Porcupine Quills or Spines in a Dog

Poor Dog decided to take on a Porcupine – must have felt really relieved at the 2:15 sec mark when they pull out a surprise!

From the YT Description:
“I was surprised by a dog with porcupine quills or spines imbedded in its mouth, lips and chest. We never see this in Gilroy. Some of you must see this result of a meeting of a dog and porcupine in your area. The dog was anesthetized and the quills were removed. One spine had to be cut and then pulled out. Does your dog have itchy skin, ear problems, or bowel problems that never go away…even with medicine? Check out http://dogdishdiet.com”

Porcupine Quills or Spines in a Dog
Uploaded by DrGregDVM on May 13, 2011

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  1. Oh noes, poor doggy! Hard lesson to learn. That was a great video, Darfung…thanks for sharing!

  2. Ay, man! That cutie deserves a giant bowl of snausages for enduring all that.

  3. Oh my goodness…poor puppy! : (

  4. Poor puppy! Hope she recovers well – and they give her some good pain meds. That’s hard lesson to learn. Thanks for the video, Darfung. I think that is a first for PTZ.

  5. littlemisssquirt says:

    At first when reading the title of the vid, I challenged why this vid would be on this site as quills really aren’t zits or cysts. But even in my years working with animals in the medical profession, I learned a great deal from this. Remember, the older vets may not wear gloves. I know this frustrates a lot of members, but this vet’s fingers and nails resembled the guys I worked for. Perhaps even some younger vets prefer no gloves. I don’t know….I only worked for older men. A great experience for dog lovers! Thank you.

  6. I’ll bet that dog will leave porcupines alone from now on.

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that …
    “If it’s in you or on you, and it shouldn’t be in you or on you, I want to SEE it taken off you or out of you.” …
    … no matter what it is.

  8. Fork me!!!
    that sucks big hairy……well u know

    bet she dont mess with spikey haired rodents ever again though
    and u know she was sore after.

  9. There are a few people I would wish porcupine quills on, but never to a dog!
    Good find Darfung!!

  10. That poor pooch.
    Whenever I see this kind of thing, I wonder, what happens in the wild?

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Yeah…. and I wonder what was the condition of the other critter in this battle?

  11. Holy moley, that poor animal. This probably would have been a fatal event in the wild. There’s no way he could have eaten. Those barbs made it impossible for self extraction given the fact the poor dog has no thumbs. Fascinating find Darfung.

  12. Holy ****!
    That was terrible and fascinating in the same time!
    Watching these bards trough the microscope was amazing;EVOLUTION 101.
    They are made to cause as much harm as possible.

    In the wild,not only the barbs would be impossible to be extracted,but they’re made to penetrate the skin…..Anyway,you all saw the vid!

    What a painful lesson to learn for a dog.At least hes not blind….

    Tnx for such an interesting and informative post @Darfung

  13. Holy Cow that was a great vid, I am so glad the puppy will be fine..he is so beautiful.

    Porcupines are vermin and can do a lot of damage without their quills. We had one at the cottage who ate rubber and gnawed on PVC. Needless to say we had a lot of problems with our cars and cottages and we could never catch him.

    One morning I heard him under the cottage having an early breakfast. I jumped out of bed got dresses, grabbed my 22, ran to the side of the cottage just as he was coming out for a drink. Then I went back to bed.

    No more porcupine, no more troubles! Sorry porcupine lovers everywhere.

  14. The poor dog looked so sad and in pain!(mostly in pain IMO!)

    Can someone tell me how the porcupine defense mechanism Work?

    Does he throw (sort of) his barbs?Or,does it all happens when the dog (or other animal) try to bite the porcupine,so it bite a whole stack of barbs?

    Also,I’m not sadistic,and I’m a huge dog lover,but man… I’d love to be able to take these barbs out of the poor dog’s face myself!!!
    I love everything that come out of a living body (and dont think scato,cuz I’m not…lol). I did pay my buddy once just to have the chance to take a (kind of) big splinter out of his palm(hand).
    And I loved every seconds of it. ;)

    1. he doesnt throw them, when an animal gets too close the porcupine lunges into the animal embedding the spines, and when the animal jumps in pain he keeps bumping into the porcupine nailing himself more and more.
      thats how he got stuck in several places, front and back and bottom.
      its a real sticky situation.

      1. Tnx.It make sens.Appreciate your reply.

        Wanna see a real “sticky situation”? Check this out! (pitbull vs porcupine…)

        P.S;The vid,made out of pix,is VERY nasty and I’m pretty sure the dog did not survive! (personal opinion)So…consider yourself warned!!!

      2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        OMG @plushhh
        Even if the pup survived, its sight was probably affected. I hope it learned a lesson to not do that again.

  15. Aww..poor pooch. But the dog seemed to be getting great care from both the vet and the pet owner. Thanks for sharing this.

  16. My heart is bleeding. I love dogs. My own is giving birth right now, so I was already emotional before I watched this video. It’s a wonder that there are ever any baby porcupines, huh?

    1. congrats for sure and I know what your going through. Everything will be fine I am sure…Like Daten says…let us know.

      1. She is fine. As this was her first litter and daddy was alot bigger, we took her to the vet. But she “popped” eight beautiful babies. Eight. What am I going to do with eight?! Thank you all for caring.

    2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Send pictures for sure! They got to be just darling!

  17. I am sooo glad they put her under to do that, saved her a lot more pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wow, learned a lot from this video! Good thing it wasn’t an African porcupine, have you ever seen the lenth of their quills? =:-O

  19. The dog was clearly in shock when it was 1st filmed and then the anaesthesia took care of the rest. The sad thing is the dog will prob be struck again by same porky…..

  20. Poor doggy he had to be in alot of pain and was so patient sitting there waiting. hope he feels better now..

  21. 0:13 You can actually see her brain thinking “I really wish I hadn’t done that…”
    Anyone else reminded of Homeward Bound?

  22. wow some of those were pretty deep in the puppiers my mom used to live on a farm and had a golden retriver and she pulled them out of the dog herself i was crying screaming at my mom please no bring him to the vet your hurting him she yell back audie i know what im doing ahhh great find Darfung smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  23. jozzseffrd says:

    “Muller”our male German Shepherd have a “Porcupine Fetish”or something,coz every time a Porcupine comes to our Property”Muller”goes for’em.My two other Dogs learn after the 1.st couple times that Porcupines are bed new for them so they are just chase and bark at’em.But fricking”Muller is a different story!!!The closest town is 230 km from us and the closest Vet office is in Fort Nelson.British Columbia about 4 hrs drive south from us!When “Muller get sway to many spines then I take him there It only happened 3 times in 4yrs since we have him.The other times we do the “operation”an I think the little Pervert actually like it,coz he comes right to us and don’t whine or cry while we pulling it ot.Two yrs ego there was a span of 6 da were”Muller”had quills in his face.paws and body and more then once a day.It was a friggin Nightmare.So I found the Porcupine and shot her.Unfortunately had babies,but we took care of them,and “Muller” played a Dad for them.It was actually unbelievable to see him care for the little baby Porcupines but still hate and attack every other adultsAnyways I thought I share this story with PTZ Audience Cheers everyone!

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