Joel’s Fury

Short and sweet, although i wish he went a little more on the squeezing aspect.

joel’s fury Uploaded by z3phyrdok on Sep 3, 2011 on youtube

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  1. Congratulations young man!!! You are holding a sebaceous gland in your hand from your own skin!
    Great find midnightdream69!!!

    1. Looked like a chunk from his liver.

  2. Turn of the faucet, no its not cartillage and dear god please put the box of tampons under the sink where they belong!!

    1. Um, not if they’re going to come in handy for say, the next 5-7 days. Then they go under the sink!

      Great find midnightdream69, thanks!

    2. Cant put them away yet. they still got to plug that hole.

  3. Where’s the rest of th video, you just started.

  4. He is going to use those tampons after he is finished draining the cyst. THEN he will put them under the sink.

  5. Wow! Whatta chunk. That thing was a monster. If I had a baseball sized growth on the side of my neck, I would be “concerned”. Sweet find midnightdream69. Going into the faves. :)

  6. I guess the camera man wimped out and left the room after that awesome chunk. You could tell mom wanted more. Great start tho!! Also fantastic find midnightdream69.

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Is it just me or did I see him put it in his mouth in the final seconds?
    Go back and look.

    1. I noticed that also, but I think (hope) he was smelling it.

    2. princesspustule says:

      PTP,you are correct. He put that damn thing in his mouth. If you look he had it on his finger when he put it up to his face and when he brought the fingers down it was gone. Where else could it have gone other than up his nose or in his mouth? I am freaking out over that. I just don’t know where else it could have gone. I think I am going to be sick.

      1. princesspustule says:

        I just couldn’t believe what I saw. I thought maybe he threw it in the toliet. So, I watched it in slow motion and I am positive when he brought his finger back down from his face that chunk was gone. If he didn’t put it in his mouth then, he stuck it on his face. I am just freaking out about this. They didn’t act like he ate it in the video. They did freak out when it came out of his neck. I am almost positive he did put it in his mouth. Besides, the toliet lid was closed so, where else could it have gone?

  8. Splatter Man says:

    Are we sure that wasn’t a tonsil that popped out?

    1. I thought maybe it was his conjoined fetal twin finally making an appearance.
      WHY did they stop filming before a full four finger hold? Why do they tease us so?!?

  9. right that was a great big cyst
    what a shame they didnt complete the popping, there was just soooo much more in there, it did look like it was tasty there at the end

  10. Hope there is a part 2, that plug could have been holding back a big load! One good squeeze now.

  11. For some reason the plug fascinates me. Does anyone remember modeling clay that came in thin strips used in claymation? It looks that pliable. Anyone for recycling comedones to create works of art :)

  12. whydoiwatchthis says:

    i’m fairly certain he licked his finger at the very end – did anyone else catch that?

  13. Cripes. He’s talking and touching, and marveling over a chunk of PUS! Can it get any stupider? With the rest of the video yet to be seen (all that PUS…) we need to hold of on any judgement and just let the subject of this masterpiece in progress regale us with the sequel.

  14. Triforce on the back x3. But yes, STOP WASTING WATER! And no, that is not a piece of your brain you popped out through your neck or whatever. Kudos to you for finding this video, midnight!

  15. K – E – W – L gigantic pus plug!

  16. midnightdream69, thanks for a great post, but I wish he would have completed the extraction on film!

  17. wylderose says:

    You could frame that chunk mate, better than eating it (or even pretending to eat it, not sure which)… Anyway, that’s one awesome cyst you have there, shame you didn’t keep filming but glad we got to see that plug come out ;-)

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