Oh My Nose Cheese!!!

They call this one “Nasal Hummus”… now I know why I don’t like hummus!!! We have seen some pretty serious nose worm squeezies, but this guy brought the whole durn worm farm!!!

A Biore pore strip doesn’t stand a chance on this nose. Even the new, extra large body strips couldn’t get the job done. It would be like… like, ummm… trying to pull spaghetti out of a pin hole, hundreds at a time!!! (I can’t wait to read the comments on this video!)

I love what I can find when sleep eludes me. Alas, watcher beware on volume – I am on mute tonight.

**So I just deleted the rest of what I put here – because I could have sworn I had posted this for everyone to wake up to on Monday morning! And since I ended up in bed most of Monday finally catching up on a ton of missed hours in the Land of Nod, I was comforted knowing that at least one video, and a fabulous one at that, was posted. GAH! So my humblest apologies, my erratic sleep and a few other personal matters have had me a bit unfocused and scattered.**

Now – on with the show!!!

~ H.S.

“Nasal hummus” Uploaded to YouTube by maemeowmae on Jun 26, 2011

66 Comments on “Oh My Nose Cheese!!!

  1. that was unreal. loved it. the sound is fine as well

    1. Christy Richards-Marovich says:

      I would love to see him put a biore strip on too. Haha. That looked effortless and painless….I should hire him and have him do that to my nose!!

      1. I was just about to say Biore strip! You know there had to be more in there than that!

  2. Nose cheeze is right! I got the Triscuits over here people!
    Excellent find H.S.!!!

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Note from Miss Manners …..
    When invited over to a friends house for brunch, always bring something unique to the party.

    1. atmchemgirl says:

      omg LMAO

  4. That was one ripe nose! I wonder how long it took to cultivate all that goodness?! Certainly a fun time guy!

  5. MissTinkJordan says:

    wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

  6. WTF…this has to be the Olympic champion of nose black heads! Absolutely awesome. PLEASE let him make a close-up of that! Given the size & amount of his pores he probably has another harvest next week…

  7. That was awesome! Nice and short but not too short. No squeling, just laughter and no cussing.

    Thanks for posting.

    1. Actually there was a little swear word in there, Watch out my virgin ears. lol

  8. Wow……Just….Wow. That guy most have a really greasy face and working in a labor intensive job that makes him sweat, clogging up his pores. That was just so damn epic it’s amazing. I wonder after it builds up for a while if his nose starts to hurt? I mean, that was A LOT of cheese.

    1. Exactly Magna. That dude needs an exorcism too.

  9. littlemisssquirt says:

    Stuff like that has a sharp, acrid smell. Clearly he needs a biore strip and oh my! what an exhibitionist he is! Nice find……

  10. this is soooo great!!

  11. Play-Doh Pumper nose!

    1. I was wondering what it reminded me of. Thanks Geoff, mystery solved. lol

  12. fluffy_01 says:

    HOLY BLACKHEADS!!! Great find, Halph! You’re right, I don’t think any Biore strip could have pulled that off. Or would that be out? :)

  13. By far the best nose blackhead video ever. I just hope someone can top it and is willing to post it.

  14. OK this time I threw up in my mouth a little…..ewwwwwww. wash dude wash and clean your pores more often……ewwwwwwwww

    Nice nosy post oh queen of pus

  15. I just watched it again a few times and it is still, well, just AWESOME! I can’t get enough of it. This guy deserves an oscar!

  16. amazing video! Wonder how often he can refill…
    Just a side note… My dog has a dog toy that makes the SAME squeek as the dog in the video… the whole time I watched the video she was climbing on me to see where i was hiding her toy and tormenting her… gotta love a vid that teases the dog too!!!

    1. fluffy_01 says:

      LOL at the dog. How cute!

  17. That was awesome!!! I wonder how long it takes to fill up again lol.
    I can do that and get a few but that was just amazing!!!!

    That is aged cheese right there!

    1. IMO,its not long,cuz the guy knew pretty well what he was doing!!
      -“Wait,wait;heres the front”. lol.I’d love to be his friend…but,in another way,he dont think he should do that?
      And…the bigger the nose;the more pus we’ve got :)

    2. Actually it doesn’t take long at all, a week, 10 days. My nose used to get like this guy’s but not quite so much. What was truly amazing was afterwards. I’d wash my face and nose, then apply some rubbing alcohol to sterilize the area. The alchohol astringent would tighten the skin so the pores would be stretched wide open. Half hour later the oils in the pores would start flowing out. What a mess. I’m older now, this doesn’t happen anymore. Come to think of it, I don’t think they were blackheads, more like open cysts, that could drain out.

  18. I used to be able to do that on my nose. Ahh, those were the days.

  19. EPIC. AWESOME. 5 thumbs up…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up.

  20. unclelarry says:

    That was AWESOME! Loved it. Instant classic. (I’m actually giddy right now. Tee Hee) Thanks Halph!

