HUGE sebac

Hello Popologists and Popheads everywhere!

Wait until you see this veritable GEM of a video! This has to be one of *the* best videos ever to grace the pages of PTZ. So a HUGE thank you to dripper for jumping on this one and then hitting the alarm button so we could get it out to you all ASAP. ENJOY… we know you will!

Emil and H.S.

(And from dripper, the pus lottery winner…)
This is unbelievable… I am never speechless but there is a first for everything…..

“HUGE ABSCESS EXTRACTION” Uploaded to YouTube by stonner67 on Aug 24, 2011,
Posted here with permission from originator,
All Rights Reserved by stonner67


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  1. Katie Hernandez says:

    Awesome find! Absolutely love it! :)

  2. i love this one the lady knows what shes doing

    1. She sure does but i think that she could have been a lil more gentle…

      1. theresa newberry says:

        shes a terrible popper. such a nice find and she ruins it. it could have been great

  3. Scarlett show its been done before. I can watch this one over and over.

  4. holy zit how could anyone carry this around?? wow!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Got enuff stuff in there to feed the whole family… Got crackers?

  6. She went in there like a trooper and the thing was great number one on my top ten

    1. This zit was the best ooze I have seen so far. The popper was aggressive, but it appears that she has done this on a yearly basis already.

  7. Anyone care to speculate as to what would be necessary to remove the sac here? Can it be done at home or would a hospital be necessary? Ideas anyone?

    1. Hospital – look how wide the area she squeezes to remove the pus and the mere volume how much is expressed from the site. It would take at least 15 stitches to totally remove. Listen to the conversation – this is the third time she has expressed the site each time progressively larger. There HAD to be at least 10 ounces of pus. Disgusting and intriguing at the same time.

      1. No they actually said they removed it at home and there was no outside medical intervention needed. They actaully have it on film, but you can see the womans face and she doesn’t want her face posted on the internet.

      2. I meant to totally remove it they would probably need to go to a hospital. I did catch that she had popped it at home before. Amazing how large those things can grow!

      3. No they actually removed the entire sac in the house and she is a medical professional. There is some mention of it in the comments.

      4. @Justis – thanks for the update. Did it happen to say how long the cyst grew?

    2. Like I said before this is not this mans first rodeo. It appears that the ooooze builds up yearly for this momentus zit popping event.

  8. this video has been my “happy place” for the last couple months

  9. THIS is why we pay for the internet. If it weren’t for stuff this good, we’d demand free internet. This is worth paying for.

  10. I love this woman.

  11. and the oscar goes to the man with the fantastic pus filled cyst…..thankx for the great vid

  12. I am the 239th response to this post and I read all of the other posts put on here. I agree that it was a great video and the popper knew exactly what she was doing, but why do most of these poppings take place around pots and pans and tables where we eat. I love a good pusy pop as well as the rest but not near my food. I say take it to the bathroom or outside. Thanks for the great post MrsTeee

    1. diamondgirl828 says:

      I couldn’t agree more! They think so many things out before they start these massive pus squeezes, except they never think about the crap squirting all over the house, dishes, kids play area, etc….Wonder why we can think of that but they can’t? Also would like to know why the lady carries hemostats around with her…hmmmm…..LOL

      1. I have tons of hemostats in all shapes and sizes – you’d be surprised at all of the things you can do with them, especially needlenose plier things for us jack of all trade types…just got some surgical knives on ebay just in case I run into a nice cyst, yanno? hahaha gotta be prepared!!!

        when you do a search for “cyst” on youtube, this is the first one that comes up, it should win an academy award or something, I swear. It is the textbook case of pus lovers of all time!

    2. maybe b/c a table and chairs, as well as a sink, are close by. in a treatment room, u have a countertop, tray table, sink, exam table, and chairs.

  13. neetersb112 says:

    I wish she would have been less efficient so I could have enjoyed it longer.

  14. All I can say is OH MY GOD. We could ice the Queen’s birthday cake with that!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      I’ll bet the queen is a lurker……lol

  15. I have watched this vid at least once a week since I first found it. It is still awesome. I have had family members watch it. They think I am nuts lol. Oh well. Their loss :D

  16. That was just fantastic! I’m drooling here :-D~ My happy noises convinced my husband that he wouldn’t like to watch it ;-)

  17. I just love this vid, I can’t imagine living with something that huge on your back!

    My hubbie did watch this one and still talks about the amount of goo that came out!

    1. Exactly – I wonder if it was mushy when he laid on his back. Can you imagine if it was closer to the top of the skin and it ruptured in bed? It is absolutely incredible.

