Draining Brad’s Infected Bug Bite

That’s what friends are for.

Brad’s Bug Bite (Surgery)
Uploaded to YouTube by TheHasslinger on Jul 30, 2011

18 Comments on “Draining Brad’s Infected Bug Bite

  1. all that was was blood. there was sooo much stuff in there wanting to get out! argh. forget banana!! just squeeze!! like an orange!! lol

  2. just love one of the comments that the cameraman makes to the victim lol

  3. Ooo, that’s an angry looking thing. The skin looks like it wants to slough off. I would advise a trip to ye ‘olde ER my friend. Fascinating post gimpysgirl. Thanks.

    1. I agree…he needs medical attention. Did you notice how the swelling was so bad that the popper’s fingers left impressions that lasted?

      1. Talk about yer edema!!!

  4. That was hysterical. Thank you.

  5. Gentlemen, your friend needs to go to the doctor right NOW!!!
    Good find gimpysgirl!!!

  6. What is this Frick and Frack fixing the fraternity brother? They did not cut it deep enough. Here’s to Gwen Stefani B-a-n-a-n-a!

  7. Whoa!!! I’m no doctor (I just play one on PTZ), but it looks to me like Brad might have a blood infection there. His veins were nasty raised and angry purple! Get thee to the ER, Brad. Banana up and head to the real Doc!

  8. Oh, and I’m sorry for being so rude. Thank you, gimpsygirl for finding Brad’s surgery for us.

  9. It also looked like he had something else (another large raised red bump) in the middle of his back that needs attending to. That infection looks like it needs some medical intervention, now. Thank you gimpysgirl for the post!

  10. D’ya think he’s more comfortable on his belly than his back? That needs attention.

  11. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    This guy’s problem goes deeper than meets the eye… antibiotics NOW !

  12. Yup…needs more help than he can get at home, I’m afraid. That red, swollen area was awesomely HUGE! Also, I think while they were down there, they could’ve gotten that zit on his lower butt cheek…just sayin’…. Thanks once again, GG for a wonderful find!

  13. I dont have any friends that would do that for me.

  14. Splashpopbong says:

    This was funny. From the safety word to the comment to the suggestions. Now what is not funny is that wound. That is something that needs medical attention. What happened to him? Anyway, Banana.

  15. haha banana!!!! banana!!!! banana!!!!! that was priceless thank you for the funny post gimpysgirl smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

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