Great Adventure Of The Plum Toe!

Makes me cringe just thinking about how this toe got into this condition…

– mookzmom, MVM

“Big fat blood blister” Uploaded to YouTube by pizzalover980315 on Jun 30, 2011

17 Comments on “Great Adventure Of The Plum Toe!

  1. Looks like someone dropped something on their foot. Tis the season for wearing bear feet!
    Of course my first thought in seeing this is ewwwww, and my second is stop…your going to get it on the nice clean towel.

    Thanks for the post mom!

  2. Wow. That definitely looks worthy of a trip to the doctor. If anything, just to make sure that toe isn’t actually broken and just numb from all that massive swelling & pressure.

  3. unclelarry says:

    There’s a whole lotta ugly on that toe. I had to squint my eyes and clinch my teeth to watch that to the end. Whew! Thanks mom!! Fascinating find.

  4. They must have dropped an industrial size can of tomato sauce on that toe!
    Good find MM!!!

  5. Hope your toe is doing better, That has to be very painful, I had a ingrown toe one time and had to get it cut out so i can sympathize with you. thanks for the great vid. and get that toe better.

  6. Innaffitoften says:

    wow, very painful looking, but just not my cup o’ joe (or tea if you prefer). I like pus and deal with the blood mixed in, that was a whole lot of bloody nastiness, I hope it feels better soon!

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    You’re gonna lose that toenail and we will be here to gawk at it when you do….

  8. Oh my gawd, owwwie, oh, yelp, what the HELL happened to that toe?
    I run in fear from Zombie Toe.
    Industrial strength bandaid, front and center, STAT- we got a live one here

  9. I would’ve taken a hot needle to pierce the toenail. That would’ve released a whole lotta pressure.

  10. It was annoying how they just kept poking it, they should have just taken a small razor and sliced it open to get all the liquid out rather than poking a hole getting a little out then poking another hole and another.. I’ve had blood blisters twice the size and I can say just lancing it makes it a whoie lot easier then flush it with hydrogen peroxide and call it good..

  11. Splashpopbong says:

    I see a blue boot in the near future. If it were me, I’d cut my losses and start shopping for a wooden big toe. I don’t think that one is coming back home that is officially the piggy that went to market and never came home.

    1. lol @ “wooden big toe”…hee hee hee

  12. Owwie. That toe is definately going to lose the nail.. I’d go to the dr. and have him numb it up and get it out of the way. Can’t be fun to treat on your own and if you’ve done that much damage, who’s to say you didn’t also fracture your toe. My friend did something similar before.

  13. What’s with the pinholes!?

  14. mookzmom, that’s a creepy toe…all that effort for so little reward. I wonder if it needs to be soaked in epsom salts. Does anybody know?

  15. omg – took me a bit to realize what I was looking at – a dark discolored big toe nail with a nasty blood blister at the base of the nail bed. Yuck. And the medic was approaching the nail with a needle. I have taken most of my toe nail off before without numbing but the sight or thought of tunneling through a nail with a needle gives me the heebie-jeebies (a highly technical term). But I digress…back to to the video…Somewhat relieved here – the target of the needle was the blister not the nail. Don’t think I have seen a nastier toe. Lots of blotting with a tissue – dare I say it – a hyper-wiper and too much of the blister is intact – how is that possible? Kinda disappointing – quite a bit of time devoted to blotting a toe and and the end of the day, not a lot of change took place. A good find with lots of unattained potential.

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