  18. No matter how many times I watch this it never gets old….

  19. I can’t turn away…That is crazy…Whoever cleaned him out knew what she was doing

  20. You can tell this isn’t her first rodeo.

  21. this is the best popping ever my god it had so much coming out like a bomb hit his back great post dripper smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  22. Finally a woman who does not scream like a little girl and a woman who knows how to pop a cyst, no crap just gets down to it

    1. cause the boys never scream and run away…

      1. Watch Uncle George’s black head.

  23. She was great! What a find! Both popper and poppee had been there before it seems…

  24. Is the lady doing the popping wearing dark brown leather pants? Cool!!!

  25. again, soooooo awesome!!!

  26. Taffy Cashwell says:

    I don’t think this video will ever be matched for awesomeness. It obviously takes years to produce a video of this caliber.

  27. sebaceous_bich says:

    EPIC!!!! AWESOME!!! She really did know what she was doing! But I agree, she could have been a lil more delicate proding it with her finger and clippers…imagine how that first spray must have smelt, peee ewww!!!

    1. The first spray was only lidocaine.

      1. princesspustule says:

        Sorry Justis, but that wasn’t lidocaine. I am sure there was a small amount of lidocaine in the spray but, most of it was cyst juice. Sebaceous cyst usually always have juice in them when they are cut open.

  28. This video deserves a standing ovation from all of us!

  29. Sweet Squeezer says:

    WOW! If we had someone with one of those in our family we’d build family reunions and vacations around the time it was ripe!

  30. Going straight to faves. Wow! thank you so much!

  31. WOW…I can’t believe it took me this long to find this gem. She had some serious skills and didn’t let a little mist take away her enthusiasm.great find dripper

  32. You can tell that this aint her first rodeo!!

  33. This video was featured on the season premiere of Tosh.0. Daniel has a thing for cysts.

  34. this is the first cyst video i ever saw, the one that got me hooked and it remains my favourite, no other cyst video i have seen can live upto this one, it genuinely looks like shaving foam she is squeezing out its amazing

    1. Looks more like miracle whip to me. (Sorry for the food reference)

  35. I like how the lady in the leather pants thats popping the cyst says “you know how people are these days” in response to the cameraman saying he was trying to keep her face out of the picture like she is going to be stalked by the popperatzi

    1. Maybe he knew if her skills were to be known, she’d be in high demand, then he’d lose her. She really is the best, you know.

    2. she’s probably a medical professional, and her licensing/certification agency probably frowns on what is called “curbside medicine”, especially if she is listed as a professional associate in a medical practice.

      1. “Kitchen Countertop” in this case.

  36. this is a poppers dream ahhhhh ewwwwwww ahhhhhhhhh ewwwwwww ahhhh better then the fourth of july fireworks great find dripper smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  37. phillip jackson says:

    thats one big cyst.and i loveall the puss and that spray at the start.

  38. cybersharque says:

    The contents of this lesion are so lumpy that you can’t tell for sure if the “core” was removed. However, given the violence of the extraction and the use of a finger (instead of a small haemostat or scissors) to break up the loculations, I am sangine that much of the cyst wall is still inside. We can expect a fourth installment.

    Now if the cyst wall had been extracted on each of the pt’s visits, I would be concerned. The exudate sure looks like keratin rather than pus, which makes me concerned. If it were pus, then I would want a chest series, because this kind of chronic lesion would be consistent with a pleural effusion. (The fellow in Africa who had four litres of puss/rasberry pudding out of his back almost certainly was draining a pleural effusion.)

    So I am going to hope that this recurrent lesion is due to surgical technique that seeds the whole field with microscopic bits of the involved hair follicle. If it’s not, then I would want to take a few biopsies. Yes, it’s extremely rare for a dermal cyst to go malignant, but it does happen.

    1. You should read the comments before you post, you would find further information about the video, which answer some of the ?’s you post.

  39. I can hardly imagine any video coming along that could replace this one as my favorite.

  40. As cool as that was, the way it exploded says to me MAJOR INFECTION. No, I’m not a doctor or play one on TV, but Ray Charles can see that should have been treated by a doc. (Though I am better for the experience).

  41. jozzseffrd says:


  42. jozzseffrd says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER!!!That is the way you open up a Cyst not like most of the home surgeons whom use a pin or a needle and prick one little hole then trying to squeeze all the keratin and calcium deposits and puss through the tiny hole.Need to much pressure and it’ll be to uncomfortable for the patient.Unfortunately she did not remove the sack the core and the root of the Cyst so it will return in few months to couple years.So keep send info about this bad boy please Thank you a lot Cheers

    1. She did remove it, they just did not post the video of the removal.

  43. This is by far my favorite zit pop!! I wish they would have videoed the other poppings!! If it was done right the first time it wouldnt have filled back up, but his loss is our gain!! woot woot!! I could watch it everyday! I showed my daughter and she thinks I’m weird for watching these but Im just amazed at what the human body does, is that crazy my fellow pop enthusiast ?

