My Dad’s Boil

Just a fast one…guy says its a boil, but we do see it is in fact a blackhead. Now if he just wasn’t such a wuss… maybe we would have seen more of it! You have to watch closely, but it does give up a squirt!

“My Dad’s boil” Original posted to YT by realspade45 op 26 aug 2011

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    1. People try to zoom in way too close with a cheap camera that can’t handle that extreme proximity. Pet peeve of mine.

  1. Nice little quickie.

    1. Hey why don’t you talk to your dad, and see if he will let you pop that baby and record it, with good camera focusing, and post it for us, Please that would be real nice.

  2. Ah i love the meat getting ready to be cooked in background! hahaha

    1. My thoughts exactly. Couldn’t wait on the napkin coming to collect the discharge gook. No! We must do the frantic hurry-up-and-get-this-stuff-off-me swipe…..and who knows where that glop of sebum went? Into the hotdog pile? Maybe……

      1. I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn’t want to eat there. Has anyone noticed the amount of videos where the guy has a throw rug on his back.

      2. the reason why BBQ tastes good

  3. They can’t help how hairy they are.
    I have a couple very hairy friends, One is so hairy from a distance it looks like he’s wearing a coat.
    Once his boys got old enough, they started trimming his back with clippers.
    They tried doing the wax removal thing, but he said it was way to painful.
    It may have had something to do with the fact that he didn’t do it the regular way with wax, they did it with duct tape.
    They have uninterrupted hair from their check bones right down to their crotch.

  4. Splatter Man says:

    I hope he didn’t get any on his wiener.

    1. BWA HAAA HAAAAAAAAA!!!! Ten points to Splatter Man for Today’s Excellent One-Liner!

  5. Grrrrr! Focus the camera CO!
    Good find TC!!!

  6. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Gotta love family picnics …………..

  7. With food in the background, that was pretty gross. Nice little squirt though. There is a reason I listen to all the videos on mute. Thanks for the effort.

    1. oops, I don’t listen on mute….I watch on mute unless I am prompted to good audio. Less painful that way.

  8. there was definite potential– too bad they didn’t do it up.
    p.s.- I hate it when people swear like that in front of kids

  9. why do people insist on doing this around food?

    1. I have no idea! It’s disgusting. My in-laws started flossing at the table while the rest of us were still eating and I just could NOT eat anymore! I mean it could fling out on my food!*shudder*

    2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      It’s kinda like enjoying a fine brandy after a great meal……

  10. The guy had a bigger problem then what was on his back; he’s an idiot surrounded by idiots. And all set in a lovely environment.

  11. all ready not found!

  12. Nice. Im sure neither of them washed their hands after, then went right on cooking for the family…urp!

  13. Another great blackhead extraction ruined by poor video recording…I hope the next time a steady camera will get the beginning to the end!

  14. Great lawn furniture…..I agree there was no handwashing there…..before food, before zit, after zit, before food prep, before eating!

  15. thats how i like to spend my time at a backyard bbq
    dislike on the bad hygine!

  16. Yeah, his language is that of ‘white trash’, BlacK Head was good tho.

    Need more of that lil bugger!

  17. i hope they didn’t accidently toss it on the barbeque lol dang wuss should have been one of us there to get the pop right

  18. diamondgirl828 says:


  19. And the secret ingredient in the extra-chunky potato salad is…

  20. princesspustule says:

    Oh my Gosh!!! He wiped that sebum off and there was food all over the place. I am sure nobody saw where it went. That is just nasty.

  21. Ewww there doing it right by the food!!! But still a nice looking blackhead. :) LIKE THIS COMMENT IF YOU WANT NEW BLACKHEAD VIDEOS!!!

  22. POP big thick zit but right in front of the foot?

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