Found! The BIGGEST and GROSSEST Booger!

~~ FIXED! ~~
A bit o’ fun for those who have yet to experience the full and mighty power of gack that is…
the BIGGEST and GROSSEST Booger!!
~~ (vurp!) ~~

Yes, I have personally taken it upon myself to name the “nose gold” that is extracted from this man’s nose to be the Official Biggest, Grossest Booger EVER! Well, at least until someone stumbles across an even nastier one, which is not at all unlikely when it comes to fishing around in YouTube!! LOL (and just in case you are wondering, nope, it isn’t post-nasal surgery packing… that was my thought at first, too… but its all… well… crusty, compacted, slime coated… booger!)

This video came to PTZ via an e-mail from “David”. So don’t thank me, just send some gratitude into the atmosphere, and it should find him, wherever he may be. :) Probably searching out more booger vids… Oops! I’ve outted a “booger aficionado”! Sorry, David! No, I’m just kidding. I have no idea how he came across this gem, but what I do know is that it most definitely deserves a place in the ever-growing PTZ Archives!!

Have fun! tee hee

Just Pop It!
~ H.S.

“My Visit to the” Uploaded to YouTube by MissGVous2 on Jan 26, 2011

130 Comments on “Found! The BIGGEST and GROSSEST Booger!

  1. Dear Jesus…that was awesome!! Great find Halph!!

  2. I’ve had bigger boogers but they have all been gelatinous and normal snot colored. I know, TMI.
    I wonder what kind of infection/condition/stuff he breathed in that would make that? It looked uncomfortable just watching, I can’t imagine how it must have felt being probed like that. YUCK.

    1. He had previous surgery and he went in for a follow up with his ENT and to clean out anything left was behind! Well it looks like they got a big surprise lol!

      1. What kind of surgery would have left THAT behind??? I nearly hurled.

      2. scarletknitwit says:

        @poppintime, I figured that’s what must have happened. I had a deviated septum fixed. The day the doc removed the packing, he also checked for mucus or blood clots filling the nostrils (long story short: I was on an anti-inflammatory med that caused me to bleed profusely during the surgery; doctor had packed it tightly

        5-stars, easily.

  3. Just too gross for words

  4. That is amazing! Imagine blowing that sucker out on your own– I’d probably start crying just looking at it!

  5. That was amazing! I wanna marry that guy!

  6. Wow it looked like some fungus.great post

    1. Could be a small bug too. I mean, they could mummify and then get covered in snot that hardens.

      1. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:


  7. Splatter Man says:

    Did the top of his head cave in after that monstrous booger came out?

    1. All I can say to that comment is : Hahahahahahahaha !

  8. I never thought I would favor something like this!!! That.was.AWESOME!!!!!

  9. Then again, I DO like the feeling when you blow your nose and can feel it drain from your sinuses. Wow, this site is making me open up about things I never admitted before! Normally, this sort of thing is not acceptable conversational. LMAO!

    1. Dang typo, where’s the edit button? ;)

  10. Holy extraction! That was a monster. He said “my eyes are watering”. Shoot, I think ALL our eyes were watering. Are “Giant Boogers” going to be a new category HS? Great (and surprising) post. :)

  11. FANTASTIC!!!!! – The smile on that man’s face is testament to how great it felt to get rid of that. –
    Very excellent post H.S. Thanks!!

  12. Only thing coming to mind is that gives a whole new meaning for “diggin for gold”

  13. I Have Got To Get Me One Of Those Long Booger Pickin’ Tools!!!!!
    Oh Yeah!!! That’s goin’ on the favs list!!!
    Thanks David!!!
    Classic post H.S.!!!

    1. Careful now, if you get a little over zealous and reach in too far you’ll be pulling out brain boogers!

      1. Where did you get the idea i had any left over?

    2. cheezewiz says:

      Right up your alley BT! Rivals Dr. J posts!

  14. Now will someone please wipe that residual mucus off of his collar…Thank you.

    1. princesspustule says:

      I think that was a thread from his button on the other side of his shirt. I thought the same thing at first.

  15. holy does that happen?

  16. HOLY ZIT!!!!! check his head for open craters…If that would have let loose on a blow that would have been as dangerous as a bullet!!! great post HS

  17. Do you guys think that may have been a little leftover surgical packing?

  18. So one side feels better now? Good! How about the other side? (rubbing hands together like Mr Burns). bwahahaha!

    1. princesspustule says:

      if you look closely you can see he has another booger on the other side. It is a crusty dark yellow one. I think there may have been some packing in with that booger he pulled out. If you look closely, there is a tail on the front of the booger he pulled out. You can see it when the doc lays it in his hand. Also. if you look at just above that tail it looks like packing that had been conformed to the gator insturment he was using.Though I like to think that is nothing but pure unadulterated booger. What, a girl can dream now cant I? (ha,ha,ha) I am such a sicko.