  44. wanderingpopper says:

    Awesome, but I’m still trying to find the one where the guy is sitting at a table avec Bud and his wife/gf is popping a huge cyst/pimple on his back. If it’s not here, it should be. Does anyone know what the permlink is for it? It’s one of my all time favorites and I haven’t been able to find it on YT for about a year or so.

  45. wanderingpopper says:

    Why does this not have five stars; it is, by far, the best video I have seen during my short stay here. I have not yet located the video that I consider the ultimate but I will keep “mining” as you call it although I suspect that it has already been posted.

  46. I hope they serve mashed potatoes at the employee cafeteria tomorrow.

  47. Paula Hayes says:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Wispers_69 says:

    I don’t know how I missed this but HOLY $HIT that has got to be the biggest I have ever seen on here. Amazing!

  49. Every time I see this video all I can think of is.. “Like a Boss”! What a woman dealing with that haha not even phased by the initial spurt

  50. the infected says:

    What a pro she is. And kudos to the guy for managing to let it get that big. I would have been fussing at it the minute I first noticed it.

  51. masterblaster says:

    That was quite a magnificent specimen!! Definitely worthy of the First Place ranking it received for 2011! I just came across and signed up for PTZ a few days ago, and I must admit that all of my free time is now spent looking at these very satisfying videos! I don’t know how I never found this site until now, but I’m SOOO glad I did! GREAT POST!!!!!!!!

  52. I actually first saw this on YouTube before finding heaven at PTZ! Awesome post, dripper!

    1. Lovin Squeezn Mama says:

      Me too, Poppy. I was stunned for about 2 days after seeing it, lol. Just kept watching over and over!

  53. I haven’t read each comment, so maybe it’s already been stated, but what’s understandably lost in this video (due to the record amount of gunk) is at the beginning, when she makes the first incision, it SPRAYS all over the place.

    Still, everyone seems to think that what’s being expressed from the
    cyst is pus. Granted, I do not know what it is (I wish I did), but I don’t think that’s pus. Pus usually has more of a liquid texture, while the gunk here is solid. Anyone care to guess what it is?

    1. Possibly keratin and dead white blood cells.

  54. What sprays in the beginning is Lidocaine, she states this in the video,

    What is expressed is sebaceous material.

  55. Mama Cheese Fiend says:

    On my top 5 for sure

  56. I’ve been looking for this video on PTZ for the past month. I am glad that it landed in the top videos again. It is my top video for sure.

  57. That is a sebaceous cyst, not an abcess. Thats sebum, not pus. Huge difference fellow popperz! LOL! GREAT stuff, sebum. PUS?? Not-so-much to me. :P

  58. And the reason it keeps coming back (YAAAY!) is because shes not wrapping her hands around the whole circumference & squeezing from underneath the whole cyst to push it in & up. Shes ok at first, but toward the end shes just squeezing from the top squishing all the rest around the edges all back down.

  59. I have viewed this video dozens of times. It is by far, my favorite zit video anywhere on the internet. The fact that the human body is capable of growing such “things” never ceases to amaze me. I often wonder if there will be something to top this one. I shall patiently wait for it.

  60. still one of my favs

  61. This is the holy grail honestly…manna…death by pus…ahhhhh gotta watch it at least twice a week…

  62. Funny when you watch Mr. Hamstring’s videos the ads on the left advertise hamstring stuff…and what the heck is safe mode versus extreme mode?

  63. i actually had to watch this twice too much awesome for one go through!!!

  64. again, holy grail of cheese…i’d like to give applause to the cameraperson for a steady handed, nicely lit video. Too many almost make one seasick!!

    and I think it’s so great how when it sprays the liquid in the beginning, popperlady just nonchalantly wipes it off her arm (I believe she says some landed on her face) like light raindrops. GAWD this video is sooooo freakin awesome…

    by the way if you look up stonner67 on youtube and look at all his videos, there is an update on Gary (the poppee) with a pic saying he’s all better – there is a small hole in his back in the picture so I don’t think she got the sac, so I think Gary will be back (please please please)

    Here’s the link to Gary’s “healed” back:

  65. How do you sick back or sleep or whatever with that huge lump in the middle of your back?

  66. just one pop and you are ready for speedo season! and honestly, did you note how slim the poppers ankles and toned her calfs? Bet we see her out on the beach too! ;2)

  67. Still one of my faves!

  68. Without a doubt the #1video of its genre. The amount of cheese is off the charts. The view is clear so you do not miss anything, unlike the George video which touts itself as the king and all time best. This video is ounce for ounce the very best!

  69. Susan McCrory says:


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