Fire Ants Misery

Here’s a guy you can feel sorry for…..6 times…..if you watch each video.
I’ve been swarmed by fire ants before and it’s total misery.

Pop 1

Pop 2

Pop 3

Pop 4

Pop 5

Pop 6

“Fire Ant Bites Being Popped”, “Highly Infected Bites”, “Highly Infected Bug Bite”, “Infected Fire Ant bites”
Uploaded to YouTube by scottblock9829 on Aug 19, 20, & 21, 2011

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  1. geez, those look painful. do we have those up here in canada?

    1. No, Joy, fireants are a southern plague. When one bites, you get swarmed and they all bite which burns like hot matches. When we lived down in Florida, we were surrounded on sides by a field that had thousands of fire ants mounds as tall as me. I kept a gallon container of Amdro to pour on the colonies trying to set up housekeeping in my yard. Between those, rattle snakes, mosquitoes, mole crickets, armadillos, and other assorted critters, life could be quite miserable. Anyone who thinks Florida is a picture postcard of the beach should have visited the middle on the state near the swamps.

      1. Don’t forget Palmetto Bugs, and Love Bugs.

      2. Agree!! You can’s imagine until you’ve lived there for 10 or 15 years. — While snow sucks, at least it kills horrible cooties like this off! – My exterminator was my best Floridian friend:)

      3. What’s the difference between a palmetto bug and a roach? Rich people get palmetto bugs, and poor people get roaches.

      4. @ popthatpus…A Palmetto bug is a roach, it’s a mega roach that loves the palmetto palms. Very hard to kill and they fly! If you’re in motion when one hits you OMG!

        Did we forget the heavenly freak-of-nature- paint job killing Love Bugs?

      5. Mothereruption- That was the joke! They’re both roaches!

  2. littlemisssquirt says:

    Ok, at first I thought it was a doctor using NO gloves when I saw the ink line marking the spread of the infection. Then I realized we were “deep in the heart of Texas” tattoo-wise, so to speak. Tee Hee.

  3. I can handle a little pain…so where so I find me some of those ants? I want to pop all that stuff haha

    1. There’s no such thing as a “little pain” when dealing with fire ants. You are swarmed before you realize it and if you brush at one ant, they all sting. No easy way to get something to squeeze.

  4. Those little critters with tear you up. Here in Florida, they are everywhere. If you get into a nest, they attack by the thousands. I’ve seen some really bad attacks in the past. I remember a patient who laid his motorcycle down right into a nest of fire ants. He was covered head to toe by the time we got to him. Fascinating post gimpysgirl.

      1. Unfortunately, no. This was in 1989, Bike Week, Daytona Beach. We had to use the booster hose on the engine to knock the ants off. Still, those little bastards found their way into our bunker gear and we were getting stung too. The patient had multiple injuries and was wearing one of those “brain bucket” helmets. He died in surgery at Halifax Hospital.

  5. I live in Alabama, and we have the wonders that are fire ants, as well. I happen to have the good fortune (sarcasm!) of being allergic to the little boogers. When I was 3 I got swarmed by a mound that was about as tall as me, because I used to play in that dirt pile (total tomboy) before it was taken over by the ants. I went to make mud pies, and next thing I know, I’m screaming like a banshee, my dad is spraying me with the hose on high pressure to get them all off, and I’m stripping. I’ve still got scars, 27 years later. And a few years ago I was working at a summer camp and accidentally stood in a small mound while I was hanging a canoe on a rack, and I got bitten by 11 of them. My foot swelled to twice its size, and when I went to the camp nurse, I swear I’ve never seen benadryl produced that fast in my entire life. My sandals that I was wearing at the time were neoprene, and my foot got so big it made the neoprene on that one crack. FIRE ANTS ARE EVIIIIIIIIIIIIL!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I feel for this dude. I live three miles south of Waco, Texas and have the fire ant vacation capital of Texas in my yard. I had always heard the hot weather was supposed to curtail their activity but oh hell no, not for me. They have a beach, umbrellas and and a little swimming pool built next to the drive way. I went the feed store and got the latest, greatest poison, Fire Ant Funeral, yesterday and applied it all over. Came home from work a few minutes ago and notices little wisps of smoke around the site. Thought it was on fire. Got a magnifying glass and took a look. Hell, they had their little fire ant pipes and were smoking the crap and were all higher than tree lizards, running around with their little fire ant AK-47’s car jacking grass hoppers. They took over the bird bath and are pimping out the tufted tit-mouses to the wood peckers. And they won’t let the fleas hit the dog unless the fleas break into the storage shed and bring them some more Fire Ant Funeral. I don’t know what I’m going to do when the cool weather hits and their usual rampage resumes. Mira might want to think twice about wanting to find some of these rascals.

    1. Ohmigosh, I literally LOLed. That was the best post EVER, SRC!

      1. made my day.

      2. Hell my dog, a female English Mastiff named Jessie, got wind of the deal with the fleas and made a deal of her own. She told the damn fire ants that if they clipped all the fleas she’d get the Fire Ant Funeral out of the storage shed. Problem, it has a combo lock and she doesn’t have opposing thumbs. Our neighbors have a perverted spider monkey who is in love with our other neighbor’s cat who avoids him like the plague. So, Jessie gives the combination to the pervert monkey, lies to the cat about a mouse house in the storage shed, the monkey is banging the hapless cat, the fleas get machine gunned all to hell and those damned fire ants have 25 pounds of smoke. There’s fire ant Reggae playing out in the front yard loud enough to be heard six blocks away and the red ants, wood ants and piss ants are stealing everything that isn’t nailed down to buy Fire Ant Funeral which they’ve started to cut down to about 12% pure. We’ve had four drive by’s in the last 20 minutes and that damn monkey won’t quit yelling, “who’s yo daddy, “who’s yo daddy? I’m moving.

