PTZ Exclusive!: ProfessorPop’s Pilonidal Pic!

Sorry It Took So Long….

I said I would post a pic in a reply to this thread, Way Awesome Pilonidal Cyst Surgery , of my own surgery (4 years ago now). Here it goes, hope you had lunch :D

For the gory details, read my comment in response to the post mentioned above… that “bump/callous/thing/WTF” is about 2″ around & sticks out about 2″ (to give you some perspective) & the red/blistering is because it seeps constantly, have change the skivvies 3-4 times a day. Mainly wanted to show you what a Pilonidal Cyst surgery looks like after heals.

Keep on Popping!

Just got home from the Dermatologists office, she said the ‘Butt Nipple’ is Lymphatic tissue that has bulged out from the skin that was caused from several things… and the seeping is Lymphatic fluid.


(NOTE: ProfessorPop’s picture is a scar where normally you would see that large hole where the cyst was excised. No, you aren’t seeing the “other” area, that is not in this picture, in case anyone got confused. And thanks, ProfessorPop for sharing this pic with everyone!!!)

15 Comments on “PTZ Exclusive!: ProfessorPop’s Pilonidal Pic!

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Way better than it was…………..

  2. that reminds me. i do have a pic of the results of a surgery that i had a couple of years ago. its not pus related so not sure about posting it. also nice scar at least ya have a story about that one

  3. Thanks for sharing Professor Pop!
    (If it was me, I’d have the butt nipple removed.)

  4. Oh the things we must go through as living beings. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are on your way to a full recovery Professor pop :).

  5. wow, man, very sturdy and nice of you to share – gave me chills!

    actually, I got a thingy…naaww, as BT sez, ’nuff said. ;-)

  6. unclelarry says:

    Wow! That close-up was incredible.

  7. Man, you are hardcore! That looks so raw and painful. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  8. My heart genuinely goes out to everyone who suffers from these cysts.

  9. Butt nipple!! Awesome.
    Thanks for posting this pic, ProfessorPop. I hope the aforementioned Butt Nipple stops plaguing you soon.

  10. I agree…so brave of you to post this! The photo was extraordinary…very clear. I certainly hope you get done with all the icky stuff associated with this soon! Thank you!

  11. That looks like it was super painful!

  12. rebornmoron says:

    Gee Professor, I thought that WAS lunch!

  13. NMGAPAOH says:

    Hummm, lots of courage. I don’t think I could share such a site.

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