Melon Head’s Melon Cyst

It’s definitely a home surgery on the man’s shaved scalp to remove a sackful of Cyst-ness. It’s a good vid. As you watch, appreciate with me the fact that the scalp bones are completely joined, b/c you will see her pressing into his head for all its worth. Gotta love!

Lancing the Melon Cyst of Mount Stinky Cheese

Revenge of the Cyst, The Cottage Cheese Wars…

Digging out the Cyst

Trilogy of videos uploaded to YouTube by KlunkWeeZL on Aug 16 & 17, 2011

12 Comments on “Melon Head’s Melon Cyst

  1. It takes a trusting men to allow his wife to come at him with an exacto knife! Great find!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      “For better or worse….” Which would this be?

  2. unclelarry says:

    Boy, she went after that cyst like it owed her money. Very nice. Cottage cheese payloads are my favorite. Super post gimpysgirl. :)

  3. Well done indeed Gimpysgirl! These were great posts, lots of cheeze, good camera work, and she was all business with that cyst! hehe

  4. comedoness says:


  5. Good to see someone not afraid to squeeze LOL

  6. Tre sweet!
    Great find gimpysgirl!!!

  7. Neato-skeeto! (what made me say that???…I haven’t even heard that since I was a kid!) Anyway, that was cool! Thank you GG!

  8. someone is realllllly enjoying that squeeze… >> common im not the only one where it sounds sexual

  9. She wasn’t afraid to use the knife either! Slice and dice!

  10. No shiny pearl onion sac with this one :( Oh well, it may fill back up for a second squeeze :) :) :)

  11. gimpysgirl, what a terrific trio, if only I could see part 1!! Looks very well performed, but where’s the sac?

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