  19. Whoa, that was great!

  20. Sweet!!
    I had a monster booger once, looked just like a banana slug. I had been sick with a sinus infection for about a week and then my boyfriend broke up with me, well all the crying and boo hoo hooing must of plumped it up cause it took a good hour and a long hot steamy shower to extract it!! I wish I had a video camera back then…..was amazing! I am willing to admit I saved it in a kleenex so I could admire it again in the morning but when I looked it had dried out and become a third of its former greatness.

    1. OMG! I’ve always called the ones I get out of my nose “banana slugs”, too! The first monster came out of my nose while watching a Nature show on the Sea of Cortez, and there was banana slugs in the show. My son was the one who noticed the resemblance.
      I did save one thing that came out of my nose in a pill bottle of water in the fridge one time. It was pink with blood veins and I thought it looked like tissue (the human kind, not the paper) and wanted my doctor to see it. I ended up not going in and flushed it. He used all kinds of instruments to look in my nose and back of my throat and he said it possibly was an adenoid, because I only had one.
      And all before home computers, video cameras, and PTZ!

    2. Same here – monster infection, one day I blew my nose and it gave birth. I compare it to chewed ham fat. Little veins and all.

    3. Oh my gosh I am so glad that this has happened to other people. I was sick and had the WORST stuffy nose. I was finally able to blow it and this giant chunk with blood veins and everything shot out. I thought it might be brain tissue lol. It was such a relief so I feel for this guy. But COME ON I want to see the other side too.

  21. Can you imagine the relief that guy has to feel?

  22. I had to turn on the sound and watch it again. I thought it was a mouse lol

  23. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    That would have looked great if it was on the tip of his index finger…. or, better yet, on mine.

  24. I don’t about you, but I LITERALLY feel a sense of relief when I watch this.

  25. WOW! I wonder how the cool air felt on his brain after the first inhale?

  26. Hey PTZers, “What’s inside a clean nose?” FINGERPRINTS!!! Must’ve had big fingers. Too big.

  27. well uh, yeah!! Thats a keeper!!

  28. I hope he had a nylon shotgun barrel brush to clean the inside out after removing thus uber-booger.

  29. From when I was a small child digging for boogers ,then kindergarten , so forth tham mamma jama deserves a standing ovation and that booger bronzed!

  30. Holy huge Batman! No wonder scientists no longer consider Pluto one of the planets; cause it was up this guys nose!
    *thwap! Shlappin myself to make sure it’s real, and watches again!*
    Sweet find David! Thanks

  31. princesspustule says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! You know he couldn’t have been breathing out of that side of his nose. I bet that first breath of air was awsome. How in the heck did that get so impacted back there? He said it made his eyes water, I would be flooding the office after that. That had tobe the most awsome video I have seen in awhile. That deserved 10 stars. For some odd reason I don’t think they were finished either. Could there be more glorious footage? Lets hope.

  32. injury would result if he were to flick it at someone

  33. That’s no booger, it’s a space station!

    That was the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen extracted from someone’s nose ever. Which isn’t as extensive of a list as I would like it to be, but the video is still pretty sweet.

  34. Now that just pisses me off. When I tell my friends at the deer lease about them booger pullers and the size of that one they’re all gonna call me a Texas size liar for sure. If that dude had of buck snorted that one he would have caused collateral damage four blocks away. That thing looked like it was starting to grow arms and legs. That doctor just might have saved the world. If that booger had have made it through the larval stage there’s no telling what it might have grown up to be. Hell, it might have even taken over both houses of congress. Well, come to think of it, that might not be such a bad deal after all. Anyway, Halph, dear, I’m going to have to build a shrine to you in my work shop now. You are the all time greatest. Your research efforts have humbled us all.

    1. I reckon you’re gonna have to invite these friends over for a viewing party then, SRC. We’ll provide the entertainment, you provide the shrine, and they can bring the soft drinks (we’re a family site, I hear ;)). This way, you can be a Texas size host instead. We’ll all pitch in to help.

    2. I agree, that crusty was big enough to have it’s own pulse

  35. Congratulations! It’s a boy.

    1. Haha! That one made me snort a laugh!

  36. Now that was a World Class Booger..

    Now he will get 50% more air into his system..

    1. so it wasn’t the O2 sensor it was the PCV valve. Wow Talk about better air flow… bet he gets better mileage now too ;)

  37. That man gave birth I’d say. Seriously, how long was he walking around with that mass up his nose? Why did he wait that long?

