Popping a Boil!

Surprising amount of pus from a small boil. Extra treat at 3:20.

“Popping a boil!” Posted to YouTube by avasrulses1 on Sept. 16, 2011.

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  1. Not bad,the camera work could have been better…I think it might be a spider bite.:)

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Yeah, I’m thinking spider bite too. Once that plug was dislodged, it flowed like melted strawberry ice cream! Great find and post!

    2. Marlene Otto says:

      good one but holy crap dude rinse the towel or get a new one geez

  2. This video had a little bit of everything us pus lovers like. 1. It had pus
    2. Blood 3. Good drainage and last but not least 4. a good squirt to go with all the pus and blood. Also you can’t forget the drunk camera person. It wouldn’t be complete without a little dizzyness……Sweet post….Plus it was long enough to satisfy….Wouldn’t you agree….Thanks Cochore….dws

  3. littlemisssquirt says:

    Ok, ok, to be petty….did anyone get a load (tee hee) of the toilet bowl before the lid went down???? A little gingerly on the squeezing but a good payload. Too bad only one washcloth could be found… Thanx, Cochore!

    1. Oh yeah, the first thing I noticed. It was vulgar to say the least… Can you imagine the smell in there?

      This guy just doesn’t seem to have a lot going for himself in terms of intelligence or basic hygiene. That “boil” looks like cellulitis to me. Notice the purplish color of his kneecap? Both his leg and life are likely in jeopardy.

      I would hope that he has the common sense to destroy that washcloth…

  4. somebody take that wash cloth away from him, PLEASE!!!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Because of this video, I will NEVER EVER use a brown washcloth EVER because of the one in a Zillion chance that it might be that one.

      Great submission !

  5. You bet Little Miss…. (eeeuuugghhh!)
    I’m a bit confused……
    Were they pouring salt on that thing???

  6. I don’t know why, but I can’t take looking at that wash cloth.
    I had to stop watching.
    I don’t get it.
    There’s a roll of TP right there.
    That rag was nasty.

  7. At 6 minutes did they LITERALLY put salt in the wound?!

    Sticking with that single nasty wash cloth though the whole “procedure” was incredibly frustrating. I know tissue comes from old growth forest, but Come on!

  8. So many weird things about this video… the rag? Blech. Salt? WTH?

    And why the heck was this person not taken to an ER? That thing was actually not small at all! The redness extended almost to the other side of his thigh! I’m thinking it could have been cellulitis, MRSA, or a spider bite. Lots of options, but this thing was definitely NOT a small infection. He needed I&D and antibiotics ASAP. If you can saturate a rag with your pus, it’s not something you should be dealing with on your own!

  9. Plenty of pus in that leg! I thinke he needed a doctor and some anti biotics!
    Excellent find Cochore!!!

  10. Usually the soundtrack is useless unless they’re cracking jokes. This is the exception that makes the rule; where the heck was the sound to explain the whole ‘same washcloth, no doctor, salt in the wound, baby’s first camera’ deal?

  11. Twisted Cyster says:

    Nice Vid !!! But indeed that NASTY, brown, pus&blood impregnated piece of
    washcloth ,truly was a dirty thing…BWEHHHhhh !!
    There were some nice whitepus chunks he was pulling out. And at 02:34 till 02:50 it seems to me that there was a hair envolved there, and was pulled out. With that he got rid of the blockage and when started squeezing again at 03:25 then SSssplatchhhhhh !!!! Nice distance shooter !!!
    Good Find Cochore !! Thanks for Digging, Mining & Posting !!

  12. Splatter Man says:

    It looked like he was extracting dental floss starting at 2:33.

  13. Great video. I agree that this has crossed the “DIY” line and needs some aggressive medical care. That being said, the payload, the “dental floss” pull, and the distance splurch were all AWESOME!! Excellent post Cochore.

  14. dixiebelle6577 says:

    Great post. Loved the long pull scene. I’m thinking spider bite.

  15. I really think that the person with the boil should have got off the toilet and let that poor camera person go!!!!

  16. excellent find Cochore

    so what a bout some pepper, perhaps a dash of garlic? I don’t get it…Maybe because Na+ (salt) has a drawing effect.
    I’m thinking if he really cranked down on that thing, there may have been some major chunckage in there.

  17. gross. dude, clean your toilet!

  18. Oy vey! So much I could say about this one, but it’s all already been said. I hope he saw a doctor!

  19. I couldn’t finish the vid. The over saturated pus rag was so sickening. Wiping pus with pus was just too much for me. Was a great video until that point. I have a fear it gets thrown in the dirty laundry basket.

  20. Random thoughts here, in no particular order– what happened to if it’s yellow let it mellow if it’s brown flush it down?!? I bet that washcloth was white when he stole it from his mom’s house two years ago… Are all cameramen drunks or just ones filming zits?? why isn’t he putting that death rag down?? will he ever clean the bathroom and/or tell his roommates what happened in there today?? it won’t be enough to just put the rag in the garbage. I think the CDC prefers things like that to be put in old leaky wooden boats and pushed out to sea and shot at with flaming arrows. I’m glad we don’t have smell-o-vision.

    1. Goog one, @snapcacklepop – “shot at with flaming arrows” that is sooooo funny can’t stop laughing…

  21. Cochore- excellent one here! Didn’t look like much on the surface, but a WHOLE lot was going on in the depths of that one. And I love when the plug goes ka-pow!

    I must ask you medically-oriented Popologists here- what IS that stringy stuff people can sometimes pull out of these pus-laden goodies? I’d love to know.

    At least now I feel much better about how my toilet looks..

  22. princesspustule says:

    Don’t get me wrong, the video was great but, I freeeeeaked when I saw that toiet. It looked black on the inside. Dudes Pleeeease clean the toliet and use tissue instead of that nasty ol’ wash cloth. Sorry to be a nag but cleanliness is next to poppingness.

  23. Loved the explosion at 3:20…i dont care about the toilet…i will not be sitting on it LOL i came for the pus and i saw the pus..im happy :) hahaha

  24. haha ok i was tripping when i seen the salt sprinkled on the leg i was thinking some weird voodoo zit was going on or some one was getting ready to have a hannibal lector snack lol great pus flow saw chunks here and there great find Cochore i hope you and your family had a very merry christmas smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  25. Proves a point – pus plug comes out and relieves the pressure for torrential pus.

  26. pashion4popin says:

    what an awesome combo of pus plugs, drainage and even a squirt. too bad he ran out of cloth area. maybe he could have not given up so quickly and used toilet paper or refolded/washed the cloth… hmf. and what the hell was that …baby powder? bit of a downer but he persisted, and ahhhh, finally got my fix lol. seems to be complete for the most part. what a huge boil, lots ‘o fun :) thank u sir squeeze and cameraperson

  27. Amazing but reeeeeely nasty on many levels…thought the rope pull was the sac at first but I think it’s called keratin…just saw a video with something similar…A+++++

  28. Cochore, great post! I have to admit that rag was looking mighty gnarly towards the end – rinse please!!

  29. Nothing more to add re the colour of the toilet bowl **blech** and saturating that poor washer with nasty pus when there was tp there but I thought that was an antibiotic powder they threw on it at the end?? I may be wrong but I hope I’m right, lol…

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