical insurance. And, unless their leg is hanging by a piece of skin they’ll do as much as they can at home. And, unless this thing turns out to be MRSA there’s no reason they shouldn’t have been able to take care of it. She didn’t get deep enough and to me that is simple common sense. But, just in case, theere are free nursing advice hotlines all over the U.S., plus of course the internet…IF they could afford that. It did look feverishly angry though…that’s for sure!

  6. That looks like a horribly infected sebaceous cyst! Much worse than my favorite:
    This person needs to go to the doctor or ER ASAP! It would be nice if s/he filmed it there… :D

    1. Thanks popmaven for reminding me that pus = bliss. And thanks, Soul Cyster, for building up my frustration levels for the better release once I watched ‘the best back zit’ again!!!

    2. This is my happy, go-to video, the absolute best cyst lancing vid ever. I especially love when the wife/girlfriend asks, “Does this ever gross you out?” and the young doctor says, “No, I love it.” He’s my kind of doctor!

      1. ME TOO!!!! I watch this one to relax when I’m stressed out!!!! LOL

    3. Yes, I needed that release.

  7. Splatter Man says:

    What part of the anatomy was that boil situated on? Nice thin pus stream shooting out at the 1:01 mark!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      (belly, I’m guessing)
      Yup,… and that stream made it all worth while.

  8. Frustrating, for certain! Still a great cliff-hanger! I’ll join the others in hoping this person sought out medical assistance with this rather nasty infection. My dentist is gonna be sooo mad at me (just got 2 new crowns)…’cause I ground my toofs down to nubbins on this one!….hee heee. Thank you, SC! Between you, HS and Gimpys Girl, We are saved from the end-of-Summer doldrums!

  9. here’s how to proceed

    by acting as she does, it explodes the internal loculi and spread the infection!
    Poor boy ….

  10. dixiebelle6577 says:

    So frustrating to watch without any payload. One cut could have opened that up so it could drain. Can you imagine how much more painful it is the day after all of this squeezing of an already painful boil?

  11. I truly expected that the thing would explod after she poked it. Well, you did warn us!

  12. Hoooolly cats. wow. yeah no, Sorry y’all call it mah redneck comin out but that thar is when ya get a fresh blade for the ol’ exacto knahf and get oan in ‘ere! (Assuming of course said patient is too hard headed to go to MD/ER. Ye Gods boy get thee to a Doctor! Go!)

  13. It was like the person trying to pop the boil was afraid to push hard enough to get the stuff out. Geeeez sooo frustrating.

  14. that was enough to drive , me nuts..LANCE it can tell it was a butt cheek and was on all you know that had to hurt like hell…..ouch… damn i would pay to get ahold of that.. i must just know all the wrong people or i dont know but i want to find one for me pop….

  15. That poor guy…. that looks truly excruciatingly painful. Chock another one up to the lack of courage to cut deep enough to have impact. When will people learn that you can’t attack monsters like this with small gauge needles? These are not your garden variety pimple! It’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight…

  16. OUCHY!!!

    Too bad they didn’t know what they were doing..

    maybe a follow up with PTZ expert on hand???????

  17. My ex used to get these all of the time. I think that’s why I stayed with him as long as I did!! (HEE-HEE). The worst one was when I went to give it a good squeeze and it popped unexpectedly the wrong way, right into my open mouth!! Gag, puke, OMG, I learned my lesson the hard way. ALWAYS TAKE COVER!! Oh, and by the way, by the time I was finished squeezing one, it was gone, out into space thru a black hole, over the rainbow, to zit heaven, where ever these awesome chunks of loviness go. I am now married, and alas and woe is me, and my husband has good skin, never gets even a little pimple….sigh….Thank goodness for PTZ!!


  18. i wish that was me doing that i would have sliced that sucker open with a knife instead of using a tiny needle like they did no wounder nothing was coming time u do this make sure you slice that sh@t

  19. ah had to watch this one again cuz it makes me wanna pop through screen and slice that sucker grrrr… thank you for the post SoulCyster smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  20. lance it already!

  21. What else to say but “You need a bigga hole!” :)

  22. whakjobt says:

    Anti climax

  23. I hope we see this one again but with someone who will squeeze it or lance it. It is a VOLCANO just waiting to EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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