    1. And why didn’t a serious sneeze simply blow out that mass at the speed of sound? Just imagine he had to sneeze and have blocked the left nostril….

  38. There is no way you could blow that thing out of your nose…That was the biggest boogie I have ever seen in my life….Great Find…This is going on my favs….five stars….dws..I really enjoyed the booger grabber, I have never seen such a horrible tool….ouch…

  39. This reminds me of when I got my adenoids removed. About a week later, it felt like my sinuses were plugged. I blowed my nose, and BOOM! 2 giant, blood filled, snotty, boogery sacs came flying out of my nostrils. TMI– but seriously. My jaw was hanging slack. Nice find!

  40. princesspustule says:

    I wished he would have saved that sucker and sent it to a taxidermy, or in this case a boogerdermy and preserved that monster. Don’t you know that would be quite a conversational piece at a dinner party (ha,ha,ha,ha). I could see it now. Would you like to see the newest edition to the family and then whip that sucker out. I don’t think I would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it come out of his nose. After boogerderming it, he should have sent it to Guinness, I know it would have won.

    1. “Boogerdermy”? I’d have it encased into plastic, like some modern art masterpiece. I doubt you can stuff a booger to make it look real after all these years.

      1. Send it to the Body World Doctor to get it plasticized! It could go on tour with the video!

  41. See, Kids….This is why you pick your boogers everyday to avoid something like this happening to you.

    That would drive me crazy since I’m one of those people who has to be able to breathe through their nose in order to even function, otherwise I just focus on how stopped up I am and how much it sucks. I mean, there is no way that guy could breathe through his nose with that thing up there. Maybe that was part of his brain that rotted away? I bet that’s what happens to your brain after watching too much FoxNews, it just begins to systematically kill itself.

    1. No, it’s all a strong lack of good Kentucky Bourbon or Laphroaig used to infuse the nose in order to dissolve such über-boogers and avoid getting them stuck. Also cleans out all the fingerprints in your nose cavity.

  42. by dint of snorting coke, this is what happens!

  43. my eyes were watering too , that was a beautiful deboogering

  44. I would love to know what the medical explaination is for that little nostril slug

    1. Probably post-op from nasal surgery. I had something that was about that size, but I had to BLOW IT OUT! It felt like that thing that Arnie pulled out of his nose in Total Recall.

      1. Regular sinus sickness can do it too. I haven’t had one that big because I’m obsessive about cleaning out my nose when I have sinusitis, but similar. The worst thing though is when you wake up in the middle of the night because you can’t breath, and it’s due to incredibly thick mucus covering the back of your mouth, so badly that you have to REACH IN WITH YOUR HAND and pull it all out.

  45. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Speechless.

  46. Katie Hernandez says:


  47. Lael Archana says:

    OMG! I bet that guy feels better. for reals. That was totally awesome.

  48. haha that was great would hate to be the one at scholl who sits at his desk when he goes to the next class remember nasty boogers people used to put under desk well that one would make me scream and run lol great booger find Halph Staph happy new year smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  49. You can just feel the relief. Thanks Halph Staph for this great find.

  50. how ya I remember this one I bet Dr.J would be proud and maybe would want to get hes hands on one of those.

  51. Cyster Sebum says:

    I am almost certain that the inside of the inside of this booger was actually a piece of gauze or packing, left in after a sinus procedure. The mass pulls out in such a complete piece, and the color of the drainage seems consistent with that which a patient would have after surgery. Does anyone else agree? That said, this is definitely the grossest booger I have ever seen.

    1. The owner of the video says it was just booger, no packing or foriegn material.

      1. This is straight from the owner of the beauty,

        Since some of you are wondering, this is a snot covered, bloody booger. There you have it.
        MissGVous2 1 month ago

        Oh and he did have surgery this was weeks later,

      2. Cyster Sebum says:

        Justis- thank you for clarifying. It was just so solid and so big, it looked too good to be true. What makes this especially scary is it seemed like they were discussing performing a removal from the other nostril! Poor guy, that surgery really did a number on him!

    2. Gail Theriot says:

      I think there was some packing in there, I’ll be happy to look at it again, again & again to be sure, but I saw it on you tube a while back & thought I read something about a deviated septum. Either way it was awesome.
      I would demand that my other nostril be vaccumed out or something. OMG!! I have never had like anything happen to me! So thankful for that b/c I couldn’t leave it alone, would have to pick at it. lol

  52. He did a LOT better than I would have, in his place. I’d have been gagging and bucking around–not a good image, with that long, mean grabber in there! YUCK

  53. Love Love Love it my friend great find as always HS!

  54. wow, just wow. The human body never ceases to amaze!!!

