Pack that puppy

This is a short one. Sound is good, no cursing or screaming. I would like to have seen it from the beginning though. That was a HUGE gaping hole in this guys chest (*actually, its his back, just happens to be, umm, hairy) that the doc cut out. I don’t understand why people insist on cutting these huge holes and removing skin. They can get the same outcome from making a smaller incision, WITHOUT having a giant scar later.

YT Description: “Sebaceous cyst removal at it’s finest.”

“Awesome cyst removal!! Yummy.” Uploaded by Verilaud on Jul 2, 2011


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  1. That made for a great start today! May want to adjust sound down because the woman in the room gets kinda loud with excitement, I think, because she might be the camera operator. The doc does a nice job and the camera work is good! Great cheeze comes out of that incision!
    Great find pikespeak!!!

  2. unclelarry says:

    Sweet payload. Love the cottage cheese consistency. I watched on mute so I don’t know what was said, but what I saw was great. Fantastic post Pikespeak. Thanks!

  3. I wish they would have probed it with some Hemo’s because I believe their was more pus chunks to be seen. Good find!

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I would have thought that the Dr. would have dug in there to break up more of the capsules and do more squeezing rather than packing. Well, at least he gets the patient to come back for one-two more visits. After all, Doctors have Yacht payments too….

    1. obsessed says:

      I was thinking along those lines myself. pikespeak asked about the need for a larger incision, and I wonder if, by making this more “complicated” cut, they are able to charge more. Like, it goes from a “simple procedure” to surgery, or something similar.

      1. According to billing guides, anything like that is billed as a “surgery” and the biling code for that procedure will include any necesary follow up for the completion. They don’t get paid on a per visit basis. ….I used to work for an insurance company.

  5. thedude814 says:

    With of the great techniques shown on this sight potential health healers are neglecting the patient by leaving half of the infection in the wound! Come people, look and learn and let go of old school teachings and do what’s best for your patient! At least there some potential relief at the beginning of this one, but it is still dry out here for some old fashioned pops with clean and complete evacuations of the wound! Keep looking folks. There has got to be some good ones out there so soon to come. Thanks for all of the contributors for at least trying and give me something to zit about! Ha! Pop-on Wayne!

  6. The only time I think it is acceptable to make a hole that big is if you are trying to take the cyst out intact. There was no need for that gaping hole.

  7. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    i bet if you yelled in it it would echo

  8. cool
    consistent with all your previous postings thru the years, Pike

  9. The wife sounded surprised by the payload – bet she wishes she had popped it at home!

  10. This was another one I’d seen on YT, but knew it had too many views already for me to scoop it. You’re doing a great job, Pikespeak! (I’m really having to scrounge around looking for goodies, hee hee) This was a loaded one, and perhaps not too old, as the goop was so soupy. I was also surprised that they didn’t try to get more of the stuff along the inside to come out before packing. All docs are not created equal, for certain! I know some I’d travel hundreds of miles to see, and some who are close, but I wouldn’t let them touch me.

  11. You know, I’ve never seen a sebac excision vid through a hole that big- it was cool to watch it all come out at once…a very different look at my favorite thing! Thanks for posting this one, pikespeak.

  12. Great find! I wish the doctor would have probed it to break up the pus pockets that are still in there though.

  13. thanks pikespeak ….it looked like his back had to much to drink blahhhh

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