Feta Cheese Nose!

So, just boppin’ around for a moment, dreaming of pus producing nose pores, and I come across the “Comedons” video by anticomedons…again. Its always resurfacing in the related column list on YouTube, and 99% of the time I skip, since I have already overwatched the burn thing.

Lo and behold the miracle! Hiding next to the Old and Classic was a New and Better sequel!!! Imagine my surprise, my utter glee! Why haven’t we ever looked? Oh, it does not pay to assume – from now I will always check to see if my favorite videos have spawned a follow-up!!!! Praise be to the Pus Goddess!

And now, I present… Making Feta Cheese from Your Nose! I know, it may not look like yummy herbed cheese curds to you, but I have been having a Feta cheese craving lately, soo… damn, now I’m hungry again!

Oh! And *please* don’t try this at home, I know for a fact everyone has a sore nose already from the last pore cheese video, LMAO!! (My nose aches too, and there was no pay off. Even my fiance tried!!!) I really don’t want to get sued for several thousands of dollars in nose repair work… he he he

Just Pop It!
~ H.S.

suite: comédons n°2. super!! hummm” Uploaded to YouTube by anticomedons on Jun 15, 2011

26 Comments on “Feta Cheese Nose!

  1. Can anyone say greek salad!!

  2. I kept wanting to see him hit that really big one on the left side of his nose. The poor dude has bags under his eyes you can carry groceries home in.

  3. I have oily skin but I can not get my nose to do this. Maybe I keep it to clean.

  4. Gak! (shiver)

    1. Sir Squeeze-a-Lot says:

      DOUBLE GAK and shiver….don’t these noses FULL of “butter” just GROSS you out?? You’d think old pro puss perverts like us could handle it just fine…..but for some reason….there’s just SO much of it, that comes out SO easily………WRETCH!

  5. That was a nice opening for today’s vewings!
    Great find H.S.!!!

  6. Another one that had practically every pore producing

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    SPF 4

  8. PlzEyeInCyst says:

    These people are very lucky with their blackhead filled skin, I am unfortunately curased with good skin and it totally sucks.

    1. why would you want a face filled with blackheads and zits? yours must be one of the most idiotic statements I have ever read!

  9. I feel so sated… Big ol’ nose filling the screen, producing cheese curds for our pleasure, ahhhhh…

    1. “sated” I think that’s a very nice word….

  10. It looked to me like he has been bleeding from his right nostril. Did anybody else notice that? His nose looked like a strawberry with seeds – and then feta cheese. Great post, HS.

    1. i totally noticed that too. i thought to myself “damn! looks like he pushed too hard in the previous video!” lol then i started giggling madly to myself. which prompted a head tilt from my pitbull. she thinks im nuts lol

  11. i miss the days when i could do this with my nose..

  12. That would be cool if he did the blackheads on his cheeks too! Yippeeee….

  13. That guy has some really big face pores. He should have popped the ridges around his nose holes and the very tip of the nose. I know there would have been some good stringers if he had. Now that is alot of nose cheese, I am glad i don’t have large pores like this guy. I would call it a blessing, but I would love to grow my own cyst, just so I could pop that thing. DwS

  14. I do not know why but the nose pushing ones make me sick!

  15. I bet if he let the grease sit and age for a while, it would resemble a waxy worm

    I believe I’ll call these nose productions, rhinopoppies!

  16. So many more that needed popping! Left me wanting to squeeze them.

  17. Nice of him to save up enough for us and do such an awesome filming job too! This film doesn’t bother me at all…it’s interesting how different things affect us so differently, isn’t it? Thank you, HS!

  18. love nose worms great find Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  19. Coorr Lovely! I knew a guy once who had so many huge blackheads on his nose and there was this one that was so huge it looked ready to blow but he would never let me get my hands on it. Then one day, something magical happened, it had gotton so big and full that it started oozing out all on its own without any squeezing! Of course he had to let me finish it off after that. That was a good day :) lol

  20. NMGAPAOH says:

    That is silly string miniature size!

  21. Thanks so much, Halphie. This one was new to me *Jumps up and down squealing yippee skippee*!

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