  55. My nephew when he was 10 had one just like this one. He has a little OCD going on. Instead of blowing his nose he would sniff a little…for years. Then one night we were all over at the in-laws for a holiday meal, he was complaining he couldn’t breath through his nose…duuhhhh, frickin’ really? Gramma pulled this wood-like nasal stalagmite out of his face and we all were amazed, horrified…no longer hungry.

    1. diamondgirl828 says:

      Video is disabled now, but I did get a chance to look at this last month and I thought it was fake. Now listening to your story, I am like WOW, this could really happen?? Gramma didn’t pull that gnarly thing out at the kitchen table did she/ Let’s hope not…If so, GET THE CLOROX!! LOL

  56. Never seen anything like that in my life…wow

  57. The video is gone. I’m sad.

  58. so many of my favorites are now deleted? aww nooo!

    1. I reported this a while back, still gone :(

  59. sylvia ruiz says:

    my jaw dropped when i saw that!!

  60. princesspustule says:

    back on the site. It is one of my top 5 favorites and I missed watching it. I do have to say that alot of Dr. J’s older videos are gone as well. I miss those as well. I see that Kristy is missing some of her favorites as well. Do you know what is happining with thoseOh H.S. your the bomb!!!!! thank you,thank you,thank you for getting this that aren’t working anymore?

  61. I cant even find the right words to express my feelings on this, Thank You for the find H.S.. Im just speechless

  62. plus he had blackheads in the temple area near his eyes :)

  63. phillip jackson says:

    an oldie but a goodie

  64. I had to have septoplasty to fix my septum and when I was able to blow my nose 2 weeks later something gross like that came out !! Looked like a giant blood clot !

  65. OozeLover says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this back Halph!

  66. princesspustule says:

    Did you guys see the other nostril It had alot of stuff in it too. Go back and look in the beginning of the video and you can see it in the other nostril just sitting there waiting to be plucked out by the booger doc. I dont know maybe he is waiting to let it grow as big or bigger than the other on. I hope so. Just make sure you get it on video for all of us.

    1. princesspustule says:

      sorry I had a typo. I meant to spell one instead of on.

  67. It’s Slimer from Ghostbusters, quick set a trap!

  68. sabeth17 says:

    Now, that is the definition of Picking myself a winner!!!!!

  69. Holy giant boogers, Batman!!! I think they just found their pet mouse that went missing a couple of weeks ago!

    I hate to think that this guy may have been on a subway or some other public place and sneezed an uncontrollable sneeze on the head of some unsuspecting person knocking them unconscious, or blinding them temporarily with a flying wad of snot.

    This brings up scarry stories from my childhood that my older brother used to tell me about the Boogerman. In this case, It is actually the booger itself, that looks like it could come to life, that scares me, or at least knowing that something like that actually came out of a human’s nose. It also reminds me of the movie “The Blob”. Cool, scarry stuff.

  70. Lauren E. Arias says:

    I remember getting a bean up my nose, so it was pretty bad…especially at the age of 6. THAT, on the other hand, must have been really uncomfortable…and I have empathy for him.

  71. This is one of my all time favorite videos of all time! I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it but I feel a little relief every time the doctor pulls that sucker out. I just wish that they had filmed the second nostril as well. I guess that was just not to be.

  72. omg… not what i was expecting!

  73. ewwwww…omg…was not ready for what came out…..

  74. sngr4sball23 says:

    WOW, Just, wow.

  75. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Well at least we know he doesn’t get caught picking his nose at red lights! He saves them up for us! :) :)

  76. How can he be so calm and laid back??? I would be shrieking fer sure!!

    1. Poppy, Could you even breathe with that rodent sized thing up your nostril?

  77. sngr4sball23 says:

    THAT was freakin’ awesome!

  78. Jesus Christ in a taxicab! Is it wrong that I want to pull that out of my nose? Must feel so awesome once it’s out!

    1. Lindsey Lucas says:

      No its not at least I don’t think it is, but if so Im wrong right along side you. AWESOMENESS!!!

  79. Now that is a big booger O_o

  80. Best booger video ever.

  81. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    That is one nast Booger. I kinda liked the video though. It sure must of felt good while pulling it out and to have it out.

    Great Video!!!

  82. What the hell was that? I suspect it was a small ralway sleeper. Remarkable video.

  83. Really? HOW in the world does one have a booger get that immense????

  84. NMGAPAOH, perhaps there’s a competition we haven’t been invited to…

  85. I freak out when I get the smallest thing up my nose. I would’ve passed out long before this. Oy Gevalt!

  86. Can you imagine if he had tried to blow or sneeze that out? He probably would have burst his eardrums.

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