Lauren’s Wart Gets Attacked!

I don’t what it is about Plantar Warts – sure, I like the pulling and ripping apart, the white flaky but mushy material, speckled with those black “seeds”, and I love it when a nice big center core comes tearing out (especially when accompanied by some nice, oozing pus)!

Well, okay, I guess I do know why I like them. Luckily, I know I am not the only Wart Weirdo around these parts. It has been awhile since we have seen a real good, satisfying wart rebelling against the removal process – PW’s are extremely stubborn! Those little brown bubble warts that can be snipped, cauterized or lazed off are wussies compared to this big, bad foot monsters! So I think you’ll enjoy this DIY session, my fellow Wart Weirdos!

Just Pop It!
~ H.S.

“Lauren’s Wart” Uploaded by jakkattackk1 on Jun 8, 2011

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  1. I kept waiting for something cool to happen.

    1. It didn’t really have that “center plug” pull out that most Plantars have. But, can’t win ‘em all! :)

      ~ H.S.

      1. The vid might not be 5 star but your intros always are. :)

    2. Yep, needs that huge core out or it will come back. The over-the-counter stuff that freezes the wart is very effective. It makes a ugly sore but once it come out the wart is gone.

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    One fine job of trimming there young lady……..

  3. I liked the way she multitask the toenail clippers as a skin cutter.

  4. Was it really a “wart”?

  5. If the foot had been dry the skin would have harder – like a callus – and the plug would have come out easier. I KNOW this but there would be a lot of bleeding and pain too.

  6. Those young ladies are not the typical people we see on here.

  7. zitmeistergeneral says:

    I’m a cyst gal myself but I must admit I loved this video despite the lack of puss. She was so well prepared – the perfect tool kit! Gotta love that organisation! Not sure she removed everything she could have – those things burrow in deep. However I still offer a hearty BRAVO!

  8. Wow, now I want to find more of these! You know, videos of them; not randomly on myself.

  9. Those are cool to see…I especially love the “seeds”! Lauren really has some “cajones”, doesn’t she? I had a couple of Plantar warts once & was too scared to play with them like that! Finally had them burned off. A friend of mine in 5th grade had “Seed Warts”. Those were the coolest things I had ever seen up to that point in my little life!! I challenge my PTZ buddies to find pictures or videos of that type of scourge!

  10. I thought a plantars wart were in the ball of the foot and not the joint of the big toe! That looked like a callous from wearing ill-fitting or cheap shoes! The vid was well executed and that young lady has my respect and admiration fo that fine surgical procedure on her big toe callous! I hope she went to a doctor to get what was left treated!
    Great find H.S.!!

    1. plantar warts will show up anywhere on the foot, my bro in law had about 40 of them on his right foot when he was 16, couldnt hardly walk.

      Great vid H.S.!!!

    2. Thats what it look like to me too @BigTull (callus).
      And YES,she did a great job!

  11. Looked like a callous to me. Now all they need to do is get some sand paper and sand that baby down, that would make it nice and smooth, after that top off with some good lotion to soften the skin…Interesting post…thanks hs….dws

  12. Definitely a Plantar Wart. A 50/50 shot home remedy is to cover the wart with duct tape, change everyday, and in about 6 to 8 months it might just go away on its own.

    1. I’ve done that with regular warts. I would leave the duct tape on for about three days and then remove it when I showered. After the shower, I’d put more back on. I’d get a crazy rash/sore where the duct tape was, but as it healed, the warts went away with the rash. It took mine about 2.5 weeks to go away, but they weren’t plantars warts, just the regular kind.

  13. I remember cores coming out of my sons Plantar wart and using duck tape first to soften it….never came back…hers looks a bit um um like it will see her tomorrow. Thanks for the show though :)

  14. OMG, why are they not wearing GLOVES??!!!

    1. LOL…those damn gloves!There must be a term for that obsession?

  15. Reminds me of a story my old man told – WWII, Army Air Corps in New Guinea – a pilot had one on the ball of his foot, he came to dad for assistance; they dripped battery acid on it for a week, then yanked the core out with a pair of pliers. AAGGHH! Said it had roots like an onion. The kind of stunt one would expect from a P-38 mechanic!

    1. Great story.

  16. YIKES! That had to hurt. Plus, if you don’t get those seeds out, it’s gonna come back! Good find, HS!

  17. ok wowwwww. holy cats.. yeah I’m still waiting for my jaw to be able to close. yeesh. talk about stoic she just went in for the kill. Brava! mebe I’ll send Emil my next callous removal…..

  18. Twisted Cyster says:

    I always thought that plantar warts had realy stone-hard core in it. I dont think this was a wart. And IF it was….That zit of warts is highly contagious, if you touch by bare fingers andther is a BIGG change a wart pops up at that finger too !!
    But annyway….I realy was waiting for her to rip off that Bigg Center piece and put it in her Mouth….
    or is that a nasty way of thinking ???

    Allthough not my Favs, this was kinda interesting Vid. Good intro too Halphie !! as usual

  19. that was a conglomeration of warts, not just one, she needs to keep on digging until its all gone, most warts are from a virus so they spread how they want to and when they are ready, remember going to the community swimming pool? remember walking thru the small tub on the floor with some Clorox type of liquid in it? that was to stem the spread of warts.
    my son had 1 on his heel, over 1″ in diameter. Dr dabbed on some thick black liquid, covered the whole thing, next week Dr stuck a sharp curly tool in it and just pealed the wart out completely, left a hole about 1/4″ deep which filled up during the following week.

    1. that was probably Ichthymol. its a drawing salve. awesome stuff.

  20. this all still feels like a bad idea to me…

    still great vid!

  21. Nice video. That wart will be back with a vengance. Hope they post the next removal attempt!

  22. Nice video. That wart will be back with a vengeance. Hope they post the next removal attempt!

    1. Yep, I saw tons of roots left behind – little black spots. Needs to be frozen off or really cut with huge margins left behind.

      1. darksecret says:

        The black dots aren’t actually roots or “seeds”, they are petechiae-the escape of blood from ruptured blood vessels.

  23. unicornlady says:

    She never should have attempted this on herself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    She did a good job using nail clippers and a scissor.

  25. wobblerlorri says:

    She stopped too soon… shoulda girled up and yanked out the core.

    I had a couple warts on my right hand next to my middle finger joint, I just picked at them (as kids will do) until finally they got tired of me picking at them and went away. I probably managed to dig out the core on both of them over time.

    I sort of miss them now.

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