An Inside Goes Outside Nose Hair!

This is got to be a first on PTZ, or for most places, really – so a guy has an ingrown hair on his nose, with a nice ripe pushead waiting to be busted. However, where or where did the hair come from?? Not on his nose, but from *INSIDE* his nose! Yuppers, it worked its way so deep that the ingrown became… outgrown?? Aww, shucks, just watch and have fun!

– gajustme!

“Ingrown nose hair” Uploaded to YouTube by colbyj14 on Jul 20, 2011

20 Comments on “An Inside Goes Outside Nose Hair!

  1. He is so proud of himself…lol…hang on a minute……tick tock……

    that was funny gajustme, thank you for the laugh!

  2. This has been a first time for everything day! :-)
    Ok, let’s turn out the lights and some one shine a small flashlight through the outside hole so we can see if it actually was thru and thru like he said!
    Good find gajustme!!!

  3. I guess it’s better then nothing. DWS

  4. That was awesome, actually. I love ingrown hairs, especially when the subject is so bent on getting it out. Nice vid.

  5. The facial calisthenics alone made this worthwhile! Add to that a good clear, in focus video – and I say Eureka!

  6. Splatter Man says:

    I would love to see a hair growing from out of the middle of a giant zit get pulled. Then I could die happy.

    1. Ditto Splatter Man! The mere thought of it puts a naughty looking grin on my face! :)

  7. Innaffitoften says:

    Weird, oh so weird, I’ve never heard of a nose hair becoming outgrown-ingrown. Very weird, and pretty cool.

  8. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Good job!
    Keep us in mind when ya get a good squirter too!

  9. I liked it. He was so determined, and actually got the hair out. Interesting, and fun.

  10. This was kinda boring. I guess it’s better than nothing, right?

  11. This was, as has been said, a very fun and interesting video. I love this guy! Thank you!

  12. Too short to be from the inside. All it was is a normal ingrown hair…no big deal. We are mammals. we have hair everywhere

    1. if a nose hair went “Pilonidal” it would be a much bigger mess than that little juicer. It’s fun to imagine though.

  13. and it hurts like a zit!

  14. What a cutie! Ingrown hairs are my personal fave and “weird” ingrown hairs are icing on the cake.

  15. I’ve heard of hair on the chin, moles and ear but on the top of the nose is new one.

  16. Very interesting, didn’t know such a thing was possible.

  17. “Outgrown hair” LoL

  18. LMAO this kid is great now i wish hed get a cyst hed put on a good show for sure!!! fun find good job!!!!

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