    2. Twisted Cyster says:

      EEeeehhh Skull Ranch….Waco you sayd ?? Fire Ants take over ?? Fire Ants Grass-Pipes ?? Euhhhh…. you not influenced by David Koresh a long while ago ?? Or you on Acid ??
      LOL !! Your comment made me LOL !! Big-Time !!
      Owh and BTW you have to watch the 6 vids backwards, so start with No6 and then 5,4,3,2,1

    3. Love your comments, you might want to try a pyrethin based insecticide. They work very well and won’t hurt pets or you. unless of course your pets are incects.

    4. Ya mon! De fire ants got da BAAAAAAAD juju goin’ on, mon!

    5. omg those are the best stories i have ever heard!! lord keep me from fire ants!!! i will deal with the misquitos here in oregon!!!

  7. That is not my idea of a good time! I hope he went to a Doc to help with this problem!
    Great find gimpysgirl!!!

  8. I’ve had fire ant bites before….not this bad…but I’ve had them and they KILL. It really does feel like you have a burn and it’s constant. The slightest pressure on them is searing. So either this guy is beyond tough or he’s crying between takes.

  9. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Yup, the “Little Buggers” can kill ya….. literally

  10. best thing to do with fire ant bites is to pee on the infected site. it helps with the burning and pain, as gross as that may sound. once got both my feet covered in them and that’s what my mom said to do. unfortunately i didnt have to pee at the time, so she dumped straight ammonia on them. and let me tell you, i’d rather have peed on them. that stuff burns like crazy. but it worked.

    1. I wonder if the stuff that’s used in urea injection systems found in newer diesel pickup trucks would work? I mean, it’s priced like pharmaceuticals…

    2. peeing on them is an old wives tale.

  11. I had no idea that fire ant bites were so much like spider bites with all the junk they produce. Up in the Midwest we had what were called soldier ants. They bit like crazy.

    1. They don’t normally produce this much junk. It seems like he may have picked at it and they became infected, or maybe he was immuno-compromised. I’ve had several get a little infected, although they were never that bad, and they always swell an insane amount.

    2. Fire ant’s venom consists mostly of formic acid.

    3. I think he could have had some allergy to the venom…this isn’t normal comedoness

    4. normally after a fire ant bite it swells up and itches a lot and then 1-2 days later most people get a single pustule right where the bite was.
      after you pop it they just usually go away, if they get further complicated then all bets are off.
      what happens when u get bitten the fire ant releases formic acid, this is what causes the burning effect, and immediately the other ants sense the acid. this acts as a trigger to them and they all bite, releasing more acid causing more burning and more ants to climb aboard and bite, a small word to the wise when they bite if you just swat them or smack them you can knock off their body however their head can stay attached to you and keep on biting and releasing acid.
      you have to grasp each head one at a time and pull them off.
      btdt. didnt really appreciate it.

  12. I lived in S. Florida for a number of years and know first hand; THESE THINGS ARE EVIL!

    Hope this poor guy is doing better. Thanks for sharing:)

  13. Woohoooooo..loved all those little to get me some fire ants :D

    1. Noooooo!! You will regret it, and they might get tiny pustules normally, but nothing like this. This guy had a pretty big infection. But the pain and stinging so bad that you want to rip your skin off IS very real, and very big, even with normal bites.

  14. we got nothing like that up here. Lots of tick born disease and really lame professional sports. I think thats a fair trade

    1. Don’t you also have Celine Dion? ;)

  15. pussloverCCTX says:

    ok, I am from Corpus Christi, TX which is about as far south in the united states as you can get. Fire ants are just a common part of life down here that we dont even think about that much. I have been bitten more times than I can even count and have never seen such severe wounds. I just got attacked while mowing the lawn last month. Usually, they make a very small pimple type mark and just itch a little. I have never seen that amount of puss/blood (bluss, as stated by “luna toons”) coming out of fire ant bites. This guy must have been messing with them too much and caused an infection, or he is very alergic to them.

    1. I think you might be right about him messing with them. If it is staph it has to have an entry point into the body somewhere, so I’ve heard in here, and popping those pustules is as good an entry point as any especially with dirty hands.

  16. I never knew fire ants did this! I’d heard that getting bit hurt so I always stayed away, though I mostly thought it couldn’t possibly hurt *that* much. It’s an ant! Ant sized teeth – I wasn’t sold.

    I’m not always one to learn lessons from others. This time, however, lesson learned.

  17. My god, I remember as a kid, we used to stand or put our hands in ant beds and see who could stand it the longest. Christ, we were dumb kids!

    Some people are more sensitive than others. Usually there is a small white pustule surrounded by a minimal slightly raised red ring. burns, itches and is gone in 2-3 days.

    This guy has something secondary going on, he actually looked better in the last frame.

  18. Excellent bunch of videos, GG….SRC…your stories are classics, and I’m going to copy them to save for a rainy day sometime….I don’t live too far from you…I’m about 75 miles due north of Abilene. We got fire ants here too, but I’ve been very lucky and have never gotten bitten by one (or shot either!)

  19. omfg ants did that holy zit

  20. Katie Hernandez says:

    *sigh* Now I feel bad for pushing my brother into that fire ant hill when we were kids . . .

    1. haha thats a good one i was always pushing my brothers into something i beat up my oldest brother with his water bottle he would put it in the freezer so it turn to ice he made me so mad i went into freezer and got it out and started to clobber him lmao :)

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