  21. i have seen that before. the nose full if blackheads make me cringe.great post

  22. Straight to Favorites Halph!!! Thanks :)

  23. I loved the friend who seemed to be a state of mild confusion/disbelief – I can just imagine him walking out the door and giving one of those brain-clearing cartoon head shakes like “okay, did that really just happen? Am I dreaming? Am I in the Twilight Zone? Did I just get punk’d in a completely strange, surreal way? Wait! Am I on Candid Camera?!?!?!”

    I also thought we were going to get treated to some magic at the end when the dude said “okay, guys, now watch – it’s a completely white napkin….” What could he have done after saying that to baffle and mystify us? Hmmmmm……

  24. I have been lurking a long time. I have watched some nasty stuff. This one makes me sick! What a disgusting display! or Awesome!

  25. why can I never make friends like him??

  26. Best nose cheese ever. I say we crown this guy “King of….of……well….SOMEthing! His nose must shrink by half after doing this! lol…..GREAT find, HS! Hope you feel better soon!

  27. Did that look like a huge hunk of pus/cheese on the napkin? It was hard to see how much there was for sure. His nose must be like rubber. It would hurt my nose to push it that hard. Crazy!

  28. OMG…I would never have thought such a thing was possible, that would not classify as blackheads, (no blackhead) this dude produces nose cheese so fast that the top does not have time to get darker.. the nose strips would not work in my opinion because the cheese is to soft……great find!!!!

  29. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. – Aristotle

  30. As we all know there is a difference between pus and what we all call cheese (sebum) the substance that is generated from the pores naturaly to keep the skin healthy and not dry. Some people make to much, this dude makes enough for 5 people :)

  31. Twisted Cyster says:

    Owh MEN !!! That was Fantastic !! Annyone wonder/Imagine if he squeeze them out One by One ???
    SUPERVIDEO !! Great find, and ofcourse the Guy giving himself this Nose-Job gets my 5star ALL the way !!! Fantastic !!

  32. WOW! I thought my nose black heads were bad. I am going to have to record mine and let the good people of popthatzit decide

  33. truthinrock says:

    Now we know what they are growin on the upper 40 acres!

  34. obssessed4sure says:

    OMG, that is CRAZY! I cannot believe what I just saw! I wonder how often he has to do that?

  35. Oh wow.

    Seriously, get thee to a dermatologist. That’s nasty.

  36. this is most deff 5 stars that was so fricken unreal my god he got an oily ass nose its filled with mighty pus

  37. Where are the words greatest, biggest, on the planet, and so on, this one deserve one of those superlatives.

  38. Ha ha ha that was great

  39. If I was at a friend’s house and they engaged in that behavior – I would have hurled chunks all over his nose pores!!!! I’d never go back to the house. Disgusting, utterly disgusting!

  40. I am never eating hummous again. Ever.

  41. That was awesome! I had to watch this one multiple times…

  42. I would let loose one of those little Asian women with their “tools’ of the trade” and see what the wipe cloth would look! After one session w/ this fella, she’d look at her asst. and say “re-schedule all my appts. for the rest of the week, I gonna be very busy!” LMBO!


  43. hey he just created a tiny little greasy nose carpet!

  44. I didn’t even know that was possible!!!

  45. i lo ve watching this one so amazing how much comes out of his nose great squeezer pleaser great find Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  46. CystrButtPimple says:

    I actually had to watch that twice cause I just couldn’t believe it. I’m still not sure I believe it’s possible and I see’d it with ma’ own eyes. All I could think was that guy seriously needs to get his butt to the dermatologist. Imagine if you would, being out on a date for the first time and he sneezed…. I believe the date would end right there. Gah.

  47. crylittlecyster says:

    I love this video no matter how often that I see it!

  48. This guy hands down has the most nose cheese these eyes have ever seen or maybe will ever see.
    It didn’t look like he had an obvious acne problem i.e. “zit face” scars, pock marks.
    he just had the nose cheese of 10 normal cheese nose people.
    did you see the tissue after he wiped, my god! you could have lubed the frame of a 57 chevy with the contents. Cool!!!!

  49. Great video….I wonder what the conversation was that lead to that display…..imagine what they would be talking about after a few beers….lol!!

  50. Way cool and neato. I have never been able to grow such a successful crop..I’m zitting jealous!

  51. Yikes, the guy puts pressure on his entire nose and every pore contributes pus! NEVER saw anything like this! WOW.

  52. Yeah, I don’t think a Biore strip would have done the trick. Because that stuff in his nose was mushy and soft and those strips pull out the deeply embedded, firmer, straight blackheads. This guy needs more like a toner or some astringent to deep clean that skin and tighten up those pores. :)

  53. The reaction was so sedated. Someone mentioned “confused”, lol I wonder if his exhibitionism was brought about by some herbal remedy?

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